12 Of The Hottest Young Bachelors In Hollywood

There’s a whole new batch of young and talented actors taking over the Hollywood scene right now. Some of these talented actors entered the acting industry as youngsters and are finally coming into their own. Others are young up-and-comers who recently popped on the scene and are garnering rave reviews for their impressive acting skills. There are also a couple of actors on this list who are the sons of highly revered Hollywood personalities. Overall, all the gentlemen featured in this list have their own unique and special charisma that makes them stand out amongst their peers. See the list below ….

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12 Miles Teller

Via: www.movpins.com

The 27-yr-old Pennsylvania native Miles Teller is certainly enjoying a moment right now. After making a very nice paycheck for appearing in the blockbuster Divergent, he’s getting all kinds of serious critical acclaim and industry respect for his breakthrough role in the new flick Whiplash. Not only does this young gent have the dashing looks, but he has the acting chops to match as well. Ladies, keep your eye on this bachelor, he might be one of the hottest Hollywood properties in the very near future.

11 Max Irons

Via: www.popsugar.com

Max Irons is one of those young Hollywood personalities being courted by both the fashion world and Tinseltown. He is the son of revered actor Jeremy Irons and he has appeared in campaigns for fashion brands like Burberry and Mango. In the realm of movies, he starred in Red Riding Hood and he is in pre-production for the movie Keys to the Street starring Gemma Arterton and Tim Roth. He’s just 28-yrs-old and he has the rakish good looks and innate acting skill that will keep him popular for many years to come.

10 Patrick Schwarzenegger

Via: instinctmagazine.com

What do you do when you’re the handsome 21-yr-old son of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger? Of course you don’t have to worry about money, because your parents took care of that issue a long time ago. The other natural choice is to become a model-slash-actor, and that’s exactly what Patrick Schwarzenegger is doing with his life. He has already appeared in ad campaigns for huge fashion brands like Ralph Lauren and Armani, and he has featured in Hollywood flicks like Grown-Ups 2. There are probably a lot of young ladies out there who have this young scion in their crosshairs.

9  Dane Dehaan

Via: www.purepeople.com

If you’ve seen The Amazing Spiderman 2 and the Ryan Gosling flick, The Place Beyond The Pines, then you already know about the next entry on our list, Dane Dehaan. He hails from Allentown, PA and he’s quickly becoming one of the most sought after young leading men in Hollywood. He drew critical acclaim for his role in the HBO drama In Treatment, and he has a certain melancholic and alluring screen presence he brings to all his roles. Even the fashion world has succumbed to his charisma – he has already been tapped by Prada to appear in fashion campaigns. There is a lot of texture and depth to this young man, and his spot on this list is well-deserved.

8 Nicholas Hoult

Via: becuo.com

7  Zac Efron

Via: www.moviecricket.com

One of the most dashing and debonair bachelors in Hollywood today is the 26-yr-old heartthrob Zac Efron. He got into the public eye as just a youngster with the Disney production High School Musical. Since then he has continued to make his name in Hollywood with films like Neighbors and 17 Again. His love life is also a constant topic of interest – he used to go out with longtime girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, and this past summer, he was frolicking around with Michelle Rodriguez. But he’s a couple of years from 30, and he won’t be walking down the aisle anytime soon. He’s having too much fun. Zac is going to be a hot bachelor on the scene for many more years to come.

6  Scott Eastwood

Via: www.dailymail.co.uk

When you’re talking about Scott Eastwood, the 28-yr-old son of iconic Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood, it’s fair to say that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Scott has all the looks and charisma of a young Dirty Harry, and his acting career is slowly catching on fire. He was featured in two of his father’s movies Gran Torino & Invictus, and this fall, you can catch him in the wartime flick Fury starring Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf. We have a feeling there’s a lot more in store for this studly young bachelor.

5 Michael B. Jordan


Isn’t it funny how one movie can come along and change the trajectory of an actor’s life forever? Before the movie Fruitvale Station, the young actor Michael B. Jordan was most likely confused his whole life for the greatest basketball player of all time (they share the same name after all). But that movie came along, and now he’s considered as one of the top young actors on the scene. He already notched a role in the next Fantastic Four movie, and his sharp dressing style continuously places him in the pages of GQ magazine. It’s fair to say that the young and handsome bachelor Michael B. Jordan has officially arrived.

4  Dave Franco

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3 Taylor Kitsch

Via: geeknation.com

2 Charlie Hunnam

Via: parade.condenast.com

If any of you out there are fans of the FX show Sons of Anarchy, then you know that the actor Charlie Hunnam is a real force of nature. Playing the role of Jax Teller, the young and fearless leader of an outlaw motorcycle gang, he brings equal portions of sexiness and danger to each episode. It’s no surprise he was cast as the main character in the sensual 50 Shades of Grey movie. He eventually decided to bow out and by doing so, he broke the hearts of his huge female following. Charlie is certainly one of the top bachelors on this list.

1  Kendrick Sampson

Via: www.magweb.com

With his chiseled good looks and piercing eyes, Kendrick Sampson is slowly earning a reputation as one of the sexiest young actors in Hollywood. The dashing Texas native has appeared on shows like Vampire Diaries and he’s currently starring on the new cable television show Gracepoint (which also stars Anna Gunn of Breaking Bad fame). It might take another year or two, but you can be sure that Sampson’s good looks and talent will see him rise to the very top.

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