Top 10 Hottest Redhead Halloween Costumes

Red hair is quite rare. In fact, only 1 to 2% of the human population has red hair. That’s pretty freaking rare. That being said, it’s odd that so many hot fictional characters are redheads. It makes you think that there are loads of hot redheads walking down the street at all times, but unfortunately, there are not.

Since the dawn of movies and television, redheads have been portrayed as fiery seductresses. From Rita Hayworth, who epitomized old Hollywood glamour, to Christina Hendricks, a modern reincarnation of said glamour in today’s world, actresses with red hair stand out and on the screen.

It is no surprise that many famously hot fictional characters are redheads as well, because of the way they stand out on the screen. From super-villains to housewives and from hookers to mermaids, red locks have been the trademark of these sexy fictional characters.

Being that the redhead gene is recessive, it is extremely rare that a woman be born a redhead so some women indulge in this hair color during Halloween. Hell, even Kim Kardashian, a woman known for her long dark hair (except for that time she went blonde) indulged in the chance to be a redhead if only just for one night. There are many costume options when it comes to being a redhead for Halloween. Here are the ten hottest redhead Halloween costumes.

10 Joan Holloway from Mad Men

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Though curves may have been invented before Mad Men, they were certainly perfected by Hendricks' portrayal of Joan Holloway on Mad Men. Of course, this costume does present some difficulty as you have to be born with a curvaceous hourglass figure to truly pull it off. Joan's fire engine red hair was always in a perfect up-do with side bangs. Though she wore many dresses through the years that were curve hugging and short sleeved, her red dress is the most memorable. Top it off with her signature pen necklace and bam, you're Joan Holloway. The sexiness of this outfit doesn't come from skin shown, but rather if you can do the Joan Holloway walk. Walking like Joan Holloway means you'll be the most attractive red head in any room.

9 Ginger Spice from Spice Girls

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Possibly the hottest red head of the 90s was Geri Halliwell, who preformed as Ginger Spice in the Spice Girls. Even though the group that promoted girl power with peace signs and pigtails has since broken up, this costume will live on forever as one of the hottest red head costumes of all time. Dressing up as the saucy Ginger Spice requires the Union Jack Dress, a super mini with the UK flag printed on it. Also, part of the costume is her signature red hair and the red boots. For those that really want to go the extra mile with the costume, black underwear peeking out from the shortest dress in history is also part of the ensemble. Now, that's girl power.

8 Wilma Flintstone from The Flintstones

If you're going to dress as a sexy cave-woman, why not dress as the sexy redhead matriarch of the Flintstone family? The Wilma costume reveals some skin as it is basically just tattered white cloth fashioned into a dress. The costume is topped off with a pearl necklace made out of big white stones and red hair thrown into Wilma's signature bun. The costume is not the hottest on the list, as it straddles between sexy cave-woman and wholesome homemaker but, it is certainly the hottest cave-woman you could dress as.

7 Daphne Blake from Scooby-Doo

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While Daphne Blake did fall into the damsel in distress cliche from time to time, she also held her own by using makeup tools to pick locks and help solve crimes. Sarah Michelle Geller played the fashion obsessed character in the movie adaptation. The Blake costume falls somewhere between a flight attendant and a 60s mod costume so the sexy comes from the shortness of the dress and the length of the legs. The look consists of a long sleeve, very short purple dress, a green scarf tied around her neck and a purple headband in her red hair.

6 Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman

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Pretty Woman was the movie that made Julia Roberts a household name and employed the now cliche trope of the hooker with a heart a gold. Admittedly, this costume can go both ways hair color-wise because when we first see Roberts rocking this outfit, she is also rocking a blonde bob wig. Later in the film, she wears this outfit with her free-flowing curly red hair. The outfit is, of course, the cutout dress with a white top and blue bottom, connected by a metal circle holding the pieces of cloth together. Yeah, the dress is super weird but it shows a lot of skin. Pulling the look together is a red shirt tied around the waist and above the knee boots. Let's all be honest, any costume with above the knee boots is hot. In fact, the costume is so hot that Roberts' niece Emma Roberts rocked the costume herself, going with the blonde bob as opposed to the red hair.

5 Leeloo from The Fifth Element

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Leeloo is the only hot redhead on this list that is from the future. She is also the only redhead from this list that actually isn't really human but rather the fifth element in the form of a perfected human who is on Earth to keep the world safe from the "Great Evil". Okay, so this is all really detailed sci-fi stuff. What you really need to know is that in the beginning of the movie, Leeloo is basically in a white bandage outfit that reveals some serious under-boob. Sure, her white crop top and orange suspender look is sexy too but the bandage outfit shows a lot of skin. Just add a multipass card and you're good to go.

4  4. Black Widow from Avengers 

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Any character played by Scarlett Johansson is bound to make for a sexy Halloween costume, especially if the character in question in a redhead in a black jumpsuit with a dark past. Black Widow is a Marvel character who is one of the world's greatest spies, an orphan and a ballerina. Talk about a character with range. The costume is a black jumpsuit that hugs every single curve, a belt around the waist, a gun and, of course, the red hair.

3 Ariel from The Little Mermaid 

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While Ariel from The Little Mermaid may dress scantily clad, she possesses a certain youthfulness that many characters on this list do not possess. This youthfulness comes from the fact that she's a Disney princess. While dressing as a Disney princess may seem more childish than sexy, let us not forget Kim K. dressed as Jasmine. That being said, Ariel from The Little Mermaid has hotness built right into the costume, which consists of a purple seashell bra, a green mermaid tale and long red hair. Is it a little creepy that this character was famously modeled after a sixteen-year-old Alyssa Milano? Yeah, sure. Is the costume still totally hot? Yes.

2 Poison Ivy from Batman

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Obviously, dressing up like a hot redhead on Halloween is fun. Dressing up like a hot redhead, who just so happens to be an evil villain on Halloween is even more fun. Not only is Poison Ivy a redheaded super-villain but she was also modeled after Bettie Page, the ultimate pinup queen. Whether dressing as the DC Comics cartoon version of Poison Ivy or as Uma Thurman's movie version of Poison Ivy, they both share similar traits: long, flowing red hair, a green jumpsuit or bathing suit styled with leaves. In fact, this a costume so hot that even Kardashian took a whack at dressing as the deadly seductress for Halloween one year.

1 Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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Jessica Rabbit is arguably the sexiest cartoon character ever drawn. Her artist, Richard Williams, calls her "the ultimate male fantasy, drawn by a cartoonist." With her body inspired by Rita Hayworth, her hair inspired by Veronica Lake and her look inspired by Lauren Bacall, there is no doubt that Williams created the ultimate male fantasy. Sure, she may be a "toon human," but that doesn't make her any less attractive. In fact, being a "toon human" may be the reason that she is so attractive as she is drawn with an impossibly exaggerated hourglass figure. The costume consists of arm length purple gloves, a strapless, curve hugging red dress with a slit almost all the way up, and, of course, the red bombshell hair sweeping across half her face. There is nothing hotter than a toon human who looks like that and says things like, "I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way."

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