10 Celebrities Caught Repeating Outfits

While regular individuals might have to save up their salary for awhile before going on a shopping spree, most celebrities have enough disposable income that it’s not really an issue – if they want to go splurge and drop thousands on a few outfits, they can easily do so. From crocodile Hermes Birkin bags to haute couture gowns costing tens of thousands, if they want it, it’s usually theirs for the taking.

Additionally, celebrities are in the public eye so much that designers will often send them clothes for free, just so that they’re seen wearing them and that the designer’s brand is associated with an A-List superstar. Many celebrities have such an influence that, if they’re seen wearing a certain item of clothing, particularly one that the average individual’s budget can afford, it’ll sell out within hours as fans rush to acquire the same dress or jacket that their favorite celebrity was wearing.

With all this in mind, it may seem that celebrities have enormous closets that would never require wearing the same outfit twice. While some celebrities seem to take that mindset, others are far more practical. And let’s be honest – sometimes a certain piece of clothing looks so great, and makes you feel so good, that it would be a shame to only wear it once.

The celebrities who wear the same thing more than once aren’t committing a fashion faux pas – they’re showing that they know their own style, know what looks good on them. It’s both chic and smart.

Here are 10 celebrities who have worn the same outfit more than once.

10 Mindy Kaling


9 Eva Mendes


8 Helen Mirren


7 Kim Kardashian


Ever since she paired up with rapper Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has been pushing her fashion game to the edge, going less hot chick and more haute couture. It seems the current Kim wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the same outfit twice – she even changes up other aspects of her look, as we’ve seen with her recent platinum blonde bob that’s worlds different than her customary long, dark locks. Well, in 2010, her fashion game wasn’t quite as sharp and she fell in love with a certain top. A black, studded Torn by Ronny Kobo top entered her hands and she loved it, wearing it three times in 2010, both on casual outings and on the red carpet.

6 Keira Knightley


If you’re a celebrity, you have to really love an outfit to wear it multiple times, but to repeat an outfit at your very own wedding shows a whole different level of commitment to a certain piece of clothing. Keira Knightley found a strapless baby pink Chanel dress that she absolutely adored, and wore it to an awards dinner in London in 2008. She then stuck it in her closet and didn’t take it out until a whopping 5 years later, when she wore it on her wedding day. Talk about something old! After pulling it out of her closet, she didn’t quite want to retire it yet, so she wore it again (styled slightly differently, over a blouse) at a charity event in 2013.

5 Catherine Zeta Jones


When some celebrities outfit repeat, they’ll make it a bit harder to catch because they’ll style a certain piece of clothing differently. Even if you’re wearing the same dress, having different accessories can dramatically change the way it looks. Actress Catherine Zeta Jones didn’t both with this. She found a combination she loved – a blue Roland Mouret dress and a pair of turquoise heels – and wore the exact same ensemble twice within a span of three months. It certainly makes it easier to put together a great look when you already know which accessories will pair perfectly.

4 Harry Styles


Male celebrities often don’t get the same attention that female celebs do when it comes to clothes, as many of their clothing items are fairly indistinguishable – a male celeb can wear different versions of a dark suit to nearly every premiere and no one blinks an eye. However, One Direction’s British heartthrob Harry Styles had a much more noticeable outfit repeat. On his 19th birthday at London’s The Alibi Club, he wore a Burberry Prorsum button down with a distinctive heart-print. He loved it so much that he wore it with a blazer tossed on top to the London premiere of One Direction: This Is Us.

3 Anna Wintour


2 Michelle Obama


While many first ladies aren’t exactly known for their style (apart from the ultra-chic Jackie Kennedy), Michelle Obama has been setting a new bar by showing up at events in endless stylish outfits. Goodness knows the closets at The White House must be pretty roomy, and designers are probably sending outfits by the dozens with the chance that Mrs. Obama might don one of their creations – after all, anything she does, she’s guaranteed to get a ton of press. However, she knows what she likes, and she’s not afraid to wear it twice – she’s often worn the same dress to more than one event.

1 Kate Middleton


Despite her now royal status, Kate Middleton is a frequent outfit repeater, even though she’s fully aware that anything she puts on will be photographed and seen around the world. One of her favorites is a gorgeous lacy black Temperley London gown. Though she’s stunning in any outfit, the Temperley gown is absolutely perfect on her, and she seems to know it. She first wore it at the UK premiere of War Horse, then a bit more casually at a University of St. Andrews dinner, and finally at a screening of David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive 3D. Something tells me we may not have seen the last of the Temperley gown.

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