10 Things The Rich Hate Spending Money On

The wealthiest people in the world are always going to want to work hard on making sure that they keep their fortunes intact for as long as possible. They often try hard to make sure their investments

The wealthiest people in the world are always going to want to work hard on making sure that they keep their fortunes intact for as long as possible. They often try hard to make sure their investments are monitored and they can always find new sources of income to work with as they try to train themselves to work a little harder.

However, this doesn't mean that every rich person is willing to spend on all sorts of items. The fact is that there are some products that they have to buy in order to maintain some of the things that they already own. These products tend to cost more money than what some are willing to spend. Even though these rich people can afford all of this stuff, it is still a burden in their eyes to spend all that money on these things.

This could particularly be seen as a mild burden to the average wealthy person but it may still be a real hassle when all is said and done. Rich people often want to make sure that their funds are kept intact in the event of a recession or other problems with whatever it is that is making someone plenty of money. The uncertainty with what goes on in the world often makes it so some products might prove to be more expensive than needed.

There's also the need to have enough money to start up new financial endeavors. It's estimated that the cost to start a brand new business will cost $30,000. However, an average rich person will need to spend more than that just to try and get more exposure through marketing or through getting a larger business set up. The charges that come with the deal might be a hassle for some to bear with.

There are ten good things to take a look at with regards to what the super rich often don't want to spend money on. These people tend to spend loads of money on all of these things but it's all to make it easier for different kinds of things that they have to work properly. These are real necessary evils but it’s a necessity for people who earn loads of money each year to know what they are going to have to pay in order to get certain things.

10 Gas for Vehicles

Many luxury vehicles like high-end sports cars and SUV's have massive engines that can propel these vehicles to values of $100,000 or more. However, many V8 or higher engines tend to use more fuel than necessary. As a result, some rich people will have to spend at least $100 to fill up a vehicle. For instance, the Ford F-250 Lariat will cost $145 to fill up while a Cadillac Escalade base model will cost $105 to take care of. Of course, many of these luxury vehicles require either the more expensive premium fuels on the market or diesel fuel.

9 Psychiatry Costs

Psychiatry costs tend to be high among the rich. Many people who are rich tend to spend money on psychiatrists because they might have mental issues that come with having so much money. In fact, a psychiatrist may charge $100 to $250 per hour for private services.

8 Clothes

Clothes can be very expensive for some wealthy people. That's often because they tend to attend a number of high-end events where formal wear is required. A typical suit from a high-end company like Brooks Brothers, for instance, might end up costing at least $600 to get.

7 Landscaping

Landscaping charges are often incurred by the wealthy because they want to have their own properties maintained by other people. The problem with this is that the cost for hiring a landscaping company can cost around $10,000 a year on a wealthy person's property. It can cost $5,000 to install and maintain a lawn, $3,000 to set up a pond or other landscaping space and even $2,000 to repair spaces on a lawn or landscape as needed.

6 Cosmetic Surgery

Wealthy people like to work hard to look their best because they want to be as attractive as they are rich. However, the problem with so many people is that they can struggle over time to look great because they're too busy working for their money in order to take care of themselves. Therefore, many rich people tend to spend money on cosmetic surgery.

Most cosmetic surgical procedures will cost at least $3,000 to utilize. For instance, nose reshaping tends to cost $3,900 on average while liposuction could cost $4,000.

5 First Class Flights

First class flights are popular among wealthy people but the problem with doing so is that someone might end up paying about three to five times more money for first class travel than what one would deal with while in coach or in an economy seat. This is a burden to some rich people but it's something that they are often willing to use because they feel that they've earned it.

The prices that come with first class air travel can particularly be strong for some routes. It's estimated that an overseas trip that lasts for a few hours can cost $10,000 to take when a first class option is used. Meanwhile, a long haul flight might cost $1,000 to take. Therefore, there will be a huge premium attached to getting such a flight going.

4 Personal Assistant

Personal assistant costs may also be very tough to bear with. The need to hire a personal assistant as a full-time employee can be tough as it might cost $40,000 to hire someone for an entire year. This may also include fuel surcharges for transportation with charges of $0.60 per mile on average.

3 Chauffeur

Chauffeur services are available to many rich people but it often costs as much as $125,000 per year to hire a private driver like this. This may also be complimented with fuel surcharges that may entail values of $0.50 per mile or more.

2 Houses

Houses can be very expensive these days and tough to bear with. A rich person may end up spending at least $2 million on a luxury home. This can entail home loan payments and interest charges that may cause that home to go up to $3.5 million in cost over the course of a few years.

1 Taxes

Even the wealthiest people around still have to pay taxes. However, the total amount of taxes that people have to spend might be very costly. In fact, a person who earns around $10 million a year will have to spend close to $2.5 million on taxes each year. Meanwhile, someone earning $2 million may end up spending $500,000 in taxes in a year.

These are all things that not everyone can afford these days but they are still things that people will spend thousands of dollars on each year. The wealthy don't like to pay for all of these things but they are necessary evils when it comes to making all that money each year.

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