Top 10 Myths About Female Sexuality

Human sexuality is a subject that will never stop being discussed. Everyday, we learn something new about it, and scientists are not done exploring this field. From the mechanics of our bodies to what's going on in our minds when we are aroused, every sphere of human desire is carefully studied.

Male desire, for example, has been calculated and facts concerning it are well-known to most people. We've read articles, even watched documentaries about it. However, when it comes to female sexuality, in many fields, we are clueless. Part of this ignorance is found in the fact we've censored female sexuality for centuries and it is only recently that we started to admit women have needs, too; however, part of our lack of understanding lies in the complexity of its mechanics.

Of course, not understanding something will give birth to different beliefs and myths that can or cannot be true. From habits to thoughts, we've created quite a lot of stories around female sexuality that are based on our lack of knowledge. This said, I found 10 well-known myths about women's sexuality and will explain if they are true, or not.

10 Women Want Fewer Partners

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It is known that men (not all of them, but most of them) like to brag about being real alphas and getting a bunch of partners. But when it comes to women, we tend to believe that they want to have fewer partners and be more conservative about their sex lives.

According to Psychology Today, it's not necessarily true that they want less partners, but they do have less than men because males tend to exaggerate how many conquests they had. When participants for a study were asked how many partners they really wanted, both men and women answered "one". Also, when males state their real number of partners, they come down to about the same as females. This makes this myth both false and true.

9 Women Think About Sex Less Often Than Men

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They say a man thinks about sex every seven seconds, and women never think about sex. Being a female and having quite a few female friends, I can tell you right from the start that this isn't true. But let's take a professional look at this myth.

Psychology Today researched this myth in 2011 and found out that it is true for college students: males think more often about sex, food and sleep than college girls. Could it be because of the hormones? WebMD obtained similar results for men and women under 60 years old: men have stronger and more forward sex drives than women. About 25 per cent of women think as often about sex than a male of the same age. Because female desire is strongly influenced by social norms, women tend to censor themselves, including their minds. This myth is true.

8 Women Orgasm Less Often Than Men


A female's orgasm is something difficult to understand and explain, even when you're a woman. There's a popular myth that says women don't reach their peak of pleasure very often and end up "faking it" to satisfy their men.

Psychology Today reports that in committed relationships, men and women experience as many orgasms because male are more attentive to their partner's needs. According to WebMD, the thing with female satisfaction is that it's different from men's. The magazine says males reach their peaks in about four minutes and female need around 11 minutes. Plus, women can experience many different orgasms that male cannot. Basically, a man can get satisfaction two to three times while a woman reaches one orgasm, but it will last longer and she can have more than one right after the other. However, if you look at the numbers, this myth is true.

7 Women Don't Like Casual Intercourse

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One night stands are common in our society. However, we believe this is a guy thing, and that women do it in order to eventually get a boyfriend. But is it true?

According to Psychology Today, 70 per cent of men will accept an offer for casual sex versus zero percent for women unless: the guy presents himself as boyfriend material; they believe they will not get stigmatized and labelled as "sluts" if they accept. If these two requirements are met, 70 per cent of women will accept to have casual sex. As explained before, female desire is strongly linked to how society perceives it. So do women dislike casual sex? This myth is false.

6 Women Don't Watch Porn

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Only men watch porn, we know that. Or is it true? Lots of women don't, that I know by asking around, but some women like to watch pornography. But then again, let's see what the professionals say.

Cosmopolitan surveyed 4,000 men and 4,000 women to know what habits we have when it comes to watching pornography. It seems that between the ages of 18 and 24, women watch more porn than men (73.7 per cent versus 23.7 per cent), but starting at 25, males take the lead. Also, single women watch more porn than single men, and it's the opposite when in a relationship. Overall, males will watch more pornography in their lifetime than females, but it doesn't change the fact that this myth is false.

5 Women Don't Initiate Sex

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Browsing the web, I found countless articles revolving "How to make your woman initiate sex." It seems to be a problem that a lot of couples face, but why exactly do females tend not to initiate intimacy with their partners? Or, better yet, is this myth even true?

I read many articles to get a grip on this phenomenon and it seems to go like this: at the beginning of a relationship, men initiate and want more sex than women. But as the relationship gets stronger, women initiate sex more often than men. It goes with the idea that the more intimacy both partners share together, the more the man learns how to satisfy his girlfriend, making the woman more willing to initiate sex as the relationship progresses.  As such, there are arguments to prove this myth is both true and false.

4 Women Need An Emotional Attachment

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It has always been believed that women need to be emotionally attached to a partner for sex to happen. Though it is true for some, it's false for others. We tend to accept the fact that men need sex like they need to eat, and women don't need sex; they want it when they're emotionally involved with someone. Biologically-speaking, both genders will need sex at some point in their lives in order to reproduce. However, both genders will also want to be emotionally engaged to the right person, making them want to have intercourse in the first place. And as it was proven before, about 70 per cent of men and women would accept casual sex. Therefore, I think we can say that women don't necessarily need emotional attachment to engage in these activities. This myth is false.

3 Women Don't Have Weird Fantasies

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We seem to think that only men have weird fantasies. Women are more conservative, we believe. But let me tell you that this is not true.

I already wrote an article about this and, really, women think about different things than your average, soft BDSM. From zoophilia to water sports, there is a variety of fantasies that live in most women's heads. Sometimes, females look conservative and frigid because you don't have the right approach with them, or you're not attentive enough to their needs. This doesn't mean she doesn't have a "freaky" side. That being said, this myth is false.

2 Every Woman Has A G-Spot

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The famous G-Spot. Some believe it's not even there, others claim that it is the key to female sexual pleasure. Is it true?

First, all women have a G-Spot. Yes, all of them. However, according to Reader's Digest best health mag, it's not a spot, but a non-anatomical (which means there's no organ) zone inside the vagina that can be sensitive to stimulation. Every woman is built differently and it is possible that yours does not respond to stimulation of this area, or that it makes her lose her mind. Science understands very little about female pleasure and they don't fully know what the G-Spot does to women, exactly. So this myth is true: all women have a G-Spot.

1 Women Can All Learn To Ejaculate

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Just like the G-Spot, female ejaculation has been the subject of much debate in the scientific community. Some people affirm this phenomenon doesn't even exist. Others think that all women can learn to do it.

First, scientists have analyzed what's in the liquid that some females "squirt."  It's a mix of prostatic secretions (coming from the female prostate), and a very small portion of urine, according to Women's Health Mag. Now, for a female to be able to ejaculate, she'd need to be really aroused and succeed at building up an internal pressure all the while relaxing muscles to eject this liquid. It's something really hard to imagine, and even harder to do. Therefore, this myth is false. Not all women can learn how to ejaculate.

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