Top Ten Most Beautiful Italian Women

It can be argued that no country in the world produces “beauty” better than Italy.  From the seductiveness of a Red Ferrari to the temptation of a plate of pasta to the masterpieces of Michelangelo, Botticelli or Da Vinci when Italians do it..they certainly do it better.  The Women are no exception. From Sofia Loren to Monica Bellucci, Italian women carry an international reputation as one of the most beautiful in the world.

Without further ado, from the land that brought us Nutella & the Fiat 500 we present the Top Ten Most Beautiful Italian Women based on beauty, style and personality.   The ageless beauty Sofia Loren once said “Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.”  This may indeed help explain the sheer beauty of the women on our list.


12 Giorgia Palmas

From the beautiful island of Sardinia, Giorgia Palmas began her career when she finished second in Miss World 2000.  She then appeared in various Italian television shows including Isola Dei Famosi in which she was the winning contestant.  She also was also spokesperson for various brands including Cotton Club brand underwear and posed for Max Magazine’s famous calendar.

She dated Italian soccer player DavideBombardini with whom she has a child and recently is reportedly dating television personality Vittorio Brumotti.


10 Nicola Minetti

The former television showgirl’s career really began in late 2009 after Flamboyant Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was hit with a small statue at a political rally and required dental work.  Nicola Minetti was the dental hygienist and also did part time work on television as a showgirl.  After treating the prime minister, she appeared on many of Berlusconi’s channels and later was elected regional councilor of Lombardia personally selected by Berlusconi in the 2010 elections.

Nicola’s dark complexion, seductive smile andvoluptuous figure are often featured on Italy’s magazine covers and at times on the runways of Milan.  She is also featured in advertising campaign’s for Fruscio an Italian lingerie brand.


8 Elisabetta Canalis

The sexy and hot blooded Elisabetta Canalis is very well known in Italy and a recent string of relationships has made her very well known in the US as well.  She also appeared on Dancing with the Stars with dance partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy.

Elisabetta is an Italian actress that began as a television showgirl and modeled for various magazines such as Vogue and fashion labels including Roberto Cavalli.

In her early days, she dated soccer players Christian Vieri and Didier Drogba and later had a very public 18 month relationship with actor George Clooney.  She recently broke up with Jackass Star Steve-O in what many considered an odd couple.


7 Federica Ridolfi

Born in Rome, Federica Ridolfi is a well known Italian television personality and ballerina.   At 17 she began as a ballerina with dance troupes on various Rai broadcasts.  She later began to appear on a variety of television shows including as co host with Simona Ventura Quelliche... ilcalcio, a famous Italian soccer broadcast.

Her father is famous Italian actor Gianni Ridolfi.  She is married to retired soccer player Giuliano Giannichedda who played for various teams including Udinese, Lazio and Juventus.   Standing 5’7 with long black hair, Ridolfi continues to model.



6 Melissa Satta

This well known television personality and model began her career at 16 in her native Sardinia in beauty pageants and two years later appeared on the runways of Milan during the famous fashion week.  After establishing herself as a model she made the jump to television as a host and actress in various tv movies and shows.  She also graced the pages of Sports Illustrated’s famous swimsuit edition as well as Maxim Magazine.  She also appeared in advertisements for Nike and Sweet Years.

The slender Satta is equally known for her various relationships to soccer players including Christian Vieri, Matteo Ferrari of the Montreal Impact.  She is currently dating  Ac Milan midfielder Kevin Prince Boateng.



5 Raffaella Fico

Born in 1998 and hailing from Napoli, Raffaella got her start appearing on Italy’s Big Brother reality show ‘Grande Fratello’. She later appeared as a showgirl on various television shows and continued appearing as a model on men’s magazine’s.  The curly haired beauty dated soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and was rumored to have appeared at parties for Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

In 2011, she began dating Italian soccer star Mario Balotelli and later had a very public break up when she announced she was pregnant with his child.  While they have since broken up, Raffaella gave birth to a daughter Pia in late 2012.

Fico declares herself a devout Catholic and named her daughter after Padre Pio, a mysthical monk, who was famous for having bleeding wounds in his hands and feet exactly where Christ had them.


4 Claudia Romani

Born in the Aquila region of Abruzzo, Claudia began her career as a model and pageant winner.  It is Claudia's natural beauty and charming personality, which make her very popular with fans.

She has been featured in magazines such as Maxim, Cosmopolitan and GQ as well as having appeared on commercials for Samsung, Toyota and Ford.  Currently based in Miami, Florida, Claudia often appears in Miami Life Magazine and on TMZ.

Claudia continues to model and regularly appears on various television shows such as Spanish language ‘EstaNocheTu Night’ on Mega TV.



3 Giusy Buscemi

Born in 1993, Giusy is an Italian model and winner of the 73rd edition of Miss Italia 2012 representing Sicily following a recent list of Siclian Miss Italy’s such as Miriam Leone.  Giusy is currently following her passion for film and continues to model.

Former Miss Italia winners include Martina Colombari who dated Gold Medal Skier Alberto Tomba and later married Soccer Legend Alessandro Costacurta.



2 Elena Santarelli

The tall slender blonde Santarelli began her career modeling for the likes of Giorgio Armani and Laura Biagiotti.  She later moved to television where she appeared on Italy’s famous reality show Isoladeifamosi and Italian MTV as host.  She continues to appear on television hosting various events.

Unlike the typical dark haired Mediterranean women, Elena is long blonde hair and renowned for her long legs and stunning tall figure.

Elena lives with retired soccer player Bernardo Corradi with whom she has a son.  They live in Italy where she continues to model.  They recently lived in Montreal when Corradi signed a one year contract with MLS’s Montreal Impact.


1  1. Monica Bellucci:

No list on Italian women is complete without mentioning Monica Bellucci and in this case we believe there is no other place for her but in first.  Arguably this generation’s Sofia Loren, at 48 she is as gracious and beautiful as when she first appeared in the catwalks of Milan.

She remains an international sex symbol not just because of her voluptuous curves, but also because of the palpable intelligence and charm she conveys in her films and interviews.  She is often regarded as the 8th wonder of the world and yet unlike the thin runaway models of Milan and Paris her beauty is only magnified by her natural curves.  Recently asked the secret behind her beauty she replied “Eat, Love and Live”.  Monica embodies the grace, charm and captivating personality of a true Italian.  She is married to French actor Vincent Cassel.


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