15 Fun Foods You’ve Been Eating Wrong All Along

The title of this list might throw you off. After all, how can you eat food the wrong way? We’re not talking about cultural traditions or manners of etiquette here. We’re simply showing off some simpler and more time-efficient and enjoyable ways to eat some of your favorite foods, and who wouldn’t want those tips? Maybe you are tired of having sticky fingers and losing your chicken wing meat in between those annoying bones. Perhaps you want a way to savor your cupcake without eating all of the icing first and being left with a dry mound of cake. Or maybe you stay away from mangoes because you think they are just not worth the trouble of peeling them. Well, we have great news for you. It is possible to have your (cup)cake and eat it too. Check it out with our list of 15 Foods You’ve Been Eating Wrong All Along. You will be astounded to learn that there are way more efficient ways to prep, serve, and eat some of your favorite foods. How did you go this long without knowing these taco and strawberry hacks?!

We invite you to read through all of these tips and tricks and then have fun savoring the flavors. Maybe the next party you go to or host will be so much more enjoyable because you have these tips in your mind. They will definitely help with keeping your hands and home clean and tidy, as well as cut down on prep time and aggravation.

15 Ice Cream

We know what you’re thinking: how could there be a wrong way to eat ice cream? Well, there isn’t really, but there is definitely a way to make serving and eating ice cream much more enjoyable and simple, especially if you’re at a party. Maybe you have been the host or hostess of a party and you had the lucky job of serving the cake and ice cream. You probably spent more time scooping then you did eating and having fun, right? Well, this quick and efficient tip will change all of that. Simply cut the entire carton in slices or sections so that you don’t have to waste all of your time scooping. Not only do you bypass the frozen icicle hands, but you can quickly dish out portions of dessert to your guests in no time at all! This method will work with both circular and rectangular cartons of ice cream.

14 Chinese Food

Did you know that those takeout containers that you get when you order Chinese food aren’t Chinese? Sure, they have the pagodas and Asian characters and symbols on them, but those iconic takeout boxes were actually an American invention. You aren’t too likely to see these takeout boxes in China or other countries in Asia. In fact, they are primarily used in the United States, although you might find them in some places in England and Germany. Also known as oyster pails, these takeout boxes are made of plastic or wax-coated paperboard and a simple handle made out of wire. Now when most people order Chinese takeout, then get their food in that container, but then they take it out and transfer it to a plate. Why dirty up a plate when that takeout container is a dish! Just unfold it and spread it out on the table and you can eat right off of it. WOW!

13 Chicken Wings

It could be movie night, game night, or just a fun party with friends and family. No matter the event, chicken wings are almost guaranteed to make an appearance. If you have experience eating chicken wings, then you know where we’re going with this. Chicken wings are extremely messy, greasy, and sticky. Your hands quickly become unrecognizable to you as they’re covered in hot sauce, buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, or grease. In order to avoid this dilemma and using up hundreds of napkins in one night, try this out. Grab the thick cartilage part on the chicken wing and remove it. Once you do this, the thick bone will slide out first, then the thin one. This means that you get a boneless wing that you can just pop into your mouth, and you don’t lose any meat between the bones.

12 Hot Dogs

If you are one of those people who enjoys a yummy hot dog off the grill, then you probably know the struggle of uneven cooking. What is it about hot dogs that prevents so many people from cooking it all the way through in an even manner? You either end up with a charred outside and an undercooked inside, or you have a warm exterior and a chilly interior. There is nothing worse than biting into a cold hotdog, if you ask us. The answer to your problems is here! First, skewer the hotdogs and then use a sharp knife to cut them in spirals. This allows for more even cooking. It might take a few tries to be able to cut the spirals of the hotdogs, but it really is worth it because your dogs will be so warm, tender and juicy. Plus you won’t find any cold spots while you’re eating them!

11 Cupcakes

For those who have a killer sweet tooth, this is the food tip for you! Cupcakes are downright delicious no matter which way you eat them, but for the sake of convenience, we think that you will love this trick. You know when you have a cupcake and you end up eating all of the frosting on top first? Then you are stuck with the dry cakey part of the cupcake, and you either try to chew and swallow it, or you just throw it out altogether. There has got to be a way to preserve the frosting so that you can completely enjoy that cupcake the entire time. Here is what to do: slice off the icing top of the cupcake, flip it over and press it icing-down onto the bottom half of the cupcake. Then you can eat it as a dessert sandwich, getting creamy frosting in every single bite. Now this is what we think of when we hear the word cupcake.

10 Oreos

You know how the old saying goes: Oreo is milk’s favorite cookie. It’s also the favorite cookie of many people all over the country. And nothing goes better with a stack of Oreo cookies than a tall glass of cold milk. This age-old combination will never get old, but you know what does get annoying? Wet milky fingers when you try to dunk your Oreos using your hands. If you still want to enjoy those moist milky Oreos without getting your hands all sticky and gross, here’s a great tip for you. Stick a fork in the creamy center of the cookie so that you can use the fork as a handle while you dip the Oreo in the milk. This keeps everything nice and neat and prevents those cookie crumbles from falling all over your clothes and the table. Another hint is to drench the Oreos in milk and then immediately place them in a plastic baggie. Freeze these milk-dunked cookies for a few hours and taste the sensation.

9 Asparagus

Did you know that there is a correct way to cook asparagus? Or at least, it is a way to cook this green vegetable so that you maintain as many nutrients as you can. Steaming and stir-frying are the two best methods for cooking your asparagus. It will get the veggie tender and digestible while keeping it chock full of vitamins and minerals. Boiling and other cooking methods tend to dry the asparagus out and leach out all of its nutrients. So be sure to make a veggie stir-fry with your asparagus, or lightly steam it for a few minutes and pair it with some salmon. This vegetable is a great source of Vitamin K, Folate, Selenium, Copper, Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Vitamin E, Protein, Zinc, Potassium, Choline, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Fiber, Manganese, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, Iron, and Vitamin B6. So it’s definitely worth any extra effort (even if it does make your pee smell).

8 Pistachios

If pistachios are your favorite nuts, then you understand the struggle of trying to open one. It seems that you spend more time fiddling with the pistachio shells than you do enjoying the taste of these delightful nuts. If you find yourself getting frustrated with your bag of pistachios, then check out this tip for shelling them with ease and without sore fingers or damaged nails. Simply use the shell of another pistachio to open the closed nuts. Usually you can find a stray shell lingering at the bottom of your bag of nuts. Find one and simply use that. Keep the shell handy so that you can break the next nut and the next and the next. In fact, you might want to shell all of the pistachios ahead of time so that you can eat them easily whenever you want. A bit of prep work can go a long way!

7 Strawberries

Whether you want to enjoy your strawberries alone, in a fruit salad, or smothered in chocolate, there is a better way to remove those pesky stems and leaves. You know what we’re talking about: you try to hull your strawberries but you just end up cutting off half of the berry! Strawberries are not the cheapest fruits out there, so you want to keep as much of the succulent fruit for yourself as you can. In order to ensure that this happens while still taking off the stem and leaves, try this simple trick using a straw. Make sure that you use a sturdy straw and not one that has bendy parts to it. Hold one end of the straw at the top of the strawberry and push through the flesh to puncture it and pop the stem and leaves right off. Voila! You get the most berry for your buck. Oh, and if those green leaves don’t bother you at all, you technically can just eat them along with the strawberry.

6 Salad

We’re all trying to be healthier these days, right? What better way to focus on health and wellness goals then by packing your own lunch to work with you. Many people opt for salads; it’s the typical “diet” food. Yet salad doesn’t have to be boring! Spice it up with seeds and nuts, dried fruit, homemade low-fat vinaigrette, a variety of greens, and plenty of cruciferous vegetables. Also make sure that you are packing your lunch the right way. Instead of opting for plastic containers that can prove to be unstable, pack your salad in a mason jar and do it in this order: dressing on the bottom, then sturdy veggies, then crunchy toppings, a finally the lettuce on top. This will preventing your lettuce from getting wilted and oversaturated. Plus, the mason jar’s lid is sure to stay on, and you can shake or toss your salad prior to eating it.

5 Mango

If only we lived in Brazil or India, then we could eat ripe juicy mangoes whenever it suited our fancy. The truth is, unless you live in those two countries, the mangoes you are getting at the grocery store or farmer’s market are just so-so. You haven’t tasted a real mango until you’ve eaten one from Brazil or India. Even so, during the summer months, mangoes make an appearance at our local supermarkets, so how about eating them properly? There are many people who shy away from mangoes because they think they’re more trouble than they’re worth. They are referring to peeling and getting the actual flesh off of the mango. To do this, just use the rim of a glass! Cut the mango in half and take one of the halves in your hand. With the fleshy side facing you, slide it downward along the glass’ rim, and the skin will come right off.

4 Carrots

Even people who don’t really like vegetables can usually manage to eat some carrots. They are called “nature’s candy” for a reason! Naturally sweet and crunchy, they satisfy our cravings for something junky and full of crunch, and they are also sweet and tangy enough to provide us with a satiating snack. Plus you can pair carrots with hummus, peanut butter, cheese, salsa, honey, salad dressing...you name it! Just be sure to remember this tip the next time you reach for a handful of carrots. While you might think that eating them raw is best, you actually get more nutrients out of carrots when they’re cooked. Be sure to steam or stir-fry for best results, and remember that boiling veggies usually depletes them of their vitamins and minerals. Carrots are full of beta carotene, which helps us maintain good eyesight, provides an antioxidant boost, and converts into Vitamin A.

3 Loaded Baked Potatoes

Who doesn’t love potatoes? They can be made into so many different foods like hash browns, potato chips, french fries, potato wedges, and more. A personal favorite of yours might be baked potatoes, and if you’re really into it then you will make loaded baked potatoes. Different people like to include different ingredients in their loaded baked potatoes, but some of the most common add-ons are broccoli, bacon, chives, scallions, and lots and lots of cheese. If you’re tired of the boring old baked potato, then try out these tasty toppings and you’ll never go back to simple boring butter again. To ensure that you get flavor into every bite of your potato, cut slices horizontally along the top of the spud and then stick your toppings in. As you bake the potato, the toppings will melt and seep further into the slits on top. No more layers of cheese sliding off!

2 Sandwiches

Sandwiches are age-old favorites for many people. Both the young and the old can enjoy a sandwich as a lunch or a snack. In fact, any time of day is perfect for this easy to prepare food. Yet many people get frustrated with their sandwiches because of the meat to bread ratio. You know what we’re talking about: you bite into your sandwich and all you get is a mouthful of dry bread. What the heck? Why is it that bread is cut into a square shape but deli meats are circular? It’s like they’re just trying to aggravate us. To bypass all of the annoyance and wasted bites, try out this trick. Cut the deli meat in half so that you can two semi-circles. Then place the two halves on the bread so that the ends line up with the crust. Repeat with another slice of deli meat on the opposite edges of the bread. Now you have full meat coverage on your bread and each bite will be filled with deliciousness.

1 Tacos

You know how when you have taco night at your home and it just ends up being a big sloppy mess? If only there were something that you could do so that you could enjoy your taco without wearing it. Well, it turns out that most people have been eating their hard shell tacos all wrong. Instead of stuffing all of the toppings into the shell, biting into it, and having the fillings gush out and onto your shirt, try this idea instead! Wrap a lettuce leaf around the hard shell of the taco so that you don’t get all of the topping spillage all over your hands. In the case that the taco shell does crack or a piece breaks off, everything will fall into the lettuce leaf, keeping your hands clean and your taco in one neat piece. Genius! Plus, you can feel good about eating lettuce, even if it is the only veggie at dinner.

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