The 15 Most Hideous Fashion Looks To Have Been On The Catwalk

It’s that time of the year again for Fashion Week, which contrary to its name is actually a month-long series of fashion shows and events across various countries. Fashion Week is the time of the year when designers showcase and debut their latest collections for next season’s fashion. Although fashion shows are supposed to serve as a foreshadow of what’s next in the realm of fashion, not all of the items featured on the runway receive critical acclaim and praise.

While we look for the next season’s trends, it’s hard to not notice the fashion fails and faux pas from some of our favorite designers. We’ve seen quirky, fun fashion from tons of designers including Betsey Johnson, Alexander McQueen, and The Blonds, but sometimes the lines are blurred between high fashion and plain old hideous designs.

From big name fashion houses like Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior to up-and-coming designers from fashion schools, all have had their fair share of fails and mistakes on the runway. A cow-printed cowboy. A man covered in flames. And let’s not forget about the man dressed like a bat. Take a look at the 15 most hideous fashion looks to have been on the catwalk.

15 John Rocha


If you mixed a garden with an Old-Century bride’s veil, then you would get this look from John Rocha’s 2013 Autumn/Winter collection. While this look isn’t the worst thing to be featured on the runway, it definitely is weird enough to be nominated amongst the most hideous looks on the catwalk. This dress seems to be inspired by a gothic bride with a bathroom mat wrapped around her as a dress. Maybe if this was a creation by Tim Burton bringing one of his animations to life would be more understandable rather than a seasoned designer like John Rocha, who is known for his experimenting with fabric and technique and has been in the fashion world since 1980.

14 Yves Saint Laurent


There are a few different ways to describe this look from Yves Saint Laurent’s 2014 Fall/Winter collection. This look can be called a cocoon. Or it can be referred to as an adult-version of a baby swaddle. Or to take it a step further, this look can be described as one of the lambs that Little Bo Peep lost. The list can go on and on about what to call this look, but it is nothing less than hideous and ridiculous. High fashion is supposed to be thought-provoking, but this look makes us want to reunite a lost sheep with the rest of the flock. Good thing Yves Saint Laurent has since changed directors and no longer strives for farm animal-esque fashion.

13 Alexander McQueen


If it’s true that birds of a feather flock together, then this look by Alexander McQueen belongs in a coop with the rest of its flock. Alexander McQueen has always been known for his fashion that pushes boundaries and doesn’t play it safe. Part dress, part turtleneck, and part helmut, this McQueen design takes the cake for over the top fashion; also, we can’t ignore the feathers. This isn’t the first example of McQueen’s gaudy, eccentric, and often flamboyant designs. Some other notable looks from the London-born designer include his armadillo inspired collection, which Lady Gaga was seen wearing in her 'Bad Romance' video, as well as Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a Scottish-inspired kilt dress during the 2015 Met Gala Ball.

12 Viktor & Rolf


Fashion has always been a hybrid of different cultures, customs, and inspirations. This look from Vikor & Rolf, the Dutch fashion house founded in 1993 by designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, is a cross between a shirt, skirt, and complex headpiece made from what can only be described as hay. What makes this look from Viktor & Rolf’s 2015 Spring/Summer collection one of the most hideous looks to have been on the catwalk is not only the complicated design but also the mix of patterns. Did you notice the random white and black trim with the bow connecting the shirt to the head piece? Not sure what the inspiration was for this look, but it is definitely a showstopper— and not in a good way.

11 Christian Dior


Where do you start with this Christian Dior look that's part of the Autumn/Winter 2011 Couture collection. The french fashion house, which was established in 1946, is known for its fashion sense and style, but this look defies the Christian Dior accolades. There are geometric shapes everywhere. There are tons of bold, bright colors on both the clothes and the makeup on the models. There are lots of patterns mixed into this look resembling a scene out of a bad 80s movie. And then there are more geometric shapes on the heads of the models. While this look is appropriate for a revamp of Sixteen Candles or The Breakfast Club, it belongs in the past, and hopefully, in an archive to never be seen again.

10 Asher Levine


If Batman were to walk into a high fashion boutique and ask a designer to create a motorcycle jacket for him to wear on his bike, this would be it. Part of his 2013 Fall/Winter menswear collection, Asher Levine’s Batman-inspired look is one to remember, but not in a good way. The collar is popped to stand tall while the wings attached look like the model is ready to fly off of the runway. While this was the only look during the 2013 Fall/Winter collection that was fully reminiscent of The Dark Knight, Levine’s collections always seem to pay respect to the savior of Gotham since his collection launch in 2010 with his Spring/Summer collection. Maybe Levine should get into costume design and stay off of the runway.

9 Rodarte


Rodarte, which is an American-based fashion brand founded by sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy, has had much success since its creation. While the sisters have had partnerships and collaborations with big names in fashion including Gap and Target, this look from Rodarte’s 2013 Fall/Winter collection is a fashion fail. This dress looks like a psychedelic trip gone bad. Like a recreation of something that would be worn during Woodstock, but it also looks like an enchanted spell from Hocus Pocus. The dress already causes lots of confusion with tons of questions to follow, but the top of the dress that resembles teeth or some sort of fangs causes the confusion to continue. Just one question for the Mulleavy sisters: why?

8 Leather Japan


Leather Japan takes menswear to another level with this look from its 2013 Fall/Winter collection. Referred to as a mix between a scarecrow and a skater boy by Business Insider, this look is a fail for not only the label but menswear as a whole. The fringe hanging out of the top and bottom of the vest and the oversized, flannel shorts makes the model, and any man wearing this look, look like some kind of mountain man trying to be sexy but failing miserably. The shoes are also a fashion conundrum because it looks like a mix between sneakers and oxford shoes— one would question why this look would be paired with oxford shoes, but that just adds to the long list of questions about this look.

7 Jeremy Scott


Do the lyrics, “I’m a rhinestone cowboy” by Glen Campbell cross your mind when you see this look? If so, you’re not the only one. Jeremy Scott, who has been dubbed the people’s designer in his 2015 documentary, has gained a lot of public attention and notability. With celebrity friends and advocates including Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, just to name a few, and with accolades including designing the costumes for Katy Perry’s Super Bowl XLIX Half Time show performance in 2015 makes Jeremy Scott a household name. While his list of celebrity friends and clients is long, this look is one his clients aren’t begging him for, although it wouldn’t be surprising to see quirky fashionistas like Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga trying it out— their lack of a 'package' aside.

6 Sibling


This look from the Sibling 2015 Spring/Summer collection cannot fully be explained in words. Launching in 2008, Sibling’s collections always included bright, vibrant, and playful designs and this look does not disappoint when it comes keeping up with the tradition. It’s a mask. It’s fuzzy. It’s all red. This look is like something that should be included in a Pixar or DreamWorks movie. Or maybe this look was supposed to be an extra from Monsters Inc., or an animated character that lives in Whoville? Whether from Whoville or working in the scare factory with Sully and Wazowski, this look goes beyond reality and crosses into the world of imagination and fiction. If you thought this look couldn’t get any worse, take a look at the bone necklace around the model’s neck. Did I mention this is a menswear line?

5 A Détacher


In fashion, everyone tries to push boundaries and find the new “thing.” Sometimes it leads to success with everyone in the industry running to follow behind you, while other times it leaves peer designers, and the public, confused about what they saw, what happened on the runway, and most importantly, why it appeared before them. This is the case with this look from A Détacher’s Autumn/Winter collection in 2012. While the outfit includes a long sleeve knit to compliment the weather of the later months of the year, the playsuit, or shorts, paired on the bottom with it leaves one to question when to actually wear the item. Aside from the bottoms that bypass the high-waist trend and reach the model’s chest, the print is giving off a very grandma-ish vibe. Maybe this is the beginning of sexy 'grannywear'?

4 The Blonds


Have you ever dropped something in the couch only to find it months later covered in tons of dust bunnies, fuzzies, and other unknowns from the dark, deep corners of the couch? That’s probably what happened with this look by The Blonds during their Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. While the metallic leotard adds a festive element to the look, which could have been a nice addition to a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, the colorful pom poms look like they were added accidentally. Do you think the model accidentally fell in some glue, and then a box of pom poms before going out on the runway? If so, The Blonds are forgiven. If not, well back to the drawing board they should go.

3 Asger Juel Larsen


The words “That’s hot!” definitely have a different meaning when referring to this look. Created by Asger Juel Larsen as part of its Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, this look mixes biker fashion with the special powers of The Torch from the Fantastic Four franchise. What makes this look hideous? It’s not only the use of flames, but it’s the use of flames throughout the entire look: the jacket, shirt, pants, and ski mask (why does this look need a ski mask?). To be fair, there is one nice thing about the look, which happens to be the shoes because they have nothing to do with the fire theme. Wonder if they played Nelly’s “Hot in Here” song as the model walked down the runway.

2 China Academy of Art


As a young designer, there are going to be designs you create that you don’t love. That’s the case with this look by students from the China Academy of Art. This look easily resembles origami created out of fabric and placed on models to go down the runway. Was this look inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog’s spikes? Sonic is iconic when it comes to video games and his pop-culture relevance, but when it comes to inspiring a collection, the majority of us would probably pass. Two good things about this look: one, it can be folded up for easy storage; and, two, the designers are still in school and with more practice this hideous design will be far in their past.

1 Agatha Ruiz De La Prada


We’ve all seen quirky, fun fashion. For example, Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City was notorious for wearing weird, fun fashion, but this look by Agatha Ruiz De La Prada makes Bradshaw look traditional and conservative. Sorry, BJ Thomas, raindrops aren’t falling on your head because they’re falling on De La Prada’s skirt. With an upside down umbrella as a skirt and fake raindrops attached to the bottom, this look is beyond crazy. While the inclusion of the umbrella is confusing, what makes this look more confusing is that it is paired with a pink blazer and a white collar shirt. If this is a look for any professional woman working in the office, don’t be surprised if you’re sent back home with your umbrella skirt and purple, metallic tights.

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