The 10 Worst Canadian Celebrities

Ask any Canadian who the worst Canadian celebrities are and a look of horror will spread rapidly across their face as the accusations of treason ring through their ears. With all the political turmoil evolving in provinces across Canada, it would be quite easy to name politicians, but celebrities who have done well command a higher degree of loyalty. Most of the Canadians who make a big name for themselves do so in the United States and have only achieved this fame because they happen to be good at what they do. Just because they are pure when they arrive, doesn't mean that they will stay that way. The other thing any good Canadian is quick to point out is that their corruption often takes place south of the border, so is it Canada itself that can be blamed? South Park would lead you to believe so, but you will have to make up your own mind as you read through the following list of celebs who have somehow made a name for themselves. The names that make this list are the ones who come up most consistently in polls, the people who have somehow earned a crappy reputation. Some of them, as you will see, made a bad name for themselves at one point in time, but have been subsequently taking steps to restore their reputation one good act at a time.

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10 Pamela Anderson

Take a look back at a large part of Pamela Anderson's career and you can see why she has made this list. Growing up in Ladysmith, British Columbia, she had no idea the kind of life she was set to live. Her antics and sex tape with Tommy Lee of Motley Crue were, unfortunately for her, the most easily remembered incidents of hers. She also enjoyed life as an international sex symbol in the 90s thanks to exposure in Playboy magazine and her role on Baywatch, where she played a lifeguard. Judge her for what she has done if you like, but in the eyes of her fans, she is doing some great work these days. She is actively campaigning on behalf of animals around the world and allying herself with organizations such as PETA. Humans may consider her among the worst Canadians, but the animals sure appreciate her.

9 Michael Cera

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He was always stuck playing the awkward, mumbling, and shy teen, and now Michael Cera is finally outgrowing these roles. But where will he end up? He was born in 1988 in Brampton, Ontario, and achieved stardom at a young age, his first appearance being in a Pillsbury Doughboy commercial. He first found recognition when he took on the role of George Michael Bluth in Arrested Development, but it was his role in Superbad that brought him into wider recognition. It was almost definitely these roles that led to him being typecast, leading him to reprise those mannerisms in Juno and Youth in Revolt.

8 Conrad Black

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Conrad Black gained a great deal of notoriety and fame when he became a convicted felon in the US on charges of fraud. Born in Montreal, Quebec in 1944, he invested his time and energy into becoming a newspaper publisher, eventually assuming position at the top of Hollinger International, which  controlled a number of publications. He was accused of three counts of fraud and one count of obstruction of justice when it was alleged that $80 million of company funds was taken or spent by Black himself. In July, 2007, he was convicted for his crime and sentenced to six years in prison, finally achieving freedom in May 2012. It did not take him long to jump back into the limelight, and he has since published several books, the most recent of which is Flight of the Eagle: A Strategic History Of The United States. It has not all been easy though, he continues to face fines and has been stripped of his Order of Canada, which is an honor bestowed on distinguished Canadians.

7 Avril Lavigne

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When Avril Lavigne married Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, she reduced her popularity considerably, though in the eyes of many she didn't have far to drop. Her celebrity status came to her at a young age. By the age of 15, she had already appeared on stage with Shania Twain. She has sold over 30 million albums and 50 million singles in her time at the top of the charts. Her recent music video, Hello Kitty, was met by almost universal contempt and the video was even cited as being racist. She has been criticized for not acting her age. She is now 30, and even her charity efforts have not redeemed her a great deal.

6 Nickelback

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There is a joke going around on Facebook: a link that helps you who to decide who to unfriend to allow in new ones. When you click on the link, it shows you the friends you currently have who are fans of Nickelback. That should give you an indication of the level of dislike for this once popular band from Hanna, Alberta. They are one of the most commercially successful groups in Canadian history, with over 50 million sales of albums over the years. Back in 2011, over 50,000 people signed a petition to have them removed from the half time performance for a Detroit Lions game. This may not be the best use of petitions in a world where many other evils are carried out every day, but it is a fairly good indication that they are at least not welcome in Detroit.

5 William Shatner

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Overconfident, arrogant, and smarmy may be some of the words that come to your mind when you think of William Shatner, and you would not be alone. The man who delivered Captain Kirks lines for Star Trek's formative years is hated by many of the people who have worked with him. Hate is a strong word, and we hope that they can reconcile their differences, but perhaps it is all a subtle hint to Shatner that he needs to change a thing or two about his behavior. If he is to be believed, he has made an effort to reconnect with some of his former co-stars, but it is highly unlikely that Sulu will be hitting warp drive for him anytime soon.

4  4. Robin Thicke

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Although Miley Cyrus got the most attention for twerking at the MTV Video Music Awards, it was Robin Thicke who stirred up controversy with the lyrics to his song Blurred Lines. Born in Los Angeles, he has Canadian citizenship via his father, Alan Thicke, who acted in the sitcom Growing Pains.  The song was controversial in part because of the frequent repetition of the words "You know you want it," words that clearly cross the line between consensual and non-consensual when related to sex. It quickly became one of the most controversial songs of the decade, helped along by the music video, which consisted of scantily clad women in various provocative poses. For his part, Thicke insists the video had the approval of his then-wife, Paula Patton. Thicke is not too popular with anyone who has any respect for women.

3  3. Shenae Grimes

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2 Justin Bieber

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Other celebrities have pissed off the American public, but few have inspired the wrath of them so much that they risked deportation in the way Justin Bieber has. Time and again, Bieber has given Canadians a bad name with his antics on and off stage. Bieber was born in London, Ontario in 1994, and few people could be as arrogant to believe that after such a young life anyone would be interested in reading his autobiography, but this has not stopped him and his team from releasing one. He remains one of the most influential people on twitter and continues to have legions of fans scream just for having seen him - something that had done nothing to abate his Messiah complex. In time, we will see what becomes of Bieber and all his beliebers around the world.

1 Rob Ford

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He should not be a celebrity, but unfortunately the crack smoking mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, makes this list thanks to antics that have landed him on newspapers, magazines, and chat shows around the world. Numerous videos of him have surfaced over the last year, with this representative of the people in various states of drunken mindlessness and drug induced idiocy. He has issued many apologies for his behavior, hoping that it would be enough for him to regain the trust of voters. Amazingly some people still stand behind him, but a growing percentage of Ontarians are done with him, as are many of the Canadian populace. He has become a joke to too many people and though it would seem he is taking steps to overcome his addiction issues, there remains little doubt as to his inadequacy as the most powerful person in Toronto. Time for a change-over, Toronto.

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