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Top 10 Billionaire Owned Hotels

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Top 10 Billionaire Owned Hotels

Billionaires have so much money they can fund capital intensive property investments from their own pockets. Where most people would combine forces or take out loans, billionaires have the money to go all in alone. In this article, our focus will be on billionaire owned hotels. Because billionaires are not cash strapped, expect these hotels to be among if not the best in the world. You should also expect these hotels to offer the best services as well as feature the most expensive fittings. You should also expect these hotels to have extraordinary tastes and preferences. Any amenities you can think of and much more can be found in these hotels.

The hotels we will feature below are located in some of the most prime locations in the world, surely at the top of most vacation destination lists. It is important to note that all can’t be ranked fairly because they are all extraordinary in their own right. Also, because different people have different preferences, it wouldn’t be accurate to rank which hotel is better than the other. This is precisely why we will focus on the net worth of the billionaires who own them among other things like daily rates, facilities and estimated revenue. If you are interested in discovering some of the best hotels in the world, you are in the right place.

Below are 10 billionaire owned hotels.

Fun Fact: According to more people visit the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas than visit Venice itself! Then again Las Vegas has more visitors per year than all of Great Britain.

10. The Plaza Hotel – New York 

The Plaza Hotel is undoubtedly one of the most popular billionaire owned landmark hotels in the world. The Plaza Hotel is owned by Israeli billionaire Yitzhak Tshuva who has a current net worth of $2.2 billion according to the latest Forbes estimates. The Plaza Hotel has set standards for luxury for over 100 years. The hotel is a timeless elegance testament in New York. Located at the heart of New York City, this multi-million dollar hotel stands 250 ft tall and 400 ft in length. The hotel has 20 storeys acting as a luxurious heaven for hotel guests. You shouldn’t expect nothing but the best when you stay in the Plaza Hotel. The hotel offers the best service i.e. white-glove service, luxury retail shopping, gourmet dining and over a century worth of history which makes guests have an unforgettable experience. No wonder the hotel charges over $700 a night for a suite.

9. Ritz Carlton Chicago


The Ritz Carlton Hotel Chicago is owned by one of Chicago’s wealthiest men; Neil Bluhm who has an estimated net worth of $2.5 billion. The hotel is world-class in every aspect. It is located at the heart of Chicago’s best/most exclusive locations; the magnificent mile. Each room in the hotel features cheery wood furniture as well as Spanish marble baths. This is thanks to the recent $50 million makeover. The hotel also features a 4 lane temperature controlled lap pool, a bar, a restaurant and event space which is enveloped by windows. The hotel has a total 89 ultra luxurious residences that range from 1,400 square feet 1 bedroom homes to 6,500 square feet grand penthouses. The hotel also has a full floor private club for its guests and residents. Each home features private recessed balconies and high ceilings. When talking about luxury hotels in Chicago, it doesn’t get better than the Ritz Carlton.

8. Las Ventanas – Mexico 


American billionaire Ty Warner owns the Las Ventanas hotel in Mexico. Ty Warner made his money as a business man and toy manufacturer. He is currently worth $2.6 billion according to the latest Forbes estimates. The Las Ventanas is undoubtedly the best Mexican romantic getaway. It has 71 suites and a dozen private terraces which overlook the Sea of Cortez. The hotels rooms are decorated with candles and rose petals giving honeymooners the ultimate romantic experience. The hotel also has a tequila master who offers the Mexican high-end sommelier version. It doesn’t get more romantic than the Las Ventanas when you are in Mexico or many other parts of the world. No wonder a suite will cost you over $500 per night.

7. Trump International Hotel – New York 


This is another top billionaire owned hotel. The name Trump is synonymous with the best commercial real estate properties in the world. Donald Trump popularly known as Trump is worth $3.5 billion according to the latest Forbes estimates. He is an American real estate developer, TV personality and author. His hotel Trump International Hotel is one of the best in New York. It offers one of the best hotel experiences from Manhattan’s bustle. The hotel has world-class amenities and fittings. For instance, the lobby features chandeliers and marble up to the hotels homey guestrooms. Room service is offered by the best chefs in New York. No wonder booking a suite for the night costs over $700.

6. Singita Grumeti Reserves – Tanzania


The Singita Grumeti hotel is owned by American billionaire Paul Tudor who is the founder of Tudor Investment Corporation. Paul Tudor is worth $3.7 billion according to the latest Forbes estimates. His resort is estimated to be worth a few hundred millions. Singita Grumeti is definitely one of the best hotels in Tanzania. Paul Tudor decided to build Singita Grumeti after he bought a problematic piece of land in Tanzania in 2003. An excellent idea came to him to turn the land into one of the best luxury safari hotels in Africa and that’s exactly what he did. The hotel is at the heart of Africa’s untamed/natural wilderness featuring luxury amenities which offer one of the best Safari camping experiences. Guests at the hotel can dine luxuriously as they watch one of the wonders of the world: the wild beast migration. It doesn’t get better than Singita Grumeti when you want to have the most luxurious safari experience in the world featuring wild beast migrating. The hotel has a tent camp and 2 lodges. Prices start from $850 to thousands of dollars for a single night.

5. French Lick Hotel and Casino – India 


French Lick Hotel and Casino is owned by U.S billionaire William Cook. He has an estimated net worth of $4.5 billion. He bought the hotel in the 1990’s and transformed it using $450 million into one of the best resorts in India and the world at large. The hotel has all the amenities you can think of in a world class resort. For instance, the hotel has its own golf course designed by Donald Russ himself. The hotel also features a 42,000 square foot casino, a spa and numerous eating venues. You couldn’t ask for a better hotel in India that features world class service and the best things money can buy.

4. Carlton Hotel – St. Moritz


The Carlton Hotel is another world class luxury hotel owned by a billionaire. Swiss retail mogul Karl-Heinz Kipp owns the Carlton Hotel. Kipp has an estimated net worth of  $5.1 billion. The hotel is located in St. Moritz which is at the center of the best Ski resorts in Europe, among the most luxurious hotels in that area. Each hotel suite in the Carlton Hotel overlooks the lake. Guests enjoy a variety of amenities i.e. helicopter transfers, private shoppers and personal limousines. The hotel also features 2 gourmet restaurants offering some of the best French and Swiss Asian cuisine choices. It doesn’t get better than the Carlton Hotel when you want to enjoy your holiday in one of the best resorts in Europe.

3. Fancourt Hotel and Country – South Africa


This hotel is owned by Germany’s richest man; Hasso Plattner. Hasso is worth $8.9 billion according to the latest Forbes estimate. The hotel is located in South Africa. Hasso Plattner bought the hotel back in 1994. He later revamped it making it one of the best hotels in the world. Guests from all over the world flock the hotel every year to enjoy the world class service and amenities. The hotel features a world-class golf course which hosts 3 top rated golf championships in the world. The Fancourt Hotel and Country also features 6 gourmet restaurants as well as a tropical garden famous for its wilderness feel. It simply doesn’t get better than the Fancourt Hotel when you want to enjoy the best hotel facilities and service in the perfect golfing environment. No wonder it costs you upwards of $1,000 to stay in the Fancourt Hotel for a night.

2. Port Ghalib Resort – Egypt 


Port Ghalib Resort is another billionaire owned hotel. The hotel is owned by Kuwait’s richest man; Nassar Al-Kharafi who has a net worth of $12.4 billion according to the latest Forbes estimates (As of September 2013). Nassar Al-Kharafi made his money in engineering and construction business. This enabled him to construct one of the best hotels in the world. Port Ghalib Resort has 3 destinations in one in one on the best beach destinations on the coast of the Red Sea. Each property is unique in its own right although the whole resort shares one common space. The Sahara Sands features a luxury beach feel. The Sahara Oasis on the other hand offers a unique experience offering more conventional decor. The Intercontinental Place offers the ultimate experience given the fact that it is ultra luxurious with 19 suites featuring an old citadel image/style. The Port Ghalib Resort is simply breathtaking. Everything you could wish for and more in the best resort in the world. No wonder it costs a couple thousand dollars a night in this hotel depending on the kind of suite, service and amenities you prefer.

1. Venetian Macau 


This hotel is owned by American billionaire Sheldon Adelson. He is the current CEO and chairman of Las Vegas Sands. Sheldon Adelson is worth $28.5 billion according to the latest Forbes estimate. This is precisely why his hotel is featured in this list. Opened in August 2007, Venetian Macau is a 40 storey $2.4 billion luxury hotel & casino resort in Macau. The resort is owned by Las Vegas Sands which is in turn owned by Sheldon Adelson. The hotel can be described as a city under 1 roof. The Venetian Macau features great Venice architecture with a touch of American style/lavishness. The hotel has a shopping mall, 3,800 rooms, a casino and a 14,000 seat stadium. No wonder the hotel collects record revenues i.e. $778.5 million in 2012-2013.

According to  The Venetian Macau is the largest casino in the world and also the sixth largest building by floor area. The resort measures 10,500,000 square feet. There are over 2,000 residential suites between the floors 7 and 38. The Presidente Suite is the most luxurious in the hotel featuring 4 bedrooms.

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