The 15 Hottest Female Celeb Bods of 2014

A major part of being a Hollywood celeb is looking hot and flawless at all times. This involves never having a bad hair day, always wearing the best outfits and hitting the gym for hours at a time to obtain the best body possible. There is definitely a double standard when it comes to this because it seems that women are judged way more harshly with their looks compared to men. That's probably why most of the cases we hear of rampant photo-shopping of magazine covers and movie posters are related to female celebrities. With all that said, there are a handful of female celebs out there who don't take any prisoners when it comes to looking after their figures, eating healthy and sculpting their physiques in the gym. Take a look at 15 female celebs who showed off some of the hottest bodies in 2014. Perhaps you should put your sunglasses on for this one - these bodies are going to light up your screen! Take a look below:

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15 Julianne Hough


When it comes to the hottest and most sculpted female bodies in Hollywood, Julianne Hough definitely belongs on any top list. The hot 26-yr-old has a secret weapon though. She’s a professionally trained dancer and is a 2-time champion of Dancing With The Stars. She’s currently a judge on the aforementioned show as well. Hough recently appeared on the cover of Shape magazine to show off her chiseled body, and it’s nothing short of immaculate. If you ever needed inspiration to whip your body in shape, she’s is the prototype you need to emulate.

14 Naya Rivera

Glee actress Naya Rivera has had quite a turbulent year. First off, she broke her engagement with Detroit rapper Big Sean, and then almost as quickly, she got married to her longtime friend Ryan Dorsey. They were also all kinds of rumors floating around about her ongoing feud with fellow Glee star Lea Michele. But through all the drama, one thing that has remained constant is her scorching hot body. It’s no wonder really that she opted for a beach wedding when she tied the knot this summer. With a body like hers, it would be a crime not to show it off.

13  Chrissy Teigen


She’s a supermodel, actress and wife of John Legend, and she also happens to be blessed with one of the hottest bodies in the game. What’s sad to hear is that even someone with flawless curves like hers has been body-shamed in the fashion industry for being too fat. Teigen spoke on this issue at an event in May and this is what she had to say: “The thing is, you don't even want to be mad about someone calling you fat because who the f––– cares? Like if somebody tells me, 'Oh, you look curvier.' That should not be a diss. The fact is, we live in a time where that is a diss." We’re with you Chrissy, you look gorgeous exactly the way you are!

12  Emily Ratajkowski


The scalding hot model Emily Ratajkowski exploded on the scene in 2013 in the NC-17 version of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video. Since then, she has gone on to become the wet dream for most red-blooded males all over the world. 2014 was a big year for her. She had a really decent role in the Ben Affleck hit Gone Girl and she also appeared in the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. No doubt about it, she’s probably going to be one of the hottest bodies in 2015 as well.

11  Karrueche Tran


For having a petite physique, we have to say that Chris Brown’s on and off girlfriend has a really scorching body. Her face is extremely gorgeous too and she just seems like the type of girl who doesn’t even need to break a sweat to have her curves look so darn good. She recently broke up with Chris Brown yet again and she has been spending a lot of time on the beaches of Miami frolicking and showing off her hot assets. We are pretty sure the men of Miami have no problem with this all.

10  Sofia Vergara

Doesn’t it seem that some women in Hollywood just have it all? Sofia Vergara is one of the highest paid women on television and just this year, she began dating Joe Manganiello, an actor considered by most to be the hottest male celeb alive. Another thing that Sofia has going for her is her voluptuous and seductive body. She definitely has that sexy Latina flavor going on for her, and while she was relaxing on the beach in Australia early this year, the paparazzi caught some awesome shots of her. She’s probably putting a lot of gym hours in to maintain her statuesque body, so more power to her.

9  Mel B

via: shutterstock/www.nydailynews.com

At the age of  39, the former Spice Girl and the host of America’s Got Talent definitely still has it. She must spend a lot of time in the gym in addition to her busy schedule, because those curves just don’t appear by magic. This past September, she vacationed in Mexico with her husband Stephen Belafonte and she certainly turned more than a few heads with her sculpted body. You go girl!

8  Zoe Kravitz

The 26-yr-old Zoe Kravitz is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet and she is actually well on the way to becoming a superstar in her own right. She has a really busy slate of movies coming up for 2014, Insurgent (the sequel to Divergent) and the highly anticipated Mad Max Fury Road. Earlier this month, the young star visited Art Basel in Miami and while she was there, she spent some time hanging on the beach. Suffice it to say, her body is definitely one of the hottest around.

7  Alessandra Ambrosio

It’s hard to believe that the 33-year-old Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio is the mother of two kids, because her body is absolutely amazing. This past November, she was booked in a photo shoot for Vogue Brasil, and she was able to score some down time to play on the beach with her beautiful kids. There are lots of women out there who would do anything for a belly as flat and attractive as hers. But we can’t forget that as a Victoria’s Secret model, she is paid a pretty penny to look as gorgeous as she does. Perhaps if we all had a job like hers, we would look almost flawless too.

6  Bar Rafaeli


What can we say? Hollywood A-list actor Leonardo DiCaprio really knows how to pick them. One of his former flames is the stunning 29-yr-old Israeli model Bar Rafaeli. At this moment in time, she’s one of the hottest models on the scene, and she’s not shy about flaunting her body at all. Whether she’s showing off her toned abs on Instagram, modeling for the lingerie brand Passionata, appearing in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue or just relaxing in her Calvin Klein underwear, she’s effortlessly gorgeous. We are starting to seriously wonder how Leonardo let this beauty slip through his fingers.

5  Nicki Minaj

Let’s be honest; young female celebs in Hollywood and music have no problem selling sex to make themselves rich and famous. And one of the artists that is the best right now at doing that is the Queens rapper, Nicki Minaj. She has a thick and curvy body and she flaunts it around like it’s nobody’s business. For those who have been living under a rock and are not familiar with Nicki’s curves, just check out her “Anaconda” video and also her recent performance on Saturday Night Live. She is killing the game right now.

4 Michelle Lewin


Venezuelan fitness expert and bodybuilding model Michelle Lewin is sculpted like a Greek statue. To get a body like hers requires dedication, determination and drive and she has all three. Honestly, if riches were handed out by the number of muscles and hours spent in the gym, Michelle Lewin would be the richest woman on earth. We applaud her efforts and the amazing results are there for all to see.

3  Lupita Nyong’o

2  Jada Pinkett Smith:


At the age of 43, Jada Pinkett Smith continues to prove that she’s by no means past her prime. Even though these days, it’s her kids Willow and Jaden who are capturing most of the headlines, the formidable Gotham actress has a body that would be coveted by women half her age. In her case, it seems like it definitely runs in the family. Will Smith is known for his chiseled body too, and even recently, pictures of Jada’s mother hit the internet showing her having fun at the beach - her body was in prefect shape too.

1  Jennifer Lopez

At the age of 45, J-Lo is certainly proving that she is in no way over the hill. You know the quote that says: “Life begins at 40?” Well in her case, it should actually be life starts at 45. Even though the album she released this year titled AKA didn’t do so well on the charts, she certainly used all the music videos as great advertising for her hot bod. Two of those videos were “I Luh Ya Papi” and another one was the ubiquitous “Booty” featuring Iggy Azalea. There’s just two words we have to say about her physique “Muy Caliente!”

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