The 15 Most Pathetic Celebrity Tweets

Twitter is one of the most popular forms of social media nowadays. This is not only true for the common public, but, also for celebrities. Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is also a form of social media that celebrities love to use.

Twitter, for those who don’t know, is basically used to post messages of up to 140 characters for others to read. Those who have a Twitter account are able to post and read messages, whereas those who do not have Twitter are only able to read the messages. So anyone has access, it's just the interaction that changes. These messages are referred to as “tweets” (no, the name did not come from tweety bird). These tweets can be anything from song lyrics, to quotes, to just expressing how you feel. Similar to your Facebook 'status'. Since there is no restriction to what you can tweet, sometimes people can get out of hand; and celebrities, as we all know, do this well.

We all know that celebrities, because they're in the spotlight, can easily be caught in a compromising situation. But, our favorites are when they make fools of themselves for us all to see. Now with social media accounts as well, we can see the extreme they go to for some more attention. We can see just how sad and embarrassing their attempts can be. So grab yourself a drink, relax, and get ready to read the 15 most pathetic celebrity tweets. Try not to spit your drink out, though.

15 Lindsay, Oh Lindsay


You see, Lindsay Lohan is one of a kind. Maybe not in her acting skills, but definitely for posting pathetic tweets. Lindsay has been tweeting up a storm about how she is now single. Even after a simple tweet of going back to blonde, she hashtags “noboyfriend” and “stillneedimsorry”. This definitely makes Lindsay look very desperate. I’m sure her goal wasn’t to seem desperate, but the fact that her hashtag is completely irrelevant just makes us question what exactly she was trying to tell us. She may have actually been seeking attention to let everyone know she is now single so that maybe one of her fan followers will approach her? Nah, she wouldn't go for a fan. Would she? Either way, she's single, and obviously, looking.

14 Kim Has A Big Butt And She Cannot Lie


Kim, we all know about that big booty of yours, you don’t need Twitter to remind us. Is anyone else tired of seeing her butt everywhere? There’s already so much buzz about Kim Kardashian, and how she is famous for basically nothing. Well, the one good thing about this tweet is that she at least can admit it (somewhat) and laugh about it with this tweet about balancing a champagne glass on her bum being her talent. That's right, what else would Kim K. be good at? Please, no one else try this at home, though, its Kim’s talent and she wants to show it off; don't you steal the spotlight from her.

13 Bragging Can Be Dangerous


Blake Shelton is an American singer-songwriter and television character. If you don’t know who he is, don’t worry, after reading his tweet you will. The tweet we're looking at is the one he posted saying he’s tweeting and driving; as if it's something to brag about. He starts the tweet off with a “Ha Ha” as if he can do something you can’t. He clearly uses Twitter to seek attention, telling everyone he can tweet and drive— what's the point of this? It’s kind of stupid of him to tweet such a thing as he should know how much hate he would get for being on the phone while driving. But, that might have been the whole point of posting such a pathetic tweet. To get some attention and gain more popularity in the industry, which he lacked before posting a series of questionable tweets on Twitter. Let’s all just give Blake Shelton some attention before he does something even more dangerous just to gain the public’s attention.

12 Begs For Retweets


Of course songwriters and producers want their albums to do well. It is totally normal for them to want tons of people to be listening to their music. They put a great amount of effort into promoting release date for their next song or album. However, some *cough* Rita Ora *cough* decide when they will release new material based on the amount of re-tweets they get. How much more desperate can they get? She tweets, as seen above, saying “dropping my new song Monday if this gets 100,000 re-tweets”. Firstly, she’s just dying for attention with that tweet telling her followers/fans that she will release her album sooner if she gets a certain amount of re-tweets. Understandably, people use social media to promote their work. This is done by tweeting, or positing Instagram feeds on their album’s poster, the release date, or even a snippet of the song about to be released. Those are all reasonable promoting methods. But, asking for re-tweets to release a song is just pathetic.

11 Bynes Calls Them Ugly


Calling a person ugly is something kids do in elementary school– usually when they are angry. Amanda Bynes over here thinks she can gain all the attention tweeting not only that the President of the United States is ugly, but also his wife. If this is not rude and immature, then I don’t know what is. What did Amanda think to gain out of this tweet other than hate? But maybe she wanted the attention, even if it was bad attention. Whatever the reason may be, celebrities such as Miss Amanda over here love using social media to bash others and get the attention they want by doing so. After all, there's no such thing as bad press, right? Amanda's attempts at gaining popularity by bashing the President are totally lame and show just how sad she really is. Grow up, Amanda.

10 Single Lady Preacher


Lindsay Lohan yet again tweets to remind the world of her single self. Except this time, it did not seem desperate, but was more of a sad attempt at getting back at her ex. The classic post-breakup, "I'm doing fine on my own" statement. The "I don't need you" and "This time is for me" tweets and status updates. It looks like we've got our very own celebrity preacher here. She should have just copied and pasted that tweet and sent it to her ex as we all know it is directed towards him. Again, something young teenagers would do for attention on social media, is what Lindsay has been doing for some time now. Oh, will someone just tag her ex on one of her single posts already! Maybe that way she'll stop. Lindsay, we all know you're single and loving it, now please stop with all the single tweets.

9 Scott Disick Is A Rich Kid


What a surprise! Not. It may have been, had Scott not been related to the Kardashian family– Hollywood's greatest attention-seekers. The amount of lame comments coming out of Scott is legendary. His mind is– let’s just say, bizarre. So it is not that much of a shock that he would say something on social media to prove to us just how sad his bloodline is. Here is one example, he hashtags “rich kid problems” because he doesn’t have internet at home, also tagging Kendall Jenner. Because, clearly, only rich kids have internet. I think he meant, what most of us would say, ‘first world problems’. Scott, failed to understand that not only rich kids have internet these days. Keep in mind, there is also free Wi-Fi in many public places nowadays for anyone to access. Having no internet is not seen as a rich kid problem but a problem many non-rich folks have as well. We know you’re a rich ‘kid” Scott, stop being a douche!

8 So Go Ahead And Retire Already


People post every small thing that happens in their life on Twitter. Surprise, surprise; Amanda Bynes is one of them. Does everyone really need to know every small thing that happens in your life? Amanda tweets that she’s retiring, despite how young she is (yes, we all know you can afford to retire at 24). But that's not all, she then comes back posting another tweet saying she’s un-retired. So... what, did you just want to see how many people would beg you to stay? Or maybe she wanted people to ask why she wanted to retire. Ask if something had happened. You know, the way sad people always fish for pity and attention?

7 Taylor vs. Nicki


Taylor Swift does not back down from an argument! Little, innocent Taylor tweeted, tagging Nicki Minaj in the post saying “I’ve done nothing but love & support you. It’s unlike you to pit women against each other. Maybe one of the men took your slot…” reading her post, it’s safe to assume that Taylor’s post was written in anger. But like all other pathetic tweets, Taylor once again did not fail to show the childish side of her. Children obviously bash someone they are in a fight with in front of others. Which is exactly what Taylor did in this post. If she had turned on the adult side of her brain, she could have dealt with her issue with Nicki like an adult; out of the public eye. However, she chose to post her thoughts on Twitter for all to see and stir up the argument even more.

6 I'm Married, You're Not


Dear Amber Rose, congratulations on being married. You're clearly better than everyone else. Apparently, being married is the standard measure of cool now. And you know what else? Amber isn't afraid of backlash. She adds "talk shit if you wanna" as if she's ready to take on the haters. So she's not just cool, but she's a bad girl too. Amber, as we can tell, gets a little childish and petty after some drinks. Some say, when you’re drunk you say what you really want to. In that case, maybe she just wanted the attention of her husband and thought a little tweet (as pathetic as it was) on Twitter will get her that. Or she just wanted to show off the fact that she isn't afraid to speak her mind and *gasp* be controversial on Twitter!

5 The Queen Of All Drama


Kim does a lot to have the attention on her; some could say it's like her full-time job. She is clearly not ashamed of doing anything if it means the spotlight will be on her. So, posting tweets that can catch everyone's attention, is very simple for Kim; it's second-nature at this point. She tweets first, with a phone number saying it's Justin Bieber’s number and that he is taking calls. Then she tweets again, saying she’s joking, but, to call that same number and to vote for her brother Rob and Cheryl Burke on Dancing With The Stars. What a sneaky thing to do! Kim is a fox. Though we need to commend her for her somewhat intelligent approach, it's also just plain sad. It's borderline mocking the very people who support you for their love of a fellow star. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

4 All Sisters Are The Same


Khloé, not unlike the rest of her sisters, loves social media for its power to draw attention. When it comes to the Kardashians, we can say sisters post alike. After the Taylor/Kanye/Kim feud, Khloé tweets up a storm about her family, telling everyone to not comment on her family and their business. Pretty much telling everyone to mind their own business, meanwhile her precious family has its own reality TV show. Well, this may be news to you, Khloé, but it’s hard to do that after you willingly publicize your family and its "business" for the entire world to watch. Hate to break it to you, darling, but you get the attention when you ask for it. Whether it's good or bad. You can't pick. That's not what you signed up for when you paraded yourself down the spotlights of Hollywood. There were obviously tons of negative comments under her post. This is so pathetic and hypocritical that one almost wonders whether she wrote it for more press coverage.

3 Who's The Douchebag Now?


Our very own rapper, 50 Cent tweeted expressing, that Perez Hilton called him a douchebag, so, naturally, he had his 'homie' shoot up a gay wedding. This apparently made him feel better. Look, 50 Cent still wants to be known as that “gangsta” from back in the 90s, except it's getting old. And pick your battles, man. This is just not cool. His tweet is as pathetic as he is. He also specifies that the wedding his friend shot up was a gay wedding, right, because he needed to get back at Perez. And while he's at it, he might as well plaster it all over the internet to gain some attention. When is the last time he released an album? He must be missing the headlines. Moral of the story: don't diss 50 Cent, or he'll get one of his thugs to shoot up a wedding, not yours, just one that's somehow related to some quality you possess.

2 Justin Bieber


Oh Justin Bieber, what do we do with you? We all know celebrities put in a lot of effort to promote any kind of work they do. This can be for promoting their movies, song albums or anything else. Whether these promotions are genuine or just pathetic and desperate can vary greatly. Most of us know Justin's song, What Do You Mean, which was released in 2015. Having Twitter, it’s natural for him to promote his song on social media. How he does this, though, is kind of sad. He basically tweets saying "I love arm" with a picture of him holding a sign which says ‘What Do You Mean’. This post makes little to no sense. Other than the fact that his song title is clearly the focus. Come on Justin, why you gotta drive us crazy like that? Couldn't you just rely on your marketing team to do this? Don't you get enough attention?

1 Do It Yourself, Grandma


Although his name may only be 50 cent, he’s still rich, so please, don’t make this man do work around the house. 50 Cent, tweeted recently saying “I can’t belive my grand mothers making me take Out the garbage I’m rich as fuck this I’m going home I don’t need this shit”. Firstly, he doesn’t need to learn how to spell the word ‘believe’ properly since he’s rich and he can do whatever he wants. Second, he doesn’t need to help his grandma to take out the garbage because, yes, he's rich and the 60-second job is just too much to ask of him– because he’s rich. In case you forgot because of the lack of music he's produced lately, he wants to remind us that he’s rich.

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