The 15 Ugliest Outfits Worn By Celebrities In 2015

You don't get to dress nicely for a great event all that often. For common folk, you'll attend a ball or two, a few weddings and some other events that'll require you to dress as sharply as you can. Life is simple and so are the events. Nothing's wrong with that.

Leading a glamour lifestyle most of us dream about, celebrities attend all sorts of great events all through the year, and they make sure to look their best for numerous red carpet events and for the on-site photographers.  From hot dresses to fancy suits, they work hand in hand with their designer to put together the latest fashion trends and what fits their bodies the best.

But some celebrities don't get that concept right. Either they try to show their rebellious way through their clothing, or they just woke up that day and decided that they couldn't care less. Some of these people even dress catastrophically right into the Oscars awards ceremony.

From bad choices of colors to just hideous outfits that should never see the light of day, these 15 celebrities wore the worst outfits we've seen so far in 2015.

15 Kiesza - Paper Mache

Via justjared.com

Really... What is going on here? The dress Kiesza wore at the 2015 Tony Awards looks like something my nine-year old niece would do with white sheets of paper during a rainy afternoon, while she's bored in class. It's just plain weird and ugly.

I wonder if there is a message coded in there, and if that's the case, I just can't find it. Something like the DaVinci Code! There are ways to be rebellious and dashing with the clothes you wear. But Kiesza not only misses the mark here, she needs to take a note from her song and "Hideaway". She gets some points for cool hair and shoes, though.

14 Heidi Klum - Queen Of Yellow

Via www.digitalnewsworld.com

Heidi Klum remains one of the most beautiful women on the face of the earth. Millions of men will agree. She may lose a few supporters after her appearance at the 2015 Emmy Awards. Something makes me really uneasy about her dress. And I can't tell if it's the ripped silk curtain-like right half of her dress, or the feathery left-side of it. Maybe it's the transparent golden net that composes the rest of it?

I don't know. It's just really a weird design. You would expect much more from career model. And her hair, pulled like this, gives Heidi a forehead large enough for a helicopter to land on it. Sorry for being cruel, Heidi.

13 Dencia - Straight Out Of A Video Game

Via perezhilton.com

Dencia looked like a boss in Metroid the video game during the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. Under no circumstances in this universe or one far, far away is it okay to wear a full-body suit made of nylon socks and embedded with plastic jewels that make you look like a character from a bad 90s arcade game.

Unless you're actually going to shoot aliens with these glasses like Cyclops would in the X-Men franchise, there is no reason to blind onlookers with such an atrocious outfit.Maybe she could try a video game convention instead?

12 June Ambrose - Mickey Mouse

Via www.stylebistro.com

I really love how much she looks happy in her suit, but June Ambrose looks like an animated character from your children's favourite Sunday morning show. She could feature in Bug's Bunny and The Tweety Show and everything would be fine, but attending The New York Fashion Week? No. You simply cannot walk among the fashion industry' finest in this ugly attire.

The color looks fabulous on her, and the fabric looks really thick and of good quality. It's everything else, including the Mickey Mouse-like hat that's questionable. Although it could work come Halloween, Mickey and Minnie would not approve of this outfit, June!

11 Alan Cumming - Sailor Boy

Via Vh1

Cumming was going for a sailor suit for the 2015 Tony Awards. Why you ask? No one knows to this day. However, that look would have suited a 10-year-old boy a lot more than this grown man, who at least has the money to dress like the millionaire that he is.

Though the material of his outfit looks of good quality and the shade of blue is amazing, the suit, sadly, makes Cumming look like a creepy man. And the eye-pattern isn't helping. Looking rather immature, peace-giving sign and all, in that ill-fated suit, all we can say is that Alan Cumming caused a shipwreck - and he was sadly the only one on it.

10 Bryshere Y. Gray - The Albino Crocodile

Via www.eonline.com

Bryshere Y. Gray presented himself on the red carpet of the 2015 Billboard Music Awards wearing an awkward ivory-ish white suit that seems to be made of either an albino crocodile's skin, or the barks of a poor birch tree. Whatever it was, he better fire the person who told him to put on the eyesore.

The color does something weird to his midsection and made him look as if he was a short, stubby man. Not the image you want to portray in such a glamour event in front of a large audience, not to mention the millions watching at home. The contrast of the pale suit against his darker skin is great, but that's not enough to save the show. That was really not a good choice, Bryshere!

9 Anna Chlumsky - Dandelion Princess

Via www.theglow.com

First, the dress' color is really bland, but thanks to Chlumsky's complexion, she can pull it off. However, the design in of itself is so weird, I just can't comprehend the decision-making process. It's as if her dress was the beginning of a polygon-created character in a 3D animated movie; Or for the imaginative, chained, albino dandelions. See it?

As great as Anna Chlumski is, she unfortunately looks like a character from a horror flick. Ghostly. Maybe she's trying to get people's attention to be featured in the next Silent Hill movie? Does anyone know when it will be released?

8 Constance Jablonski - Stolen Window Curtains

Via www.vogue.com

It's hard to criticize Constance Jablonski as she's a really gorgeous woman with a great body. However, in that dress which reminds me of either old bed sheets or window curtains, she looks totally shapeless and rather bland.

And that's without mentioning the color chaos spotted all over this dress she decided to wear at the 2015 Tony Awards. The style of her hair, bland and pretty average, doesn't help. The whole thing is very hippie-esque, but lacks the accessories to really look like it comes straight from the 60s. At least her shoes look great. Better luck next time Constance.

7 Joanna Newsom - Disney Gone Bad

Via www.20minutes.fr

Joanna Newsom looks like she's wearing a cross between the witch's talking mirror in Snow White, a cup from the Beauty and the Beast, and a pink mushroom. On the other hand, if you're into Disney's fairytales, you'll love this dress.  Admittedly, the color looks great for her, but the overall design of the dress just doesn't match her persona. It's busy with many fragments that are quite distracting to those who watched the 2015 Emmy Awards.

With this dress, I'd expect her to be cast in the next Cinderella movie as one of the evil step sisters. I think she could pull it off. That's not her best choice of attire for sure. Just sayin...

6 David Lee Roth - PGA Tour's Newest Golfer

Via www.justjared.com

What did David Lee Roth try to make us understand by this weird outfit? Is he leaving Van Halen for a new career playing golf? He looks like a golfer! And what about the hat? I don't get any of this.  The colors don't match, and the styles neither. Adidas running shoes with a suit? A weird-looking suit no less.

And what about the diving outfit under the said suit. There are so many questions I wish I could ask him about that outfit. There's no logical explanation as to why anyone would come up with the creation of this attire. The only good part about all this is that looks sincerely happy, so I guess it's alright... Is it?

5 Amy Landecker - The Leaves Lady

Via Vh1.com

Amy Landecker wore a dress at the 2015 Emmy Awards which fits her body quite well, actually. The problems, however, begin with the colors and patterns of this ill-advised dress. It's just horrendous.

Whether this is a tribute to the fall season or Mother Nature, we will never know. Frankly, I don't want to know what Landecker was thinking at the time she said yes to this dress. Also, the fact the leaves are coming out of the dress gives it an unwanted feathery look. But not the one I believe she was seeking as she resembles a disheveled chicken. Hey, someone had to say it. That being said, I think this dress could have been a winner with the right patterns and colors.

4 Tyga - Nothing Classy Like Gold Teeth

Via five-star.ir

I understand the 'I don't care if I look good at an important event' frame of thought. Obviously that's what Tyga was thinking when he decided to show up at a New York fashion week event dressed in what looked like his pajamas.

New York's fashion typically attracts good-looking celebrities dressed like they could walk the runway. Tyga, seen here alongside Kylie Jenner, won't be walking the runway anytime soon. At least he's got some really cool gold ewelry, but I'm not sure about the matching braces...He's lucky he's sitting next to Jenner, who actually saves the day by looking quite sexy in her all-black, low-cut dress.

3 Anna Wintour - The Piranha

Via www.stylebistro.com

Wintour attended the 2015 Met Ball wearing a dress which looked like it was made of piranha flowers from the hit video game, Mario Bros., and they are eating her alive. This is another dress which I fail to comprehend the rationale behind the selection. Just look at those shoulders!

If we didn't know better, we could mistake her as the mother of piranha plants, and that would make sense. It could also look like she's wearing a pizza-pattern dress with pepperoni and black olives. Ultimately, this design is horrible and I don't understand why someone would wear that. There is just nothing good about this look.

2 Joy Villa - Miley Cyrus Inspired

Via Vh1

What is there to say? Joy Villa remembered she had to attend the 2015 Grammys fifteen minutes before leaving her mansion. She put on fancy panties, hid her nipples with skin-colored tape, and ran outside to a nearby construction site where she stole a roll of this plastic thing, and arranged it into a "dress". Was Miley Cyrus the culprit behind this ugly dress?

I'm sure there were other last-minute options that, perhaps, did not include full-body nudity. But hey, in an industry where less is literally more, I can see why she would opt for this very revealing outfit. Nice try Joy.

1 Grace Coddington - Pajamawear

Via www.vh1.com

When I was a young girl, I wanted my mom to buy me silky Chinese pajamas. But she never did because she knew I'd look horrible in it. Thanks Mom! Grace Coddington, a creative director for American Vogue, either did not know what my mom knew, or she just didn't care how she looked when she left her cozy home that day.

I feel like it's the second option, and I must admit I'd like her a lot for that. At least, the color goes really well with her frizzy hair and complexion. Nevertheless, this won't be a moment worth remembering in a storied career.Sources: www.vh1.com

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