Japans Luxury Fruit Masters Grow Money on Trees

Japan is not just a country of cars, electronics and gadgets. It is also a country with rich agricultural resources such as perfectly-formed fruits that come in hefty prices which gives fruit masters a huge fortune.

Japan’s fruit industry is boosting its economy, with melons selling at an equivalent price of a brand new car.

According to reports, a bunch of "Ruby Roman" grapes sold for 400,000 yen or $4,000. A pair of cantaloupe melons is auctioned off for the price of a modest new car.

"Most of our products are for gift purposes, so we collect large and high-grade products from all around Japan," says Yoshinobu Ishiyama, manager of a branch of Sun Fruits at Tokyo Midtown, a glitzy office-commercial complex that is also home to a Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Other products sold at Ishimaya’s store are "Ruby Roman" grapes for $320; a single white peach for $27; a bunch of Muscat of Alexandria grapes for $75; a box of cherries for $40; and a pack of mangoes for $50.

He added, "We offer rare products. Above all, they have to be delicious. You will never forget the experience.”

Japanese fruits could also be used as expensive gifts such as the musk melons which sell for $163.

“You buy these delicious things and share a great time with people who are close to you. You never forget the experience of having eaten something so delicious. What you pay for is for the quality and the value," said Tokyo-based corporate trainer Farhad Kardan.

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