Dubai Police Gets a New Lamborghini Aventador

Did you guys know that law enforcement just got a lot cooler in Dubai? That is true indeed and it can only get very substantial. According to the 24/7 Emirates, Dubai has finally cracked the egg, so to speak - the Dubai Police gets a new Lamborghini Aventador, which is the very first vehicle of a certain line of exotic cars to have been purchased within the perimeters of the city.

Dubai is no doubt a city habituated with a bunch wealthy folks. Being the biggest source of gas and oil in the world, the news about the Lamborghini Aventador, surprisingly enough, did manage to fail setting out a taciturn response out of the people from around the globe. This only proves the fact that the United Arab Emirates is a nation that does seem to be immune from any sort of global crisis that most countries are experiencing in this modern day era.

Spectators have weighed the news that Dubai had shocked virtually everybody with. They've started to question whether the elite car will actually be roaring the roads on a daily basis to kick the arses of bad guys as they do their thing, you know, doing bad stuff, or if it will only be for show to tell the world that they have already rebounded from the previous debt crises that the city had gotten itself into. If it turns out to be the latter, then expect such a valuable car to be seen at tourist spots and national conventions.

The story doesn't end there. Dubai has confirmed that aside from the Lamborghini Aventador, the cops are to expect a new line of Chevy Camaros in their fleet at the very near future. On another note, it seems like the bad guys now have a reason to be caught - to get a chance to be at the back seats of such cozy and not to mention, expensive cars.

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