The 15 Hottest Game Of Thrones Costumes For Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, many people are starting to think about what costumes will make the most lasting impression. While everyone seems to enjoy the staple costumes like the scantily clad cop or the super sultry nurse, sometimes these can become a bit monotonous. Rather than going for the standard professions with the coordinating uniforms, many have started to turn to their favorite films. From Princess Leia and Chewbacca to Harley Quinn and Maleficent, some of the most memorable Halloween costumes come right off the big screen. Yet, it’s not just the movies that have birthed some of the most unique costumes, especially since the popularity of the HBO series, Game of Thrones.

Every new season of the series has brought in a record number of fans, with the Season 6 finale drawing in an astounding 8.9 million viewers. Everyone seems to have their own favorite characters, whether it’s who they’re rooting for to land on the Iron Throne or who they fantasize about once the credits role. For those in search of a fresh, new take on a Halloween costume, some of the most creative ensembles can be pulled together through Game of Thrones-inspired looks. While there are some looks that have ready-made costumes all set up in a convenient bag, others can be created with some help from do-it-yourself tricks. Whether you’re strapped for ideas or strapped for cash, check out some of the most memorable Game of Thrones-inspired Halloween costumes and make the most out of this upcoming holiday.

15 Hodor & Bran

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While Hodor may no longer be in the series (ever since the “hold the door” revelation), that doesn’t mean his character is forgotten by the show’s fans. Even though Hodor didn’t have true dialogue on the series (unless you count the 70 different ways the actor said the word “Hodor”), he was a much-beloved figure on the series. The loyalty he had for the Stark family (particularly Bran) coupled with his giant stature, made him the perfect character to gravitate towards in the world filled with betrayal and lies. Recreating the Hodor and Bran costume for Halloween isn’t as difficult as you might guess. Hodor’s ensemble is pretty much Friar Tuck from Robin Hood, and Bran’s look is really wrapped into the hairstyle and lack of walking. Throw on a fur-lined hoodie and some black pants, and that’s pretty much Brandon Stark. Yet, for those that are going for this look solo, a box of Raisin Bran worn like a backpack will suffice.

14 Jon Snow

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While there are a number of hot female characters in the Game of Thrones cast, there aren’t a lot of attractive males to choose from. It’s not like there will be a flock of men looking for the Theon Greyjoy costume. With the entire world lusting over Jon Snow, he will be a great character to try and resemble for Halloween. However, unless you’re fortunate enough to have natural Jon Snow ebony locks, you’re going to have to invest in a curly black wig. Pair that up with an all-black ensemble, and you’ll be good to go. While Snow is no longer technically a man of the Night’s Watch, wearing an all-black ensemble will probably be the best bet in ensuring you will be recognized. Adding a bit of fur or faux fur into your costume around the collar is also a must. If you don’t so happen to own a direwolf, there is no need to fear. Pick up an all-white stuffed animal toy (preferably a white Shepherd Dog or something similar to a direwolf), and tote him around to complete the Jon Snow look.

13 Tyrion Lannister

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One of the most misunderstood characters within the Seven Kingdoms is Tyrion Lannister. Unfortunately, his small stature has a twisted logic in the minds of those in Game of Thrones, with some thinking that his size was the result of a punishment from the Gods. The common people of King’s Landing referred to Tyrion as a “demon monkey” while he served as the acting Hand under King Joffrey, and they blamed him for all the woes of the city. Yet, viewers are privy to seeing the truth behind this favorite Lannister character, and many find him their overall favorite character on the series. To recreate this look, the clothes of the costume can be fashioned pretty easily from a huntsman or Robin Hood-esque costume. The tricky part entails appearing much shorter to resemble the actual Peter Dinklage size. This can be done by fashioning a platform boxed area to cover the bottom portion of the legs and feet. This will make the individual appear much shorter, and help pull the look together. A simple red scar across the face can help finish the costume, but for those looking to go a little farther, there is an actual Tyrion Lannister mask that features an uncanny resemblance.

12 The Night's King

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Now that Game of Thrones is starting to wind down to an end, some of the newer characters are starting to become more prominent in the series. While White Walkers were part of the show since the very first episode of Season 1, the Night's King wasn’t introduced into the series until the fourth season. Much of the series has referenced “the war to come,” and things were finally put into perspective after the episode “Hardhome.” While the rest of the cast seemed preoccupied with who would sit on the Iron Throne, they should have been stockpiling dragonglass and Valyrian steel for the true war. Understanding how significant the role of the Night's King is in the series, one company has created a costume mask based on hundreds of actual images of the Night’s King. There is an incredible amount of detail in the pale skin, ridged flesh, blue eyes, and even crown-like edges on the head. The mask is so realistic that it even got the approval by the showrunners of the series. Pair the mask up with a knight’s costume and sporadically spray some white spray paint and the look is complete.

11 Jaime Lannister

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When Nikolaj Coster-Waldau first made his appearance on Game of Thrones, he looked almost too good to be true as a member of the King’s Guard. The flowing blonde locks and the chiseled jaw line struck an uncanny resemblance to the cartoon Prince Charming in the Shrek film series. While Prince Charming and Jaime Lannister may look surprisingly similar, their characters couldn’t be more different. Yet, as the series progressed, the Kingslayer took on a variety of different looks. One that would make a great Halloween costume involves an ultra dirty look, and a severed hand. Recreating the severed hand wouldn’t be too difficult, since it only involves making a fist and tightly wrapping your right hand with some dirty, bloody gauze. Purchase a severed hand prop at your local costume or dollar store and hang that sucker around your neck. Don’t forget to put your severed hand arm in a sling, and you’re all set.

10 Margaery Tyrell

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Although the world of Game of Thrones is set in a time and place where are thought of more as property, there is no shortage of women that hope to break out of the mold. Margaery Tyrell is a great example of this since she comes from House Tyrell, which is known for having weak men and strong women. When she was first introduced to the series, viewers could already tell that she was no stranger to using everything at her disposal in her pursuit of power. This included her scantily clad ensembles, which became even more blatantly clear once she moved to King’s Landing. From deep plunging V-neck dresses to cut-out ensembles reminiscent of something J. Lo would wear, a Margaery Tyrell costume would be perfect for those looking to unleash their inner sexy for Halloween. The key to making this costume look authentic is getting the hair to be as big as possible. Her hairstyle during her wedding to Joffrey Baratheon was almost comically tall, so as long as you can nail this aspect of the costume you’re covered.

9 Lord Varys

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Oftentimes, Halloween costumes aren’t always the most comfortable to walk around in. From spandex superhero costumes to ensembles that require holding props to take the full effect, people can sometimes overlook the comfort factor when choosing what they will be for Halloween. If you’re looking for a costume that won’t bunch at the crotch all night, recreating the Lord Varys character should definitely be considered. Obviously, it’s important to start off with a bald head. If you’re not already blessed with a perfectly bald head, invest in a bald cap and try to seamlessly blend. Then, go out and get a yellow-hued kimono robe with an emphasis on extra wide sleeve openings. Use a brown unassuming belt (without a buckle) to cinch it just underneath the gut, and you’re almost done. The important part in pulling off the look is the stance. Hold your hands in front of the body as Lord Varys does and make sure to accentuate the kimono sleeves without showing your hands.

8 King Joffrey

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Halloween costumes aren’t just for superheroes and provocative versions of various uniforms. Oftentimes, the most popular costumes involve the bad guys in film and television. While there are a number of Luke Skywalker-dressed individuals during Halloween, there are also an equal number of individuals that prefer to dress up as Darth Vader. So, while King Joffrey Baratheon may not have been the most likeable character on the series, he is definitely a favorite character for this upcoming Halloween. There are actually ready-made costumes to dress up as King Joffrey, but adding a few little touches can really turn up the heat in your costume. A wide scarf thrown over one shoulder and tucked into the belt can add dimension to the ready-made costume, but the pièce de résistance is definitely the chalice. Make sure to get a chalice that at least resembles the same cup from the infamous Purple Wedding, and you might just find that it comes in handy while refilling it at the Halloween party.

7 Ygritte

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The Ygritte character was unfortunately killed off on the show, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t make quite the lasting impression on fans (and Jon Snow, for that matter). The actress that played Ygritte, Rose Leslie, made a real life connection with Kit Harington, the actor that plays Jon Snow. The two made a romantic connection, and recently took their relationship public by walking hand-in-hand on the red carpet. Recreating this Ygritte look can be a great way to keep warm on Halloween, since her ensemble is layered and furry. The key to making this costume work is to have the patented strawberry red hair, and carry around a bow. Obviously it might be a little difficult to find the handcrafted wooden bow and arrows like the actual character, but any bow and arrow set would make the costume work. Throw on a pair of UGGs and you’re pretty much good to go. Perhaps you could meet a lone Jon Snow on Halloween, and it could be a match made in Game of Thrones heaven.

6 Melisandre

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Melisandre’s character in Game of Thrones started off as super mysterious, but as the seasons progressed, fans got a little more insight into the depth of her character. From the fault in her ability to interpret the visions in the fire to the fact that really she’s a centuries-old woman, with every question that is answered, another question seems to pop up. In any case, her look is instantly recognizable and would make a super hot Halloween costume to debut at any party. The key to making this costume work is obviously the hair. The deep burgundy tone and long flowing locks can be relatively easy to recreate, and is essentially part of the costume. The jeweled choker doesn’t have to be an exact replica as long as there is a fair amount of detail, and the same goes for the dress. While Melisandre’s gown has a deep plunging v-neck and drooping bell sleeves, even a sweeping red cape will do the trick if embellished in the right way. Not only will it keep you warm, but it is inherently sexy due to the mystery factor.

5 Brienne Of Tarth

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Brienne of Tarth is a female character on Game of Thrones that isn’t exactly known for her beauty, despite the fact that her nickname is “Brienne the Beauty.” However, just because she isn’t known for being as beautiful as the Mother of Dragons doesn’t mean she isn’t a hugely likeable character in the series. In fact, many fans are rooting for her and Jaime Lannister to finally become an item, and much of Season 6 was filled with hopeful scenes of their pending romance. In the meantime, dressing up as Brienne of Tarth is a great way to cash in on an ultra fierce female warrior, rather than just another slutty cop. For those already sporting a blonde bob haircut, this can be a great way to make the look even more like the actual character. To complete the ensemble, don’t forget to carry your Valyrian steel sword and perhaps get a friend to tag along as Podrick Payne.

4 Lady Stoneheart

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For those that aren’t familiar with the Lady Stoneheart character, this may seem like a strange listing since she never actually appeared on the series. However, she was a prominent character in George R. R. Martin’s, A Song of Ice and Fire. After Catelyn Stark was killed at the Red Wedding, her body was brought back to life through the Lord of Light. Yet, she was no longer the Lady Stark that everyone knew, and became a disfigured character out for revenge against all those who crossed her and her family. To create the Lady Stoneheart character, there is a lot of leeway since she was never depicted on the HBO adaptation of the book series. The key to making it memorable is to wear a hood, medieval clothing, and go heavily on the makeup. She should basically look like a decrepit zombie-like figure, with an emphasis on the throat area where it was slashed. Not only does this costume fulfill the Game of Thrones theme, but it also satisfies the need for those looking for a bit of gore in their ensemble.

3 The Hound

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When Arya left The Hound by the side of the road, fans couldn’t believe that his demise would be a slow death left to suffer alone. While showrunners are known for killing off some of the most beloved characters in the series, they pulled a fast one on viewers when they brought his character back into the storyline. Not only was he brought back, but he was changed for the better. Whether you’re a fan of the new and improved Sandor Clegane or his previous self, recreating his look is easier than you might think. A simple knight costume with some chain mail will suffice as the costume, and there are a few options for the face and head. For only around $40, a number of companies make a Hound helmet or you could go the route of the ragged wig and burn scars. Depending on how intricate you want your costume to be, this can make a great way to show off your inner bad-ass on Halloween.

2 Faith Militant Sparrow

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Prior to Cersei’s stunt with the wildfire, arguably the scariest characters in Game of Thrones were the Faith Militant. Despite Cersei’s belief in herself, she has made a series of blunders throughout her time on the show. One of the most damaging was when she armed the Faith Militant. The Sparrows became practically untouchable and seemed to exponentially grow in numbers. Recreating their look can be a great way to dress up in a group, whether you’re going out for the night or attending a friendly Halloween party. This do-it-yourself costume is pretty simple in execution, and can be pulled together with a few handy props. Grab a crude weapon, a long chain, some gladiator sandals and a long robe and you’re good to go. To make sure everyone knows exactly who you are, use red dye to paint the seven pointed star in the middle of your forehead to complete the look.

1 Daenerys Targaryen

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One of the most popular Halloween costumes this year will undoubtedly be the star of the series, Daenerys Targaryen. This silver-haired queen is popular among female fans because of her strength and mystical ability, but is also quite appealing to male fans because of her numerous nude scenes and impossible beauty. To recreate a Daenerys Targaryen costume, there are a number of different looks to choose from. A cavewoman-esque costume will suffice for her look early in the series in the Dothraki horde, but there are also some more pulled together looks as she made her way through Slaver’s Bay. The key to this costume is the long blonde wispy hair, and a dragon or two wouldn’t hurt either. Simple add-ons like these can really help to bring the look home. From the tooth-like necklace to the blue-hooded cape, the possibilities are endless to making this costume soar and make you the hit of the party or Halloween gathering.

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