Which 10 Celebs Surprisingly Still Live With Mom?

Sometimes it is difficult to visualize celebrities living normal lives, just like the rest of us. But when they are not being surrounded by an entourage of people dedicated to supplying their every need, they are often faced with the reality of having close ties that keep them grounded.

In fact, some of them still live at home or have returned home for a little balancing and tender loving care while others just love living with Mom for that extra added public support.

In some cases, Mom has moved in with them - such as Michelle Obama's and Julia Roberts' mothers, but for the most part we did not include those situations. We wanted to isolate the list to those who live at their parent's home. Bradley Cooper is our exception, but his story is so sweet and poignant, we wanted to include him on the list.

Check out this interesting list of ten and see what you think. If you still live at home, take heart - even the wealthiest of celebrities are doing it - so can you!

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10 Rafael "Rafa" Nadal - Tennis Player

Via: rafaelnadalfans.com

The 28-year old tennis pro darling is a humble, family man who openly loves his parents. In fact, he loves living in Argentina and actually resides in a wing of the family home. The home is hardly a shack, however, so he loves its modern comforts, the seaside location, and still has the freedom of living on his own. He also loves the fact that living at home keeps him grounded and away from the ego-boosting crowds.

9 Bradley Cooper - Actor

Via: www.cinemarx.ro

In 2011, Bradley Cooper's father, Charles, passed away while Bradley was in the room. The actor has stated many times that watching his father die changed everything. Ever since, he has been living with his mother as a comfort for both of them. Bradly told Details Magazine, "My family is very close, and my dad dying was brutal for all of us. It was a schism, and its aftershock has not stopped."

Bradley's mother, Gloria, moved into his home in L.A. and they have been together since. Things could change for the actor, as it seems Bradley's interest in dating 22-year-old Suki Waterhouse has increased enough to take her home to meet his mother. Stay tuned.

8 Demi Lovato - Singer

Via: galleryhip.com

Former Disney star, Demi Lovato has had her share of addictions, partying and eating disorders. The good news is she has gone down the rabbit hole and managed to come back out on top. It seems she has gotten all of those reckless behaviors out of her system. In fact, she's practically become a poster child for encouraging teens and fans to take life the way it comes - straight. She is now a pillar of confidence and strength and wants the world to see it can be done.

Her Sherman Oaks home was actually a gift she gave to her mother on her 18th birthday. When she is not touring, this is where she plants her roots.

7 Taylor Lautner - Actor

Via: womensvoicesforchange.org

Hunky Taylor Lautner, at last report, still lives with his family in Santa Clarita, California, which is about 30-minutes from downtown L.A. Although he is reported to be looking for his own place, he has publicly announced that, "It's quiet and nice. My friends and family keep me grounded." Reports have it that he still takes out the garbage.

6 Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag - Reality Stars

Via: www.mirror.co.uk

This poorly publicized couple has not had the best luck in recent years. After being fairly successful in the reality television world, they ended up quite broke and having to live with Spencer's parents. The couple explains that they spent it as quickly as it was made. Spencer was reported as saying, "I probably spent a million dollars on suits and fancy clothes." Heidi also lamented, "I should have known growing up and not having money ever that I should have kept every dollar I had."

The couple is now co-starring in a new reality show Marriage Bootcamp and since they are living with Spencer's parents, it should provide an interesting twist.

5 Amanda Bynes - Actress

Via: www.eonline.com

Child star, Amanda Bynes, has has put a few rocky roads behind her. After having a breakthrough success at an early age, she began to follow in the footsteps of Lindsay Lohan by becoming known for succumbing to many of the same childish Hollywood misbehaviors and antics. After a series of arrests for drinking while driving, possession of marijuana, tampering with evidence and more, Bynes was hospitalized.

At the end of last year, Amanda was released from treatment and sent to the home of her parents. She had agreed to treatment, but just recently she was popped back into a Pasadena hospital after tweeting that her father had sexually abused her as a child. She later retracted the statements as false. She is under psyche hold for a few more days and then will be released again into her parent's custody. Very sad and very hard to get a handle on what is going on in this young celebrity's head.

4 Jennifer Lawrence - Actress

Via: www.nydailynews.com

3 Selena Gomez - Singer and Actress

Via: www.ryanseacrest.com

2 Kristen Stewart - Actress

Via: hollywoodlife.com

In 2012, Kristen Stewart and her mother bought a $4.8 million home on Malibu beach after the reports of her affair with director Rupert Sanders. She had been living with co-star Robert Pattinson, however moved on after that well-publicized indiscretion.

She and her mother, Jules, now share a five bedroom, 5,800 sq ft property together. The story is that the home is in her mother's name, but she lives there and contributes to their joint living costs. The girls are both single, as Jules divorced Kristen's father John after 27 years together.

1 Kim Kardashian - Reality Star

Via: www.posh24.com

The Kardashian family has always been a unit and up until recent years they all lived as one happy family under one roof. Well, as the girls got married and pregnant, they moved out one-by-one. Kim Kardashian has been more of a staple at Kris Jenner's home and now that she is married with child, she finally has a plan to move out.

After all, the new couple of Kim and Kanye want their own love nest. Rumors have it that Kim keeps finding reasons to stay. One reason might be that they have stopped renovations on their Bel Air mansion because they weren't happy with the results to-date.

The other reports are that Kris does everything for Kim, so the young mother does not have to move a muscle. Although that is not that uncommon for mothers of young mothers, right? All new mothers can use a little help and if the husband is not around much, it's not a bad arrangement.

In the meantime, they have put their new home on the market and will eventually be looking for a new one.

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