The 9 Most Talked About Celeb Nude Photo Leaks

Losing a certain level of privacy is something that most celebrities know comes with the territory of excelling in their chosen profession. The paparazzi are always lurking around hoping to get a shot they can sell to the tabloids. But sometimes, the biggest photos are the ones that the stars took themselves. And no, we aren't talking about Instagram selfies. Lots of people take nude photos that are meant to stay private, or be shared with only a select few, so it comes as no surprise that a celebrity might have a provocative photo floating around somewhere too.

Recently, a still unidentified hacker released a batch of celebrity nude photos, including shots of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Ariana Grande. While some celebs chose to deny, deny, deny, there were some people, Lawrence in particular, that opted to admit to the pictures' authenticity, and threaten legal action against anyone who distributed them. Because Lawrence is such a huge star right now, her name has been the one in every headline associated with the mass hacking. Unfortunately for her, the photos she thought, and had every right to keep, private, have spread across the internet like wildfire. But, she isn't the first celebrity to get caught in the middle of a nude photo leak scandal, and she won't be the last. Here are 10 of the most talked about celebrity nude photo leaks, proving that while it may not be ideal, those photos don't have to ruin anyone's career.

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9 Marilyn Monroe

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Called the quintessential American sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe was no stranger to posing for sexy pictures. Her entire persona, and the main reason for her popularity, was tied up in the fact that she was not only beautiful, but also in touch with her sexuality. She started her career as a model, and was very successful, but what she really wanted was to break into film. However, acting work was hard to come by, and she ended up agreeing to do a nude photo shoot for $50. When two of the photos were used in a calendar there was talk that the anonymous model resembled the rising star. Instead of denying the photos, Monroe chose to admit that they were indeed of her, and she had done it simply because she needed money to pay her rent. One photo ended up being used in Playboy magazine, and she was named the first Playmate of the Month. Luckily, the photos were tasteful, and because Monroe chose to embrace them, they fit in seamlessly with her growing popularity.

8 Scarlett Johansson

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7 Paris Hilton

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While everyone already knows about celebutante, Paris Hilton's leaked sex tape, One Night in Paris, did you know she also had her phone hacked and a bunch of nude (and some sexual) photos leaked online? Paris has never been one to try very hard to cover up her body, even on the red carpet, so we use the term "leak" loosely. As in, she might have had something to do with it. She has stated that the sex tape, which catapulted her into mainstream notoriety, did not benefit her personally in any way, despite the fact that it was conveniently posted online a week before the premiere of her reality show The Simple Life.

6 Vanessa Hudgens

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When nude photos of squeaky clean High School Musical star, Vanessa Hudgens leaked, there was speculation that the scandal would lead to Disney dropping her from High School Musical 3. But Disney decided to accept Hudgen's public apology, and took her regret over the pictures as evidence that she had learned a lesson. Hudgens claimed the full frontal nude photos were part of a private photo shoot, and they were never meant to be seen by anyone else. She has since commented on the impact the nude photos have had on her career, including the fact that, to some people, her refusal to do any nude scenes on film, is in direct contrast to the photos' existence.

5 Hayley Williams

via: www.paramore.wikia.com

The lead singer of pop-emo group Paramore, gave all her Twitter followers a surprise when she posted a Twitpic of herself, topless. The photo was deleted only minutes later, but the damage was already done. Thousands of people had already seen it, saved it, and re-posted it. Williams said that her Twitter account had been hacked, and she wasn't the one who posted the photo, by accident, or otherwise. She ended up gaining another 50,000 followers immediately after the incident, and showed her sense of humor by tweeting, "Pretty much my day has consisted of folding and organizing clothes. You aren't going to believe this... but... I own a whole lot of shirts."

4 Pete Wentz

via: www.huffingtonpost.com

It isn't only female celebrities that have to deal with their nude photos spreading across the internet. Bassist, and the only member of Fall Out Boy we actually know the name of, Pete Wentz, had a picture of his package posted online in 2006. His Sidekick was hacked, and multiple pictures stolen, including a couple NSFW selfies. His face may not be in the photos, but the tattoo on his lower stomach is enough evidence to prove it is indeed him. Wentz addressed the photos on his website, and although he said the incident was "very upsetting and a total invasion of privacy," he ended the post with "after feeling badly about this for about 24 hours, I am now ready to get back to laughing."

3 Heather Morris

via: www.celebhairdo.com

Current Glee star Melissa Benoist is one of the celebrities dealing with the recent mass photo leak, but former star, Heather Morris (who played Brittany) had a scandal of her own not too long ago. Photos of her dressed in the Britney Spears outfit she wore for an episode of Glee were leaked along with some completely nude shots. There was speculation that they might be Photoshopped, but the outfit, and a visible tattoo on her lower back that has been spotted in other photos of her confirmed that the pictures are most likely authentic. Although she had lawyers working to remove the pictures from the internet, she tried to laugh off the incident, saying "Well it could be worse! At least I look good."

2 Christina Hendricks

via: www.newswalle.com

The Mad Men star is well known for her curves, and when there were reports of leaked topless photos of her floating around the internet, Hendricks immediately denied that they were her. She confirmed that her phone had been hacked, and a bunch of pictures of her scantily clad, and without makeup had been stolen, but said that the one and only nude photo (a close-up of her breasts, without her face in it), was someone else entirely. Seems unlikely, but she has stuck with her story.

1 Prince Harry

via: www.1053kissfm.com

A member of British royalty is not someone you would expect to be in the middle of a nude photo scandal. But Prince Harry isn't exactly your traditional example of royalty. During a trip to Las Vegas, the prince participated in a game of strip billiards, and clearly he lost, because photos of him in his birthday suit popped up on the internet a few months later. Although his most private parts are actually covered, according to Vegas officials, the photos brought their city about $23 million in free publicity. Prince Harry's comments on the scandal are remorseful, and he said the photos are a classic example of him being "too much army, and not enough prince."

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