5 Most Influential Luxury Brands

Luxury brands are owned by those who cherish uniqueness. They normally create a sense of belonging to the high society while enhancing the image. The minds that ensure brilliance is consistently exhibited through the products are highly creative and daring as well. They confidently venture into the unknown by their futuristic pieces.

The significant role that creative designers play is the key. Without them, staleness kicks in. This can lead to loss of brand essence consequently affecting popularity and revenue. There are several brands that have mastered this concept and are as relevant today as they were when being launched. In effect, they have greatly influenced fashion and pop culture. An amazing fact is that all have been through tough, trying times but stood the test of time. These are the five most influential luxury brands. 

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5 Gucci 

This renowned brand has had its fair share of highs and lows in the fashion industry. A notable moment was in the early 90s when the brand was considered a dying breed. The Gucci family was involved in a tax evasion and murder scandal that really tainted the business’ image. Tom Ford got hired to salvage the situation and in 1994, things turned around. Gucci released a collection that made jaws drop. Celebrities like Madonna and Kate Moss proudly rock the brand. Gucci was worth approx. $10 billion in 2004 when Tom Ford left to start his own brand.

4 Lanvin 

Although this is an old brand from France, its presence was not quite dominant before 2001. Alber Elbaz was able to make Lanvin more appealing and thus successful. In 2006, the brand was able to capture international attention when Michelle Obama made headlines with her Lanvin Sneakers. They cost $540. Other Lanvin enthusiasts include: Julianne Moore, Sofia Coppola, Anna Wintour and Natalie Portman. Ever since 2010, it has become one of the most sought after luxury brands.

3 Balenciaga

This brand was founded in 1914. Even World War II could not stop fans from traveling to Europe to view the runway collections. In the 60s, Balenciaga was closed for close to 16 years. It re-opened in 1986 but it was not until 1997 when it fully regained its lost glory. The brain behind this was the creative designer Nicolas Ghesquiére. Nicole Kidman is in love with Balenciaga while Kristen Stewart is currently a model for the luxury brand.

2 Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a renowned brand that has been around for more than a century now. Despite the label making huge profits in the 80s and 90s, it needed change. Marc Jacobs offered the breath of fresh air to Louis Vuitton. When he was made creative director in 1997, he launched an outstanding and creative collection the brand had never witnessed before. He incorporated street culture into the designs making it one of the most influential in pop culture. Celebrities like Kanye West and Richard Prince can be seen wearing the brand in many occasions.

1 Christian Dior

It was launched shortly after World War II and managed to liven the mood because tension was high during the war. Hollywood celebrities adored the design up till the 50s. The hype died when the Christian Dior perfume line was released. In the 60s, after the founder’s death, Yves Saint Laurent was appointed creative director. Another genius who also played a significant role at the brand was the menswear head Hedi Silmane.  He was replaced in 2007 by the equally talented Kris Van Assche. The brand has been growing stronger with time.

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