The Cost of Being Die-Hard Celebrity Sports Fan

When you’re favourite sports team makes it to the playoffs its time to start saving for seat at the stadium. For many, a trip to the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup or World Series finals are a pipe dream. Extravagant ticket prices and limited availability mean most of us are watching the big game from home. But for celebrity sports fans seeing the action up close and in person is more than a playoff indulgence—it’s a full season commitment.

Celebs love their sports just like the rest of us but many of them know how to show their team major respect by shelling out major cash for tickets and box seats. Whether it’s baseball, hockey, basketball or football these celebrity fans have the cold hard cash support their teams all the way.

We have compiled a list including 7 of the many die-hard celebrity sports fans to give you an idea of how much some spend in order to support their favorite teams. Take a look and see if any of these supported sports teams are your favorite.

7 Susan Sarandon: Hockey, The New York Rangers

At 67 Sarandon remains vital, active and gorgeous. She is an accomplished actor, ping-pong aficionado and hard-core hockey fan, more specifically a New York Rangers fan. For many years, she and now ex-husband Tim Robbins were regulars at Rangers games often buying up blocks of seats to entertain friends and celebrate.

Ms. Sarandon can be seen in the crowd along with other stars like Liam Neeson, Kate Upton and Michael Strahan but none are quite the fan that she is. Picking up premium seats at center ice at a cost of $1,000 each, Susan Sarandon is a Ranger’s fan for life.

6 Brad Pitt: Football, The New Orleans Saints

Brad Pitt is just a simple guy from small town Oklahoma. Ok not really. One of the most recognized people in the world, Pitt has received five Academy Award nominations; five Golden Globe nominations and has been crowned sexiest man alive by People Magazine.

Brad has been part of the pop culture consciousness since he appeared in Thelma & Louise and despite his active and successful movie career there’s one thing we know him for best—leaving his wife Angelina Jolie. Though it happened in 2005, this scandal is still newsworthy. But Brad’s relationship with Angelina has connected him with his humanitarian side and ultimately New Orleans on a mission to rebuild homes destroyed during hurricane Katrina.

During his time there Pitt fell in love “Nolans” especially its football team, The Saints. Brad can be seen watching games from the field, (these seats aren’t even for sale folks) with his army of children all dressed in Saints garb. He makes a point of catching the games whenever he can and is known to become quite moody when the The Saints lose. 

5 Mike Myers: Hockey, The Toronto Maple Leafs

The world hasn’t heard much from this Toronto born comedian in a while and it’s really no surprise. The outrageous Austin Powers Franchise grossed over $200 million worldwide and has left the actor/writer with time to do, well, whatever he likes.

A die-hard Toronto Maple Leafs hockey fan, Myers often places jerseys and memorabilia throughout his movies paying homage to the long-standing hockey club. He’s been a fan of the team since childhood and his movie and entertainment success have ensured him a front row seat to watch his beloved team whenever he likes. Whether they’re playing in New York or Toronto Myers picks up tickets for around $1,100 each and can be found clad in a team jersey, front and center to catch the action.

4 Enrique Iglesias: Basketball, The Miami Heat

The Iglesias family has been charming and crooning with chart topping hits since the 60s. Enrique’s father, Julio, was the original Latin lover selling over 300 million records worldwide and releasing 80 albums over the course of his career. And Enrique, his handsome offspring is on course to pass his father’s success abroad and in America.

Though the “Finally found you” singer was born and raised in Spain he has become a massive fan of the Miami Heat basketball team over the years. Often seen sitting courtside during the games, the Latin singer doesn’t miss a minute of the action from his $1,500 premium club level seats.

3 Jessica Alba: Basketball, The Oakland Golden State Warriors

This seemingly ageless and beautiful actress has been in the spotlight since she was 13 years old. Beginning her career as a model,transitioned over the years to acting and has since turned herself into a full blown entrepreneur. The 32-year-old mother of two is head of The Honest Company and a budding chef who still makes time to appear in blockbuster movies and on TV. Despite her ultra feminine exterior Jessica Alba is a self professed die-hard basketball fan and her loyalty is exclusively to the Golden State Warriors. Alba often travels from her home in Los Angeles to sit in her premium seats at $1,700 a pop and is known for making the journey to take in as many games as she can each and every season.

2 Ben Affleck: Baseball, Boston Red Sox

Ben Affleck is a born and raised Bostonian. He loves his hometown almost as much as he loves the Red Sox. After first appearing in the Kevin Smith written Mallrats in 1995, Affleck’s star began to rise. From there it was on to Good Will Hunting and massive Hollywood success. After nearly 20 years in the business and a slew of money making movies later (Gigli not included), the superstar has not forgotten his beloved baseball team. Affleck showed his loyalty for his home team by narrating the baseball documentary “Curse of the Bambino” about famed Red Sox powerhouse, Babe Ruth. Ben can also be seen enjoying games from his premium seats, which can cost up to $7,000 each. That’s a wicked-expensive day at the ball park.

1 Jack Nicholson: Basketball, The LA Lakers

Jack Nicholson’s super power is that he has remained cool and iconic for more than 30 years. Neither his age nor his antics deter the public from adoring the too cool for school actor and it doesn’t seem like it ever will. And with that kind of celebrity, Jack gets a front row seat to life. We expect him front row every year at the Academy Awards and LA Lakers expect him front row (courtside) for each of their games.

In fact, Nicholson had been sitting courtside for nearly every Lakers home game of the past few decades. Though he was born and raised in New Jersey, the Oscar winner is LA loyal. His seats cost a whopping $5,000 each and he is known to follow the team during playoff travel games. During each game Nicholson makes a point of heckling players and trash talking refs and opposing coaches. Jack is such a tremendous fan that the team has come to consider him something of a good luck charm, blaming him for losses in his absence.

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