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If I woke up tomorrow a billionaire boy let me tell you things for me would change!! Then again I don’t know one person that has ever said “nah, my life would stay exactly the same”. I can bet you I w

If I woke up tomorrow a billionaire boy let me tell you things for me would change!! Then again I don’t know one person that has ever said “nah, my life would stay exactly the same”. I can bet you I would wake up in a pretty good mood.

If you know me then you know I work for websites that are all about money!! Yes millionaires and billionaires are what makes my world go round. With that being said I know all about the toys of the rich and the types of vacations common to those without monetary worries.

According to Forbes money does buy happiness, $50,000 to be exact.  So imagine what emotions $1 billion can evoke.

Now back to what is important, what would I do with myself if I woke up a billionaire? Here is my list of wonderful things I would do, buy, rent, see and most of all spend on. I know it can be overwhelming when planning to spend millions but my list may help you on your purchase selection. It wouldn't only be my life that is changed, my family, friends and my wonderful animals would have to join me for this wonderful ride.

You are most likely reading this article at the same time as my boss so may I proudly say that I would keep my 9-5 ... ;  ) but when my day finished…whoah would I have things to do!

7 Philanthropy Animals/Children

Getting to know me you will soon learn my love for animals, I would definitely put priority on donating a large amount of my wealth to non profit organizations that I believe in and some that I have dealt with. I would also help fund rescues, provide more space for them if need be. I believe that raising animal awareness is very important, I would help organizations that are dedicated to educating people on properly caring for animals.

Animals and children are the two most innocent beings on earth and cannot help the surrounding in which they end up.

I would also donate to organizations that focus on helping children. This would be non profit programs located all around the world. I would contribute to programs deserving charities for my entire life.

6  Nirvana by Oceanco - $308 million

I have always wanted to travel via a private yacht, I guess most people do. I would travel on my private yacht while cruising through Europe, stopping anywhere I wanted to visit.

I haven't forgotten about work, this trip would be during my two weeks vacation of course.

The yacht I buy would have to be one that is magnificent,The Nirvana to be exact. The Nirvana has six decks, 5 guest rooms, a master bedroom, fully equipped gym, 3D movie theatre, pool, whirlpool, dining room, living room and much much more. My dogs, family and friends would fit perfectly.

Another impressive feature is the fact that there is a live vivarium with water dragons, bearded lizards, turtles and exotic frogs.

According to this boat was originally for selling for €230,000,000 ( approximately $308 million USD)


5 20 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 - $1.35 Million Each

I wanted the Mercedes G Class until I came across another version. Have you heard of the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 also know as the  über-G-Wagen? This truck comes in 6 wheel drive, if that isn't enough, Texas Armoring has made a bulletproof version, making it stand up to the power of  an AK-47 or M16.

According to Texas Armoring can stop a 7.62x63-millimeter (also known as a .30-06 Springfield) in its tracks. This is what I would have replicated, for the price of $1.35 million I think that is fair. I will actually take 20 so that I can share the experience with al of the people I love.

4 Gulfstream IV Private Jet- $35 Million

I would want my very own private jet, I should of course have one considering the traveling I will be doing along with family and friends. I could spend weekends away and eat dinner anywhere in the world.

This model private jet is owned by Kushal Pal Singh who has a current net worth of $3.4 billion . This current jet was in production from 1985 to 2003, and can reach a top speed of 580 mph. The reason why I chose this particular model is because I also have a yacht to travel around with so a modest $35 million for a jet seemed right. It has exactly what I need,  two beds, a shower, and a luxurious lounging area for me and my loved ones.


3 Velaa Private Island Resort Maldives- $30,000 Per Night

The Maldives has always been a top vacation spot on my list. After seeing the image above I can be sure it's yours as well. This resort is among the most luxurious and expensive in the country and that is exactly the reason I am vacationing there! These private huts and villas are located on the southern part of Noonu Atoll in the Maldives. $30,000 per night is what it will cost to stay in the most luxurious rooms. These huts hover over the crystal water and feature their own private 60sq m pools, not to mention your own private butler. The biggest rooms have more than 210sq m of living space for you to feel like a king or queen.

2 Shopping- $2 Million

The section of Fifth Avenue that is between 49th Street and 60th Street, is lined with prestigious stores,  ranked by Forbes as the most expensive shopping district in the world, and precisely why this is the next destination on my list!

Some of the stores located on this street are Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Omega, Chanel, Harry Winston, Salvatore Ferragamo,  Bvlgari, Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys, & Bergdorf Goodman, and many more. Yup this is going to be fabulous! I want a Cartier watch.  No I want 10 of the most beautiful expensive Cartier watches !! Because I have been doing so much traveling I will need to get a new Louis Vuitton travel set, starting with three rolling luggages $3,750 ea, three softsided luggages $1,620 ea ,  three hardsided luggages  $4,300 ea. I would get those bags in Damier Azur Canvas, Damier Ebene and the beautiful Damier Empreinte in black. Before leaving I come to realization that It's going to be sunny outside, I will need a pair of LV sunglasses.

Bergdorf Goodman is where I will buy some fabulous shoes, flats, sandals, boots, pumps!! Gucci, Valentino, Alexander Mcqueen and much more! Put it this way, I will need help carrying this to my private jet.

I do not currently own a Chanel bag... I know what you are thinking, poor girl. Well that would change because next stop is CHANEL! Of course as I walk in I stumble across a J12 Chromatic Diamonds watch so I buy 5 (for other people)! Did you know Chanel makes tennis rackets? Neither did i! I'll take 2 sets ($1,500 a set).


I am here to get the authentic vintage Chanel chain shoulder bag I have always wanted. Don't forget about a classic Chanel tweed blazer, that is a must have, especially from the Fall 2014 fashion line.

This shopping experience has been wonderful, a dream indeed. We are happiest when we can share our experiences with others so while walking out of all stores I will ask the sales clerks to pick out 10 of their favourite items, be it shoes, jewelry and clothing, I am bringing that home to share with my friends and family!

1 The Famous Florida Jupiter Home- $72 Million

I love Florida, I have always pictured myself buyng a vacation home there, they have the beach, palm trees, the sun and NO least aren't common to it. So I think my next and final purchase (for this article) will be her fabulous Jupiter Florida home also know as the "Waterpark Home', you will soon find out why. This home was reportedly put up for sale by Celine Dion as of August 2013, with an asking price of $72 million, pocket change for me!  This home is perfect, and if you want to see more images check out my G+ account.

This home comes fully furnished, I will be living in a 10,000 square foot home that sits facing the Atlantic ocean, yes a 2 minute Baywatch run to the beach is all possible from my doorstep now. If I would rather lounge by a pool, there are three to chose from, one in the back of the house close to the ocean, and two connecting pools at the front with a water park feature for adults and children. Many pool parties will be held there, maybe I should invest in a gym membership..

This home has 5 bedrooms including a fabulous master with a walk in closet and spacious bathroom. There is a 4 bedroom guesthouse, 7,000 square foot basement and tennis court. I will never run out of things to do!

I hope I have helped you should you ever wake up a billionaire. If not stay tuned for another article of things I would buy if I woke up a billionaire.

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