Rob Dyrdek's 69 Camaro

Rob Dyrdek is not only an extremely talented athlete, but he is an amazingly talented business owner. He has helped start companies like DC, Street Leauge, and has been featured on syndicated Reality TV shows such as Rob and Big, and Fantasy Factory.

Rob is a pretty edgy celebrity. Starting off as a pro skater kind of makes you feel like a Rockstar. Fast cars and sick rides are totally part of this Rockstar lifestyle. Let's take a look at one of Rob's favorite cars, his 69 Camaro.

This is an amazing Vintage 69 Camaro. This car has Drydek's signature flat black pain job, accented by amazing red racing stripes. This chassis is dropped own on these slick 21 inch red rims and performance wide racing tires.

Dyrdek commissioned the company All Speed Performance to make this premium car for him. Check out this before photo for a quick look at the work that was done to this performance muscle car!



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