The Latest Bizarre Trend For Women Is Going Viral

When it comes to beauty trends, most people think of hair and make-up centric trends. The season of the perfect cat eye, coral as the new must-have lipstick shade, beachy waves, etc. However, one of the biggest trends that has been happening over the past few months is focused a little bit lower down the body. It’s not the hair on your head that matters – it’s apparently what’s under your arms. That’s right – 2015 is the year of dyed armpit hair (that’s a statement you probably thought you’d never hear).

So how did such a bizarre trend start? Did someone accidentally fall into a vat of bleach, and then a vat of their bold hair color? Not too far from the truth, actually. The trend was started by Roxie Hunt, a stylist based in Seattle. Roxie had a co-worker who was rocking the colorful locks, as many women lately are – from the palest whisper of lilac to grey to shocking red, more and more women are choosing to stray from the conventional blonde/brunette spectrum of shades. Her client’s hair was dyed blue at the time, and she figured, what the hell – may as well make the under-arm curtains match the drapes. In a different time, the strange process at the salon may have gone unnoticed by anyone but Roxie and her co-worker Rain. However, in the age of social media, her decision soon went viral. Hunt helped it along, of course, by writing a post about it.


This trend isn’t just about what color is the hottest shade for your summer nails. It goes a little bit deeper, as Hunt says. Hair (and how much or little of it a woman has) has been an issue of feminist contention for years. Hunt herself states “I am meeting women who un-apologetically choose not to succumb to the societal pressure of scraping a razor against the soft skin of their bodies.” Even the salon she works at is a certain type of space, one that, as Hunt says, is “committed to the expression of personal style and feminist values.”


Roxie documents all the technical aspects of it – how she applied the bleach, how effective it was on armpit hair compared to the hair on your head, how vibrant the color was, etc. However, her little feminist additions prove that it’s not just a beauty trend – it’s a statement of a whole different kind.


Hunt’s post was shared, and shared again, the #dyedpit movement began, and women around the world started to emerge with candy-colored under-arms. Even celebrities have gotten into the dyed pit trend, with Miley Cyrus (a celeb who definitely doesn’t shy away from all things bold) posting a selfie of herself with neon pink pits. Whether you're running out to the store to pick up your own pot of dye and bleach brush, or just admiring this trend from afar (or, hell, hating it), it's definitely something that's been causing quite the stir.


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