The 15 Hottest Halloween Costumes Every Nerd Wants To Wear This Halloween

In less than a month, every boy and girl of all ages all over the world will dress as various characters for Halloween. It’s the most exciting time of the year and one of the three big events that everyone looks forward to. Men, women, toddlers, pets, everyone is in the Halloween spirit. Yes, pets get some costumes to wear as well!

However, as many people have a misconception about how this festivity began, here’s a short history of it.

Halloween is commemorated every year on the 31st of October. It’s always one day before the Catholic feast known as All Saints Day. This holiday is the time where the deceased are remembered, and it’s celebrated in their memory. Some believe that this tradition was adopted from Samhain, a Celtic harvest festival. Samhain is a festival that’s celebrated in Ireland and Scotland. It is said that it was a time where the harvest season ends, and winter begins, therefore having their cattle slaughtered after fattening them for months. During this period, special bonfires were lit because they believed that it connected the spirit world to earth. It was believed that the spirits would come as guardians to the farmers and help them to survive the winter.

The ideas of the costumes was implemented during this festival when people wore something similar to a spirit’s or ghost’s dressing to get some food.

Regardless of where this festival originated, today people all are concerned about celebrating it in the best way possible. There are tons of costume ideas for everyone to follow. There is one for couples, individuals, groups, pregnant mothers, babies, toddlers, and even animals. So this way, everyone gets to have a day to remember. The question always arises about which costume you should wear this year. Some are very well prepared, while some are still not sure.

15 Halloween Edition Of WWE Divas

Via youtube.com

Apart from big superstars that have been entertaining us for years with their wrestling maneuvers, the focus often lands on WWE Divas. These beautiful ladies are tougher than they seem. They too are highly skilled in the four-cornered ring and have a massive fan following. The talent clearly isn’t short. As for their beauty, they know how to make the most of it.

Here they are in various Halloween costumes that you would usually see girls looking sexy in. New and upcoming divas, as well as some experienced ones, are featured in this guide. WWE always cover occasions, and the divas look amazing in the outfits accordingly.

14 The Joker From Suicide Squad

Via joel111011.deviantart.com

To be honest, the movie may have proved the haters wrong by winning the fans over, but that doesn’t cover the fact that this was the most bizarre looking Clown Prince of Crime to date. Just like Harley Quinn, the Joker was welcomed with tons of mixed reactions. The comic book fans didn’t mind how he looked, as long as the Joker was portrayed nicely. Jared Leto did a great job in the end by portraying him like a gangster. However, in Suicide Squad, the Joker wore more than one costume, and this was undoubtedly a hot favorite. The purple coat has always been a signature look apart from the other disguises. There isn’t much to put on except for the basic trench coat and the trousers, but of course the green hair and makeup are essential. You need to go bare feet for this one, though.

13 Superman From Smallville

Via blastr.com

How could one possibly forget the Tom Welling portrayal of the Man of Steel on our television screens for 10 awesome seasons? Before Henry Cavill suited up as Superman, Tom Welling was doing a great job by not suiting up as him until the last season. Instead, he ended up wearing this leather jacket as his costume. Surely many superman costumes were a bit off the mark, but not all of them were. Surprisingly, this version of Superman was mesmerizing enough for people to copy the look at costume festivals and gatherings. It’s been five years since the last episode aired but that hasn’t caused this Smallville costume to become outdated. Guys are still wearing it like it was yesterday. Moreover, this is one of the most convenient outfits to wear. Tom Welling as Superman is probably one of the most amazing things we will remember seeing in the TV series.

12 Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) From Marvel Comics

Carol Denvers Captain Marvel Costume
Via cosplaysleepeatplay.tumblr.com

For starters, this is the costume that was worn from 2010 onwards. Many alter egos had donned the 'Captain Marvel' aka Miss Marvel persona with Carol Danvers being the last. This Captain Marvel costume belonged to Carol Danvers, the alter ego that is set to debut on the big screen three years from now. Brie Larson is the actress that signed on for the project. When it comes to the attire, guides are available which are detailed enough to show you the items that are needed for this female superhero’s costume. They don’t cost a lot as people would usually expect, so that’s a good thing. We are all still anticipating news regarding her costume for the movie. In the meantime, you can take your chance of showing people what Captain Marvel could like when she steps into the modern world. Just make sure that you dye your hair blonde for this one.

11 Finn From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Finn Star Wars The Force Awakens Costume
Via 4archive.org

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was one of the highest-grossing movies of 2016. It was surprising that it didn’t rack up as many awards as everyone expected it to but it was still a good movie. Now with another Star Wars film on the way, Rogue One, we'll have an entirely new cast of characters to discover. Nevertheless, one of the standout performers from The Force Awakens was the newcomer, Finn. John Boyega was widely recognized for portraying the character of Finn in the most heroic way possible. The jacket he got was handed to him in the film itself, hence, two people wore the same costume, but John stole the show in it. Many have recreated his jacket, but this version has nailed it. The color, style, and the pattern are on point. This is where you can end up looking like a professional cosplayer.

10 Captain America From Captain America: Civil War

Via uproxx.com

Captain America: Civil War isn’t only one of Marvel’s favorite comic stories, but it has also become a great movie to look back at after bringing in more than billion dollars worldwide. Fans loved it and the critics loved it, so there couldn’t be anything to hate about it. From the plot to the costumes of almost all the characters, it was indeed looking like the comic came to life. Just like the last film, Civil War also featured a dynamic suit that Chris Evan put on as the "World’s First Superhero." When you compare his attire to most guides, you probably won’t notice any major differences, which is cool. The costume includes the shield, boots and gloves that Captain America wears. Even if you don’t have a muscular body, the jacket will still make you look macho. The costume’s jacket has a different pattern that stands out.

9 Assassin - Assassin's Creed

Via deviantart.com

Whenever anyone sees a person wearing an Assassin’s Creed costume, the first thought to enter their mind is that “it’s surely got to be expensive.” Let’s face it - this is one of the few costumes that requires a lot of time and effort. All of the costumes from Assassin’s Creed fall under the cosplay category. Men and women have dedicated their time to looking exactly like the character. This attire comes to us from the recent game, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Since the games are featured in a different era, these coats look like the expensive leather trench coats you get today. Apart from this, every Assassin has a secret weapon. Luckily, this attire isn’t too complicated or technical as some costumes are. Instead, it requires the necessary item needed to be an Assassin, a disguise.

8 Green Arrow From Arrow

Via fandomsky.wordpress.com

Many popular TV series will be airing this fall, and everyone is excited about it. Arrow has become so good that the costumes of the characters are perfectly replicated. That leads to many other stores recreating the costume of one of the most significant characters of DC Comics. Green Arrow costume is easily recognizable for obvious reasons. Wearing this for Halloween is just the right way of promoting the show and showing your support for it. Moreover, the costume is unique too. People usually go for superhero costumes rather than scary costumes for Halloween, so this fits the bill. There is one very important thing that you’ll have to be careful about. Just make sure that you don’t get too much into the Green Arrow persona and start firing arrows at someone.

7 Marty McFly From Back To The Future II

Via mirror.co.uk

He may not be a superhero, but Marty McFly has predicted some of the things that are currently happening in 2016. As every 90s kid will know, Back to the Future 2 was one of the all-time greatest films. More than 25 years later, the Marty McFly costume is on everyone’s wish list. It’s mostly the guys wearing it. Online you can find the best-looking jacket of the character that even Michael J. Fox would approve. It looks modern, stylish, and perfect for you to dress like him. In fact, you can even wear this costume as your regular clothing style. The Marty McFly costume is going to be even more popular now. Apart from the sneakers, the jacket is the standout, and many people want it. He requires no gun, no swords, no arrows, and no gadgets except for his old Casio watch.

6 Flash From The Flash

Via speedforce.org

The Flash is another superhero series that will return for a new season along with Arrow. Now, the question is, which Flash costume you will wear for Halloween 2016? Since there has been no change in his suit, it looks very likely that he will wear one very similar to the above photo. Of course, this is a complete costume so there will be minor differences. The main feature that you should focus on is having the right top. Season 3 showed The Flash logo with a white background. That’s a good sign since you are up to date with the latest costume. Most of the guides found online will recommend you to spend less than what everyone usually does while getting all the necessary items needed to complete your costume.

5 Bane From Dark Knight Rises

Via daisywarejarrett.wordpress.com

Going to a Comic-Con event or Halloween festival and not seeing a Bane costume is nearly impossible. Over the last few years, many fans who watched the film wore various Bane costumes that were worn in The Dark Knight Rises by Tom Hardy. Out of the outfit collection, this winter coat was the most popular and preferred attire that was worn by the fans. It’s not only the adults but the teenagers too. After the way Tom Hardy acted like the monster, the viewers couldn’t help but ask for his costume to be made available as soon as possible. Bane is still famous today since he’s one of all-time favorite Batman villains. Although he isn’t as bulky as comic book nerds would remember Bane being, Tom Hardy was still intimidating with his mask and fighting style. The costume will also make you look like a formidable force.

4 Pink Ladies From Grease 2

Via sclinternationalschool.com

Many would expect that this is an individual costume, but it’s meant to be worn as a group. The number of girls doesn’t matter. In all three of the Grease adaptations, this jacket and the T-Bird that the hero wears has to be there. These are the two items that give Grease its identity. The Pink Ladies are initially a group of girls, and this is their official attire. Wearing this with the uniform should not give you any problems. It’s quite a simple costume to recreate, and since it’s an outfit from the golden era, there will be a lot of 20 and 30-year-olds wearing it this year.

3 Wonder Woman From DC Comics #600

Via dc.reactor.cc

DC Comics have been rebooted more than once, and that is where this modernized costume of Wonder Woman comes in. It may not be the latest one, but this is arguably one of the rarest outfits worn by Diana Prince. According to the DC Comics 600th issue titled, The All-New Wonder Woman, Diana Prince was seen in this cool costume in 2010. Mostly the Wonder Woman costumes we know of are more seductive and sexy. The two-piece attire inspires the jacket. Other necessary items include her lasso and the tiara. This costume of Wonder Woman displays glamour, beauty, royalty, class and intimidation, the same qualities you would expect to be in the female superhero. Many girls are uncomfortable in showing off their skin. This costume is the ideal thing they need to bring out their inner Wonder Woman.

2 Batman From Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Halloween season isn’t the same without Batman. With over a dozen costumes to be influenced by, the one we present to you today is from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The logo does look similar from the animated movie The Dark Knight Returns 2. In fact, the whole costume does, but that’s where this concept came from in the first place. Ben Affleck’s portrayal of the Batman is undoubtedly one of the greatest in Hollywood. He plays an old age Batman, but you won't have to worry about looking weird, even for those who are in their twenties. Nobody can look bad in a Batman costume. Doing a voice manipulation is as easy as looking like the Dark Knight from Dawn of Justice. The gray suit is one of the most famous costumes, as well as Batman’s last before he retires.

1 Harley Quinn From Suicide Squad

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We end our list with the most searched costume of 2015, the Harley Quinn costume from the DC Comics movie Suicide Squad. We're pretty sure by now almost everyone has watched Suicide Squad and will recognize this outfit from there. Although we got a glimpse of how Margot Robbie would look in the jester suit, the first ever costume of Harley Quinn, this looked more crazy yet seductive.

In this Harley Quinn Suicide Squad costume, you are getting all the main components that you need to perfect the look. From boots to the choker and bracelets, everything is here. This is a costume of such a popular character that you will find tons of teenagers and cosplayers wearing it at Comic-Con events. Various online guides will you give the list of stuff you need while the makeup depends on your level of expertise.

There you have it. These are the top 15 costumes that you should try out this Halloween season. The list includes costumes for men, women, as well as groups. You can even use some to go as a couple. There are no restrictions. Let us know what you think and tell us if there are any costumes that you would like to recommend this year.

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