Top 12 Places You Need To Have Sex Before You Die

As soon as we first start dating, we wonder about sex, what will it feel like, will we love it or hate it. But as you become older, sex becomes simple. You may enjoy sex with someone you deeply love or just with someone that you want to have some fun with. Either way, the bed remains the place where the magic happens and that does not change for most people. The problem is that some long-term couples can find sex repetitive after a couple of years .

So what do you do? Widen your horizons.

The best thing about sex is that, as long as your always being safe, you can change it up and recreate the thrill you felt the first time you had sex. This list is about causing your mind to race with excitement about all of the possible places you can venture to in order to spice up your sex life. Changing up the location can easily bring the spice back into your life and maybe save your relationship. For those of you who are sexually satisfied, you can also take a look and see which places you should try out next.

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12 Waterfall

Romantic, exotic and beautiful. Those are words that can describe waterfall sex in the basic terms. Whether the jungle area surrounds it or not, it would make you feel like you have found paradise on earth and will create the mood for a sensual encounter that will leave you breathless and hoping for more. If it is in the daytime with the sun shining down on you or at night with the moon and stars above you, there is nothing that will match the perfect happiness and enjoyment of sex then with a waterfall as your setting.

11 Plane

Some clubs are famous and the mile high club is no exception. To anyone who has been on a plane and had to suffer the agony of sitting and waiting for the long flight to end while watching the in-flight movie, why not make it exciting? Washrooms on a plane may not be big but that just means you use the space to your advantage and have yourself a fun ride while others wait, just make sure there isn't a 10 person lineup waiting to use the loo.

10 Beach

Beaches are no longer just a place to bring your family for the day, everyone is welcome and some beaches even cater to unique and specific interests. Some beaches are topless, some allow for you to be fully nude and some of the nicest beaches in the world provide these options.

When you think about lying in the sun all day, drinking and enjoying the ocean waves, the thought of being by the beach is appealing to almost everyone. The sun makes us feel sexy and nothing better than to get it on while you are feeling hot and sexy. Find a private little area for your and your special someone and enjoy a little more than what the beach has to offer.

9 Car Hood

When you are young and in love, places you can have sex can sometimes be limited. Many couples have found places to park and enjoy a steamy makeup session in their car and some even enjoy having sex in the car. But have you ever thought of getting it on outside on the hood of the car? It may sound a little crazy but then again, all fun things can be.

Day or night, put on some good music and get wild on the hood of your car. Enjoy the sun shining down on your or the nights sky above you, this is going to be an experience to remember.

8 Elevator

How many times have you thought about sex while taking the elevator. Have you ever been standing across from someone sexy and thought about that steamy session you two could have on that elevator ride? Part of the fun in having sex on an elevator is that most of us think about the risk of getting caught. But don't worry about that, next time you and your partner are taking the elevator, take some time to get wild, it might just be the spice you need in your relationship.

7 Stadium

People go to stadiums to enjoy a good game but why not go there to play a game of your own? A stadium has many options as to where you could go to enjoy sexy session. Bathrooms, upper seats and VIP rooms are just some of the places where you and someone could enjoy the visit, instead of just watching the game.

The best thing about having sex in a stadium is the loud crowd that can help drown out the noise, just make sure you aren't anywhere that can be caught by the cameras.

6 Rooftop

Dinner on the roof can be one of the most romantic places to have a date. But sex on the roof can beat most most spots because of the privacy and views.All you need is a nice clear sky and something comfy to lay on and you have a setting for a nice love making session.

What makes this option so appealing is the privacy you have all while being outside which feels so free and open. Let loose and enjoy yourselves this can surely be a session to remember.

5 A Park

A wooded area or a park can be a wonderful place to have a date. The remoteness of the location mixed in with the natural beauty makes this serene place a nice venue for a passionate couple. Find a safe spot that the both of you can lay down a blanket and enjoy being alone yet outside together. This moment can be among your most intimate sessions due to the fact that its just the two of you and nature.

4 Boat

The ocean rocking you back and forth while you are either out on the deck or below, can always make sex on a boat a very fun time. The great thing about this is the privacy you have when you are out at sea, from a big yacht or a simple boat, you are set for good times no matter what.

You have options when you decide to get hot and heavy on a boat. You can get wild on the deck and enjoy the breeze, the sky and the water that surrounds you. You can also decide to bring the session below deck where you will truly feel the ocean waves. Either spot, a boat is a great spot to get it on.

3 Theater

Like the first time you have sex, you hope no one will walk in and ruin the moment.Well that is the same feeling you will get from a quickie in a theater. With the dark room and loud movie playing, this is a sure spot to get away with a fun sex session. Just make sure to keep the noise level down or you will surely be embarrassed when the film breaks to a silent part.

2 Fireplace And Wine

Wether you are staying in a big city or at the cottage for the weekend, this spot is amazing for any couple looking for a cozy hookup session. This scenario is great for winter but can even be appreciated in summer. Lay down next to the fireplace and make sure to have a thick cozy carpet beneath you or a fluffy blanket. To add to the fun you can grab a couple glasses of wine and turn the music on, and then get it on. Doesn't get more romantic than this, not to mention the cozy factor will be a ten.

1 Shower/Hot Tub/ Ocean

These spots can be warm, steamy and wet, any couple looking to get intimate in a new setting should consider the following locations. The shower is a fun spot for a sexual escapade because it can start out playful but then evolve into something that gets the heart pounding and the blood flowing. A hot tub can create the wonderful feeling that you are floating on a cloud with the bubbles and warmth adding to the pleasure. The ocean is freeing, wild and exciting, this makes for a great place to have a quickie. Enjoying some intimacy in any of the above locations can be some of the most exciting places to get it on.

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