World’s Most Expensive Yacht


1 Eclipse – $250 million

The one-time richest man in Russia took delivery of the world's largest yacht this year, the 533-foot Eclipse, reported to have cost over $250 million. He also added a 377-foot ice boat, the Luna, to his fleet of pricey toys, which already included two other yachts, a Boeing 767 and homes in London, St. Barts, Colorado, Sardinia and France.

The 533-foot long Eclipse super-yacht is owned by Russian billionaire and Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich.Eclipse,a 533-foot monster requiring a minimum of 70 crewmembers and featuring eleven guests. Abramovich and his guests will be protected by a security system that uses laser bursts to foil digital paparazzi photography when activated, anti-bugging and anti-intruder systems and a missile detection system. They’ll also enjoy a swimming pool that can be drained and used as a dance floor, an additional swimming pool and an aquarium. The yacht holds two helicopters, three boats and a submarine.

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World’s Most Expensive Yacht