Top 10 Celebrities With Hobbies You'd Never Expect

Some people enjoy re-enacting old wars. Others engage in duct tape art (I checked, that’s a real thing). And some people get a kick out of catching javelins out of midair. Hobbies are extracurricular activities that help us get through the day-to-day in life. There are all types of indoor and outdoor hobbies. We use hobbies as an escape; as a distraction from the world. Some of us like to ride bikes and play sports. Others enjoy music and movies.

Hobbies not only can be fun, they can have benefits to your mental health as well. They can be immensely beneficial to the elderly in particular. Studies have found that hobbies help keep the mind sharp and can aid in staving off such illnesses as dementia and Alzheimer’s. In addition to health, hobbies can become life-long activities that bring people together. Two people who share in activities tend to have longer staying power than those who have separate interests.

Hobbies can be so much more than just a little fun on the side. Their appeal is not only restricted to the human race, celebrities also get in on the hobby act. Celebrities are sort of people, too, and like us normal folk, they enjoy a variety of hobbies. Some of their hobbies are considered more the norm, while others engage in different kinds of unexpected activities. There are celebrities who get a bit more eccentric with their hobbies. We all have the friend that likes to do weird things in weird places. But celebrities live a different kind of lifestyle and can afford things the average individual cannot. So it makes sense that some celebrities have, how can we say, more interesting hobbies that in some cases are quite strange to say the least.

Here is a list of the Top 10 celebrities with hobbies you'd never expect.

10 Snooki - Producing Music

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The star of the Jersey Shore and Snooki and Jwoww shows has become a household name and a punchline. She also has managed to use her celebrity to become a name brand as an author (at least co-author), and has appeared on a variety of television shows. When Snooki, born Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi, isn’t making money off her MTV brand, she enjoys creating music. It’s true. Snooki’s next goal is to take the music world by storm. The MTV star enjoys creating jams on her computer and is just getting started. Heads up Pauly D, your former cast mate just may challenge you to a DJ-battle in Atlantic City soon!

9 Justin Bieber - Rubik's Cubes

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8 Ricky Gervais - Painting

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7 Shailene Woodley - Makes Organic Household Items

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The Divergent and Insurgent star plays a character in her movie series that is talented and showcases many exceptional abilities. When Woodley's not flying through the sky and solving complex dreams with her mind, she is a bit of an Amish at heart. The actress enjoys making everything from her toothpaste to body lotion, to face oils and even medicine. That’s right, she truly is divergent. And if Woodley’s acting career takes a dive, she always can step into the pharmaceutical industry! I hear there’s a lot of money there.

6 Tom Cruise - Fencing

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Just the name alone speaks volumes and makes your mind wander to all kinds of topics. From strange marriages to equally odd divorces, Cruise has seen and done it all. In addition to his rocky personal life, the actor is also a worldwide action star. His movies have grossed billions of dollars. Even off the movie sets, Cruise has a need for speed! One of his favorite hobbies is fencing. The competition and athletic endurance involved keeps Cruise’s mind and body as sharp as ever. And despite being in his 50s, Tom still delivers at the box office just as well as he does with a small, pointy sword.

5 Bob Barker - Karate

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The Price is Right game show host is not only great at providing afternoon naps to millions of senior citizens, he also happens to be an expert at karate. That’s right, Bob Barker is a martial arts guru. Back in the day, Barker trained with Chuck Norris. He showed off his skills in the feature film, Happy Gilmore, where he put Adam Sandler in his place. It’s a stern lesson for any unruly Price is Right contestants and animal abusers. Bob Barker is a human weapon; proceed with caution.

4 Johnny Depp - Plays With Barbies

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Ah, Pirate Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp started his career on 21 Jump Street, where he played an undercover detective attending high school. The role playing of undercover detective wasn’t Johnny’s first rodeo. In fact, he enjoyed a different kind of role playing as a child. The Pirates of the Caribbean star revealed that he enjoys playing with Barbie Dolls. You’re probably thinking this is a strange and disturbing hobby for a grown man. But in actuality, it gets even weirder. Depp intimated to Jimmy Kimmel and his millions of watchers at home that he plays with the Barbie’s to practice his characters. He used them to help create the voices of Willy Wonka and Jack Sparrow as he played with his daughter, Lily-Rose. All I can say is those are some freaky voices to use with Barbie Dolls.

3 David Arquette - Knitting

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2 Taylor Swift - Makes Snow Globes

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Swift is a superstar in every way. She has been a successful actress (sort of) and more importantly, she is a hit-turning songstress. Born on December 13, 1989 in Reading Pennsylvania, Swift was actually named after singer James Taylor. Taylor has established herself as THE pop and country star in the world; a cross-over sensation that sells millions of records as casually as normal people breathe.

And when she isn’t pounding out pop hit after pop hit, she enjoys the fine art of making snow globes and jam. During the holiday season, the singer enjoys posting Christmas-themed snow globes on her Instagram feed. In addition to snow globes, the craftswoman makes homemade jam. And naturally, she sticks pictures of cats on each jar. So for all those Swift family members, gear up and get ready for another round of snow globes and homemade cat-stamped jam this holiday season! Hope you like blackberry!

1 Angelina Jolie-Pitt - Knife and Dagger Collector

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The award-winning actress and daughter of acclaimed actor, Jon Voight, married her long-time beau, Brad Pitt. She met Pitt on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and, thus, the dynamic Brangelina was born. Long before Jolie-Pitt became well-known for collecting children all around the world with Pitt, she enjoyed a collection of a different kind; weapons. In particular, the actress collected daggers and knives. She liked to collect weapons as a little girl. Not only does Jolie-Pitt like to collect the daggers and knives, but she knows how to use them. She showed off her knife skills live on Late Night With Conan O’Brien! Needless to say, if I’m Brad Pitt, I’m very, very careful with what I say and do at home. Keep away from the nanny and the knives will stay in their boxes where they belong.

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