20 Hottest Modeling Pictures Of Kendall Jenner

As one of the younger members of the Jenner-Kardashian family, Kendall Jenner took a bit of a different route than her other famous siblings. Rather than stay in the spotlight and focus on being famous for the sake of being famous, she decided to go down the difficult path of modeling. Not just for catalogues, either. Joining the ranks of Karlie Kloss, Kate Moss and Kate Upton, she has consistently bridged the gap between mainstream brands and high editorial fashion.

While some fashionistas still question her place among the greats of her field, that has done very little to stop major brands from gravitating towards her. Without question, her family's influence and fame have contributed at least in part to her appeal. Just by being on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she helps attract a new audience to brands that they might not have attracted otherwise.

That being said, Kendall Jenner would not just get a token of appreciation by these brands if she didn't have the right look or work ethic. Someone who won't fit your clothes literally and as a representative of your brand will not be hired, regardless of their fame. The cutthroat world of the industry similarly would have very little patience for anyone who is not willing to put in all the work. Being a model is anything but an easy job, it's something you dedicate yourself to 24/7, as you need to constantly be watching your health and keeping up with the latest trends. In this day and age, you also have to invest time and energy in maintaining an active social media presence, though Jenner has no problem with that, and is among the ten most followed people on Instagram.

Kendall Jenner may not have the same over the top curves as her sisters, but that does little to stop her from also having a curvaceous, albeit thinner body. While her sisters go for a more ostentatious and artificial look, she prefers a bit more minimalism and to look a little more natural. We're not complaining. Diversity is the spice of life and Kendall Jenner is incredibly hot.

For no other occasion than a celebration of Kendall Jenner, we have assembled our twenty favorite modeling photos of hers for your pleasure and enjoyment!

20 The Ultimate V-Neck

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There is so much going on in this photo and we are certainly not complaining. Who knew that elbow length leather gloves could be so sexy and tantalizing? We kinda love the more subtle sensuality that Kendall evokes, which isn't quite as in your face as her sisters. Here she's kinda luring us into a story which just invites us to want to look at it more and more and figure what is going on! While black is often used as a crutch by non-fashionistas to look good effortlessly, Kendall shows off why black doesn't have to be boring, and could actually be edgier.

19 Defying Gravity

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While much slimmer than her stereotypically hourglassed sisters Kylie and Kim, Kendall is still curvaceous in her own right. Not many runway models get away with these kind of curves, and maybe Kendall is doing her little part in shifting perceptions within the modeling world of what kind of bodies they cast (not that she isn't thin). We love the absolute minimalism of what's going on here in terms of her outfits (or lack thereof). The bra and shirt are deceptively low key, and really flatter her slim figure, letting her body shine through.

18 Retro Smiles

via www.vogue.com

As many of us know, a lot of high fashion doesn't rely on smiles, and even on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kendall was always pretty demure. We really love when she smiles, it's a little shy and totally adorable. While not all girls can pull off this more retro looking suit, Kendall fills it out very nicely and looks like she's just ready to have some fun! While Kendall seems to gravitate towards black more than anything else, we wish she'd put on a bit more colour sometimes (only sometimes). Blue, in particular, looks so damn good on her and not everyone can pull that off.

17 S&M Goddess

via www.vanityfair.com

Perhaps we're confessing a little too much when we say that this particular shot inspired a dominatrix fantasy. Costumes like these help us understand a little more the adage that fashion isn't just about selling clothes, it's about selling feelings and ideas. We gotta say, Kendall sells this very, very well. With the slicked back hair and peekaboo style outfit, she is well on her way to our dreams. We love everything about this look and would seriously watch a movie built around this mysterious character. We can easily imagine her as a frightening witch who looks far younger than she is, stealing the souls of handsome young men she entraps in her web.

16 Out of Water

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Kendall has one of those one in a million bikini bods. Obviously the product of a lot of hard work, she also has some good genetics on her side, no doubt. We love her tummy and how her curves balance out her long and elegant limbs. This bright colored bathing suit really suits her olive skin tone as well! This is pretty early in her career and you sort of get a sense that she hasn't fully become comfortable with modeling her face, but we kinda like the less than polished look from her. Hotness is rarely defined by perfection, or else plastic/CGI women would be considered the height of female beauty.

15 The Tease

via www.fashiongonerogue.com

More high fashion than outright hot, this photo has a lot of intrigue and mystery. While if you attend a more liberal college where you'll find trust fund hipsters, this look might not be so unusual, Kendall nonetheless has a kind of warrior traveller thing going on. We can imagine a french fantasy film where she is on a journey through time and space, dressed to the nines and existentially tortured. We love that small tease of having her left slightly peeking out, because as this list will reveal, Kendall has the most amazing legs. Proving very much that you don't need to be in a bikini or even something revealing to be incredibly hot, Kendall wins us over with her eyes.

14 One Horse, Please

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We're not quite sure about the practicalities of this outfit but no need to explain, because we like it. It's a kind of wild beach photo maybe very early in the morning or near dusk when it's a little chilly outside. Don't get us wrong, we can only assume that the Kardashian/Jenner's wealthy upbringing included some horseback riding, but we have some doubts as to the comfort of riding bareback in this particular outfit. Who are we to argue with fashion, though? One of the appeals of Kendall's body is that it seems athletic, and we like to imagine it's because she likes to get out there and have fun, though we wouldn't turn her down as a gym buddy either.

13 No Shirt Required

via www.gq.com

As we've mentioned earlier, we absolutely love Kendall's stomach, like a ridiculous amount. Perfectly toned, she somehow makes belly buttons hotter than we could have ever imagined. This shot inspires so many feelings and we kinda love the shy but defiant eye contact she's making with the camera. Consistently, it seems that Kendall's appeal as a model is her ability to be fierce and vulnerable, all at the same time. We think she totally rocks it! She also looks really great in more natural makeup and keeps things super simple here.

12 Little Star

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This underwear (we presume it's underwear) is pretty weird at first glance, but the more we look at it, the more we think we like it. Maybe it's the texture, maybe it's how the little stars are also spreading onto her skin, but this whole getup is all kinds of adorable. While we don't think getting these stars as a permanent tattoo is anything but an awful idea, they are nice as something temporary and work towards the overall free-spirit vibe. Kendall really shows why brunettes are having a bit of a heyday, and how flexible her dark hair is for a variety of different looks.

11 Tantalizing Orange

via vogue.com

In many ways, Kendall Jenner reminds us of that slightly hotter than reality college girlfriend we all, more or less, have once had. Clearly out of our league and at least a little nuts, she would make us forget all the hard times with looks like these. Kendall's straight out of the shower look puts everyone else's to shame, and this slightly revealing orange sweater sends our imaginations on a wild and crazy adventure. In practice the artificial wet hair look often doesn't quite sell, but we surely love the concept and are we are not complaining.

10 Leather and Chrome

via vogue.com

Back in our punk-goth-grunge days, this photo would have been our everything. While on the surface we would know the image represents capitalism and the fashion establishment that we wanted to take down, those platform boots alone would off play most of our political outrage. We're not sure if it's something embedded in our DNA, but seeing a small girl in a man's leather jacket is maybe the hottest thing in the whole world. The whole thing is brought together with knee high socks, the only socks sexier than thigh highs (oh ya, we went there, fight us).

9 Legs for Days

via stuffpoint.com

Kendall's sisters got curves, Kendall got the legs. When we think models, we think legs for days, and Kendall shows that stereotype to be 100 percent true. Those super high heels give her a bit of lift, but mostly this is all Kendall. Her legs seem to literally defy everything we know about anatomy and we absolutely love it. The legs really overwhelm this photo in the best way possible, but when you start moving up there is even more to like. We really like her shorts, which tease at being slightly sheer. Her expression is unflappable, effortless, cool. While our fantasies make us wish we could date someone like Kylie, we're not sure we'd ever feel adequate walking down the street with her.

8 Alternative Styles

via hypebeast.com

There is so much going on stylistically with this photo, but we kinda understand what they're going for. This is all about textures, from the sweater to the silkier top, metal detailings, lace bordering and smooth stockings. It's an entirely sensual experience that could easily overwhelm a model who can't pull it all together, or lets herself be eclipsed by what she's wearing. Kendall doesn't let that happen and completely owns it. She makes us believe this is just a casual outfit she wears to go buy ramen noodles with at the corner store.

7 The Ultimate One Piece

via insideout.topshop.com

Not only is Kendall Jenner a rocking hot model, she's also an entrepreneur and a good one at that. Along with her sister Kylie, she has launched her own line of fashion, which focuses on making women look and feel their hot, sexy best (at a price, of course). We love this look on Kendall, which makes her seem so much more curvy than we normally think of her as, that shade of dark blue absolutely killing it, too. Actually, we wouldn't mind seeing Kendall in that suit, no matter what color she chooses.

6 Waking Dreams

via www.harpersbazaar.com

One of the more alienating parts of fashion is how ethereal and strange the editorial photo shoots can be sometimes (actually, probably at all times, as it is very rare to see a shoot that doesn't make us question at least one aspect of it). While far from the weirdest fashion we've seen thus far, there is definitely something otherworldly about this particular photo that is a little haunting. In a white room, staring off into some unknown space, we almost wonder if there is something alien at work here.

5 Fierce and Confident

via celebrity.yahoo.com

This photo gives us all the evidence that we ever needed that Kendall was well selected when she was chosen to walk the runway for the prestigious Victoria's Secret fashion show. She embodies that fierce sexiness we've come to expect from the show, selling lingerie and a statement about owning your hotness. We can't completely imagine our girlfriends strapping on this full ensemble, but Kendall Jenner makes it seem really nice in spite of its lack of real world practicalities.

4 Ice Cream and Soul Gazing

via elle.com

Okay, first thing to get out of the way: no one holds their ice cream like this. It doesn't matter if it's frozen solid, just out of the bag and you're in a freezing cold room, you'd never ever hold melting cream on a stick like this unless you don't really want to eat it and hope it drops. That being said, everything about this photo is so ridiculously hot. We love Kendall's deep brown eyes and how she teases her lip with her pinky finger. We've even managed to come to terms with the illogical ice cream holding with our fantasy, believing that she would forego normal human behavior because she's so captured in the moment. We love shots like these because they don't only make it seem as though Kendall is seducing the camera, but that we're seducing her as well.

3 By The Beach

via herbrasize.com

This is old school Kendall who still had that touch of innocent baby face. We love how this shot feels a little bit more candid than many of her other modeling shots with the sun slightly in her eyes. The kind of flowing sheer robe she's wearing blowing in the wind, her hand running through her hair, if we didn't know better we could easily imagine this as a mirage on a hot day.

2 Bed Games

via madureinfo.blogspot.com

Kendall is ridiculously hot, and if, for whatever private reason you're not convinced, this particularly photo should change your mind in an instant. Everything about it screams sex and yet, doesn't feel overtly dirty or offensive. We kinda get the idea that Kendall may be a wild child, in particular behind closed doors, and these photos really support that feeling. We're not quite sure how she can seem so still and so dynamic all at once, but she manages to embody contradictions that leave us only wanting more.

1 All Smiles

via cloudpix.co

Kendall might not get much of an opportunity to smile in her role as a sex-pot editorial fashion spread kitten, but that only makes these more light shoots all the more special. Let's get real guys, as great as those smoldering expressions are, these more natural shots are the ones that are really the best ones. Not only does she look smashing in that bikini, but sends our heart dreaming with her smile. She completely transforms when she looks this happy and it seems few photographers are able to bring out this more sincere, wholesome look. Not that we're complaining about Kendall's less than wholesome shots, but there is something really special about photos that are able to capture her gentler side.

Sources: EOnline, Ranker

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