Ideas For Those Who Need To Spend $1 Million In An Hour

Accumulating money is one of the hardest tasks anyone can decide to undertake especially if you are starting with nothing. If you have some capital to invest, that’s another different ballgame altogether. If you are talking about saving consistently for years, prepare yourself for tough times ahead. This explains why many people work for decades and still retire broke. It takes money to make money.

According to most millionaires, the first million is usually the hardest to make. After that, things become easier if you maintain discipline and invest wisely. In this article, our focus will be on how to spend a million dollars in an hour. Forget about how to make that million for a second. You have $1 million right now. All you need to do is spend it. What would you buy?

Of course there are tonnes of things which cost a million. Your biggest task would therefore be making a wise purchasing decision. Such a decision would be guided by the value you get for your money. In this article, we will attempt to rank purchases according to the value they offer. A good purchase will offer you value for money i.e. the item you buy is meaningful, won’t depreciate in value with time, not risky e.t.c.

It is however important to note that everyone has their own tastes and preferences. This article will therefore try ranking purchases according to popular belief or universal truths i.e. although buying a million dollar coconut brandy makes sense to some people, it doesn’t make sense to most people. Below is a list of some of the things you can buy if you needed to spend $1 million in an hour or less.

10 $1 Million Mendis Coconut Brandy

As crazy as it sounds, there is a bottle of alcohol let alone a bottle of brandy that costs a million bucks. Even crazier, there are people who actually buy it. Why? Some people would do anything to stand out even if it means spending crazy amounts of money on drinks like the Mendis coconut brandy which is the world’s 1st clear premium brandy. It is however important to note that you get more than a bottle of the best brandy in the world when you buy Mendis coconut brandy. Every purchase comes with a luxury trip and personal security to protect you and your purchase. Even if this is the case, many people still insist there are better ways of spending a million dollars.

9 $1 Million Dollar DKNY Perfume

If you thought spending a million on brandy was insane, think again.  There is a special perfume out there in the market that costs a million bucks. It is important to note that scent is a very important part of a person's personality. At least that’s what many fashion conscious people say. Even if this is the case for everyone, you don’t need to spend a million to get a good scent. There are very many designer perfumes out there in the market costing a few hundred dollars let alone a $1,000.

However, if you really wanted to buy the most exclusive perfume in the world, you can do so for a million bucks. If you are wondering what you will get in return for a million on perfume, here is a breakdown; the scent of course, a costly bottle with 2,909 precious stones from all over the world i.e. 4.03 carat Pear-Shape Rose Cut Diamond, a 7.18 carat cabochon sapphire (from Sri Lanka), Australian Vivid Pink Diamonds and much more. This purchase makes more sense than the million dollar coconut brandy if consider selling the precious stones once you are done with the perfume.

8 A Luvaglio Laptop

The $1 million Luvaglio laptop takes technology to a whole new level. If you happen to be a gadget fanatic and you wanted to spend a million bucks on something that will interest you, perhaps you should consider buying the Luvaglio laptop. This laptop brings technology and luxury together in the most insane way. This is considering some of the laptop’s notable features i.e. a diamond encrusted power button, anti-reflective coating among other hi-end specs. There you go tech enthusiast. Your $1 million will be no more after you buy a Luvaglio laptop.

7 Million dollar Baldi-Harrods bathtub

It doesn’t get more luxurious than this purchase when talking about bathroom accessories. This tub however makes sense if you have a home worth ten times more the price of the Baldi-Harrods bathtub. This shouldn’t however stop you from making this purchase. If the bathtub will make you happy in your $100,000 apartment, feel free to buy and install the one million Baldi-Harrods bathtub. The bathtub is made using a special rock crystal found in the Amazon forest. It took Italian design company Baldi a record 6 months to design the Baldi-Harrods bathtub. Nothing more needs to be said.

6 Hublot’s Big Bang watch

If you are more of an accessories person, perhaps you should consider spending your $1 million on one of Hubolt’s most exclusive watches; the Big Bang chronograph watch. This watch isn’t your everyday watch. It has hundreds of diamonds giving it its signature clear elegant look. It doesn’t get more expensive than this when you want to spend a $1 million on a watch. It is however advisable to have equally expensive outfits, cars and houses to go with the watch. You will also need tight security if you want to walk around public places wearing the watch.

5 The GinzaTanaka platinum purse

This purchase is for ladies or men interested in giving their ladies a special treat. If you are looking for one of the most exclusive purses in the market, perhaps you should consider buying the one million dollar GinzaTanaka platinum purse. This purse is a dime piece for rich fashionistas looking for the rarest possessions. The GinzaTanaka platinum purse commands such a high price tag because it studded with diamonds (2,182 diamonds to be precise) weighing 208 carats on a platinum base. Nothing more needs to be said. Considering the original purse costs $1.63 million, you would have to request for a custom-made purse with less diamonds if you have $1 million flat to spend.

4 Million dollar Cessna Sky catcher aircraft

A Cessna Sky catcher is an ideal purchase if you love flying and you have a million dollars only to spend on an aircraft. You however need to take into account you need tens of thousands of dollars every year to service, fuel and insure your new purchase. You may also need to pay for flying lessons if you are not a pilot already.  All in all, this purchase makes more sense to many ordinary folks if you will consider hiring out your aircraft.

3 Pagani Huayra supercar

If you are more of a car than a plane/aircraft enthusiast, you can consider buying the one million dollar Pagani Huayra supercar. This Italian supercar sets the standards for speed, luxury and efficiency in supercars. The Pagani Huayra supercar features a 12 cylinder engine with two turbo chargers capable of producing 700 horsepower. When you consider the fact that only 18 Pagani Huayra supercars were produced last year, you understand why this purchase makes sense to a supercar enthusiast with a million dollars to spend in an hour.

2 The Jeune Femme a L’Ombrelle painting

The Jeune Femme a L’Ombrelle painting popularly known as the lady with the umbrella painting is an 1868 impressionist painting by Auguste Renoir. This painting is the perfect masterpiece for an art lover looking for ''reasonably'' priced artwork done by a master. It doesn’t get better than this painting is you are an art lover with a million bucks to spend in an hour. When you consider the fact that artwork appreciates greatly in value over time, you can understand why this painting is one of the most ideal purchases in this list.

1 A New York City apartment

Nothing beats owning a home in one of the best cities in the world. The sense of accomplishment and peace of mind you get is priceless. This is precisely why this purchase tops this list. According to most people, buying a luxury home is one of the best ways to spend newly found riches/wealth. You can get many apartments in New York City with a million dollars. The apartments feature views of the Hudson River, statue of liberty and downtown Manhattan. Nothing more needs to be said. If owning a home/apartment in the best cities in the world is your dream, this purchase is the most ideal for you in this list.

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