This Weeks Favorite Celebrity: Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most popular television personalities in the U.S. Through her show, she has managed to inspire people from all walks of life. However, her success was not just cut out for her; she worked tirelessly to get where she is now. Ellen DeGeneres  was born on the 26th of January, 1958 in Jefferson, Louisiana to Better and Elliot DeGeneres. She has an older sibling, Vance, who worked as a correspondent for The Daily Show between 1999 to 2001 and also as a comedy writer. Her childhood life was just similar to that of every other child. She was raised in Atlanta and in New Orleans until her parents divorced when she was a teenager. She went to Atlanta high school and later attended college education at the University of New Orleans where she majored in communications. However, she didn't complete her University degree.

3 Early Life

Ellen had a lot of struggles in her early life. She worked as a clerk for a law firm and later in retail, house painting, waiting tables, and shuckling oysters and bartending. At a certain time, she sold vacuum cleaners from door to door. Her relentless approach to life enabled her to achieve huge success, something which many people find it hard to believe. Her entry into comedy started at Clyde's Comedy Club, which, by then was the only club that dealt with comedy matters in New Orleans. With time, she graduated from comic to being an emcee. Within a short time of her switching to emceeing, she landed more shows all over the south and soon all parts of the United States.

During her early years, Ellen traveled all over the United States and this made it possible for her to hone her comedic craft. In 1982, she earned the selection of the Showtime, a pay cable TV station as the funniest person in America. After this, she appeared in many late night programs in pay television networks. This included The Tonight Show which was very popular in 1986. She moved a notch higher from being a comedian to a sitcom star with Ellen, a stand up comedy show known for its quirkiness which had many similarities with Seinfeld in its first appearances.

2 Making Her Mark

Ellen would later launch a daytime talk show in the year 2003 that was named The Ellen DeGeneres Show. There was mammoth competition that year, but Ellen was able to withstand the competition and rise to the top. She has been rising higher ever since. The success of her daytime show is because she gave it her signature touch: lightheartedness. She is able to convince her audience to forget the troubles that pester them and enjoy every bit of the conversation. The start of every show is marked with a dance and there are a lot of thank you messages at the end; more often getting the audience involved in every bit of the action.

Ellen's career had two key moments. In 1986, Ellen appeared on The Tonight Show. It was after the show that Johnny Carson asked her to sit next to him because he considered her to be a funny person. Johnny thought that there was something special in Ellen DeGeneres. She went into history books as the first female comedian to receive such an invitation. The second moment that was indeed a defining moment is when she publicly declared that she was a homosexual. She broke the news on her sit-com, her popular program that attracted millions of viewers all over the United States. Ellen's show is watched in millions of homes throughout the United States.

1 Ellen Just Being Ellen

If not because of her perseverance, resilience and desire to get things moving towards her direction, Ellen would not be the person she is today. She went through numerous challenges, a fact that's exhibited because of the number of times which she changed jobs and also the kind of jobs which she held over time. Her success today did not occur by chance. She really worked hard to be the person she is today. She has immense talent, intelligence, humour and wields a lot of financial success. These are some of the reasons why Ellen remains an inspiration for many people.

Since Oprah left daytime television, Ellen has been able to fill the gap successfully because she has been able to keep the audience engaged and entertained. Her show brings in huge amounts of money, about $1.25 million a month excluding bonuses. This has helped Ellen Degeneres become one of the most influential show biz and television personalities in the United States.

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