Sofía Vergara and her $7 Million Worth of Bling

Tonya Sofia Vergara always looks great, but she certainly turned heads at the Emmy Awards on Sunday. Her red Vera Wang gown was custom fitted and worth thousands, but that wasn't the most expensive item she was wearing.


She had dazzling Lorraine Schwartz jewelry adorning her figure, which cost more than most people will make in a lifetime. These accessories totaled over $7 million, mostly because of the size of the jewels, which included 100 carats combined of: rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

The most notable accessories were the earrings, which had all three of these jewels set in platinum. Her hands also had 61 carats on them, with her right adorned by a 40 carat diamond and emerald and her left adorned with a 21 carat diamond.


These contributed to the overall 161 carats total that she had on. Could she afford this jewelry? Certainly! She makes well over $30 million for her endorsements and television show, however, she actually borrowed the jewelry from the designer.

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