Incredible Mayweather vs. Pacquiao-Inspired Dishes Found Only at Las Vegas's Mirage

The fight of the century has inspired boxing fans across the world to get busy planning out an evening to remember. Bars, restaurants and man caves far and wide will be filled with spectators bracing themselves for the most highly anticipated bout boxing has seen in years, and there's one element that's crucial to your enjoyment of the event: food.

No one understands this better than the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas, who have assembled a custom menu across several of the resort's restaurants filled with exclusive fight-inspired dishes commemorating the epic Mayweather/Pacquiao showdown. While the MGM Grande will no doubt be filled to capacity, the Mirage's restaurants will likely also be, as fans and foodies alike scramble to taste some of the unique delicacies they've cooked up for this monumental occasion.

So what can you expect from the Mirage's selection of fight-inspired meals? Here's just a taste of what you can experience to make your fight night even more epic.

7 Fight Club Sandwich: $16

Move over Tyler Durden, there's a new Fight Club in town, and it can only be found at the Mirage's Pantry restaurant. Every fan needs to keep their energy up for the big fight, and you can do that around the clock at this 24 hour hotspot. A dangerously delicious combination of fried chicken, maple cured bacon, sriracha aioli, Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato on top of a sesame bun should be enough to turn anyone into a champion. It turns out you don't need to win the world heavyweight title to taste glory.

6 MayPac Reuben Burger: $17.99 (Combo with fries and soda for $2 extra)

One of the very few things Mayweather and Pacquiao would no doubt agree on - this burger is amazing. Found at the Mirage's Carnegie Deli, the MayPac Reuben Burger packs a real punch. A lean ground beef patty topped with a mountain of pastrami, melted Swiss cheese and Sauerkraut will have you smiling from rounds 1 through 12. You know that any dish named after the two greatest boxers in the world has to be a knockout.

5 Mayweather Lip Split Bloody ($15) & Pacquiao Punch Out ($17)

Are your nerves already getting to you? Relax and kick back with one of these signature drinks representing your favorite fighter. The Samba Brazilian steakhouse is the home of these two outstanding cocktails. According to representatives from the Mirage, "The Split Lip Bloody" incorporates beer into the classic bloody and then is garnished with pretzel sticks, pickles and olives. The Punch Out delivers tropical flavors in a unique punch that is sure to win a round or two." Go head to head with one of your friends and see who hits the mat first.

4 The Knockout Roll: $24

Ready for a real punch of flavor? Head over to the Japonais for some Eastern cuisine and try the Knockout Roll. This dish doesn't just look pretty, its taste is equally impressive. Seared wagyu beef covers a decadent spiced snow crab roll, complete with jalapeno salsa and ponzu sauce guaranteed to knock you off your feet. What more can you ask for as a pre or post-fight indulgence?

3 Broken BBQ Ribs Rodizio (all you can eat): $49.99

Samba’s Rodizio with the addition of Broken Ribs are pound for pound the best value you can get your hands on. 385 lbs of bottomless baby back pork ribs will have your mouth watering before you even take a seat. Laced with a homemade sauce of Brazilian coffee, smoked chipotle peppers and mango, these are definitely a bare knuckle event you don’t want to miss. You can go the distance and eat as many rounds as you wish.

2 TMT (Tender Meat and Tail): $125

Now we're getting serious. This dish takes surf and turf to the next level. Chef Michael LaPlaca serves up a mouth watering 8 oz filet mignon alongside a delicious 10 oz lobster tail prepared Milanese-style. Found only at the impeccable Portofino, you can experience a taste of the action tucked away from the noise of the Strip. Praised by Las Vegas Weekly, Las Vegas Magazine, Trip Advisor and Open Table, only Portofino could create such an exquisite fight-night dish.

1 The Porterhouse Brawler: $160

Go big or go home. That's the rule in Vegas, and Chef Tom Colocchio's Heritage Steak makes no exceptions. This gargantuan dish crafter for two includes a beastly porterhouse steak served with fresh crab, hollandaise sauce and asparagus. You can expect nothing less than perfection from Heritage Steak, a restaurant that focuses on "antibiotic-free animals raised by purveyors committed to time-honored farming practices and heritage breeds." Order the Porterhouse Brawler and we can promise you one thing - you'll be fighting over the last bite.

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