The Most Money Devoted To Finding Mythical Creatures

Mythical creatures have long been a staple of many societies from all over the world. There have been many claims made about some of these creatures over the years, but these have been disputed by sci

Mythical creatures have long been a staple of many societies from all over the world. There have been many claims made about some of these creatures over the years, but these have been disputed by scientists. Since it can be so difficult to determine the veracity of these claims, many interested parties are paying to see if a specimen can be found. These creatures would be very valuable to scientists if they could be found. This is why so many people have recently devoted some serious resources to finding out the truth about these animals. Take a look at some of the biggest rewards that have been laid down for finding some of these creatures

10 Vampires: $2000

You might be a little skeptical about this one, but there actually is a real bounty out for vampires. A politician in India has set up a reward system that will give $2000 to anyone who can prove that they have captured a real vampire.

9 Tsavo Man-Eaters:  $5000

Even though lions are not mythological, this pair of young males caused havoc when they started to actively hunt humans in an area of Africa. They were eventually hunted down, after which their skins were eventually sold for $5000.

8 Yeti: $31,000

This is another large humanoid mythical creature, which is reported to dwell in the Himalayan mountains. There is a Russian reward of 1 million rubles to track down this monster, which translates to around $31,000.

7 Jackalope: $50,000

Though this mythical creature is known to be a hoax, that hasn't stopped some from offering a $50,000 reward for it. It is a combination of a hare and an antelope. Many travel companies in the Western United States use it as a stunt to draw in tourists.

6 Giant Anaconda: $50,000

Though the Anaconda itself is a very real animal, there is a dispute in the scientific community over how long it can grow. There are some people in the world who have claimed to see one of these snakes grow to over 30 feet long. There is currently a bounty of $50,000 put out by the Wildlife Conservation Society, which is offering the money for conclusive proof that these giant snakes exist.

5 Chupacabra: $100,000

If you are able to catch this mythical beast purportedly native to Mexico, you may be able to reap a $100,000 reward. This is enticing many people to go out and search for the legendary animal that has been termed the 'goat sucker.' No one is precisely sure what the beast looks like, but it has certainly captured some attention recently.

4 Thylacine:  $1.25 million

Though the Tasmanian Tiger was actually an extant species at some point, it is assumed to have gone extinct almost 100 years ago. A number of reports indicate that the animal may still be present in remote areas of Tasmania. A reward of $1.25 million has been levied to support the search for the creature.

3 Loch Ness Monster: $2 million

Another contest has offered up to $2 million if people can actually find conclusive proof that the Loch Ness Monster exists. This is getting people hyped about how they can snap a new photograph of this purported resident of the local body of water. If you want to earn this money, you will have to provide evidence that will convince a board of experts at London's Natural History Museum.

2 Mokele-Mbembe: $3 million

Though no one is exactly sure what this is, some speculate that it could be a remnant of a dinosaur species. It is possibly located deep in the heart of the Congolese rainforest. There have been a number of reports that have emerged about whether the giant lizard lives on the land or in the water. However, the scientific community does appear to be showing some interest. The Smithsonian Institute actually offered $3 million to anyone who could be able to track it down.

1 Bigfoot: $10 million

Not surprisingly, Bigfoot tops this list of most valuable mythical creatures. There have been many people who debate the truthfulness of different footprints and videos that have been recorded of Bigfoot. Recently, a London lending agency has offered $10 million to anyone who provides conclusive evidence that Bigfoot actually does exist. This has spurred many people to look for the mythical beast. A local researcher at Idaho State University has even begun using unmanned drones to scan the Cascades mountains in search of the creature.

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The Most Money Devoted To Finding Mythical Creatures