10 Underwater Restaurants And Bars That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dine underneath the sea; surrounded by marine life, plants and coral? How about the chance to show off your dance moves while sipping on a dry martini in an underwater nightclub? The future is evolving faster than ever and out of the box thinkers are coming up with more incredible ways to stay, play and dine. The number of underwater hotels is increasing quickly and restaurants and bars now understand the thrill of being below the surface. From true underwater nightclubs and restaurants in the depths of the ocean to aquariums that offer dining with sharks; people are diving at the chance to indulge in these unique eateries and bars. Indulge in luxury four course meals, exceptional wines and champagne breakfasts. From the United States all the way to the Maldives to the infamous luxurious country of Dubai; underwater restaurants and bars are becoming more than just a “fad”. Although some of these restaurants and bars below are just concepts and some are currently under construction it is clear that this is the direction the world is moving in and the rich and famous are begging for more unique and expensive places to dine. Discover just what makes these underwater restaurants and bars so incredible and why you’ll be dropping everything to explore these underwater jewels.


10 Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Although just a concept at the current time the Poseidon Undersea Resort looks to be the most luxurious of underwater hotels; including not just one but two pretty unbelievable underwater restaurants and bars. This hotel has currently been under construction for 13 years but owners promise to have it open in the next couple years. For now; over 150,000 people have registered to stay here. Promising first-class ocean views, an abundance of marine life, world-class dining and even a wedding chapel; prices look to start at $1,500 US per person per night. It appears one must be a guest at this hotel to eat at the restaurants but we can’t be sure; check back in another 13 years.

9 Cargo Hold, South Africa

Not quite underwater but visitors to the Cargo Hold will sure feel like it. This restaurant is built in a replica ship; South Africa’s legendary ghost ship ‘The Phantom’ to be exact. Housed in the famous uShaka Aquarium guests here will dine alongside marine life including colourful fish and the greatest beasts of the ocean; sharks. This restaurant is designed to look as if it is shipwrecked and make sure to request a table closest to the glass. As you dine on the excellent seafood and sip exceptional wines make sure to keep your eyes on the windows and watch as the magnificent kings of the ocean glide by.

8 TechnoMarine Underwater Nightclub, NYC

Although this underwater night club was created for an ad campaign run by TechnoMarine Underwater watches; the set and the underwater helmets are indeed real and set the future for perhaps a true underwater nightclub. The set was built 14 feet underwater and the breathing helmets used in the ad are actually commercially available to purchase.

We aren’t quite sure how anyone would drink through the helmets or how they would talk and why anyone would want to submerge themselves in the Hudson River but we do know now that the technology does exist for this to be real. Any bets on how long before something like this actually exists?

7 Al Mahara, Dubai

Not technically under the water; this restaurant is designed to make patrons feel as though they are under the sea with their floor to ceiling aquarium. Al Mahara has done a wonderful job in the design of the restaurant ensuring that each table and booth has a full frontal view of the 700,000 gallon tank. The restaurant is housed in the 7-star hotel and offers first class service and dining, with a strict semi-formal dress code. A brochure talks about all the different fish here and although you won’t see any big sharks swimming by; the abundance of colorful fish will keep your eyes delighted all dinner long. Make sure to bring your wallet with you here; a dinner for two with a couple drinks will likely run you $500-$600.

6 Subsix at Niyama, Maldives

The first ever underwater nightclub was actually constructed over ground and then later dropped some 20 feet into the Indian Ocean. Located over 500 miles from the coast this exclusive nightclub is only accessible by boat. The floor to ceiling windows provide great viewing of marine creatures that only show themselves at night and often swim right up to the windows as they are attracted to the lights. This club is classy, beautifully decorated and encourages patrons to sip a martini, watch the fish glide by and dance to the beat of the DJ. Subsix, this has officially become the first true underwater nightclub and has set such a high bar, it will be tough to find a more unique experience.

5 Sharks Underwater Grill, Florida

Sharks, sharks and more sharks are what you will find at the Sharks Underwater Grill in Orlando Florida. One of the only kid-friendly options on this list is this theme park restaurant that puts you in the middle of an aquarium housing sharks, sting rays and fish. Although technically not underwater; the huge glass walls make you feel as though the sharks are coming right at you. The food ranges from casual to higher priced items and offers a variety suitable for any family member. Not a place we would recommend for a romantic meal but the perfect place to escape the heat and let the kids experience their first “underwater” restaurant. Make sure to check out the bar where the fish swim right through the bar top!

4 Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

This tiny restaurant located sixteen feet below sea level is one of the most intimate places on this list. To get here visitors must descend the spiral staircase through a thatched pavilion at the end of a jetty. What awaits patrons at this restaurant is a stunning transparent roof, an all glass structure and delicious European cuisine in a six-course setting. Offering lunch for the family, adults only dinner and available for private bookings this is perhaps the most famous of all underwater restaurants in the world. This incredible and unique experience is topped off with clear waters, spectacular marine life and exceptional cocktails.


3 Jules Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida, USA

The only building that one must scuba dive to in order to reach it is Jules Undersea Lodge; part hotel and part research lab. Less of a restaurant and more of an adventure; we felt inclined to include this unique underwater escapade considering one can get a gourmet meal prepared by a chef who actually scuba dives down just for you. This cottage like station offers guests the opportunity to explore the lagoon, have the infamous “take out” pizza or have a chef prepared gourmet meal. Guests enjoy entering the bottom of the lodge and can relax inside while taking in the array of fish from the huge round windows. This unique experience is first of its kind allowing a research station to be available to the average person; plus we heard the pizza is to die for.

2 Sea Restaurant at Anantara Kihavah Villas, Maldives

The claim to fame at Sea Restaurant in the Maldives is the first ever underwater wine cellar; along with a wine guru to help pair the exceptional wines with the gourmet food that is offered here. This adults-only restaurant offers stunning views of the clear waters with a multitude of fish that swim by throughout your meal. Located three metres below the surface this glass walled restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and four-course meals. Open for lunch and dinner; visitors here will delight in the abundant marine life, appetizing meals and beautiful furnishings.

1 Lovers Deep, Caribbean


This leisure submarine is taking things to a whole new level underwater. Calling on guests to join the ‘mile low club’ a British travel company is offering this submarine to couples who want to spend a night below the waves. Complete with your own personal chef and butler this night is fully catered to your every need. A special aphrodisiac tasting menu has been designed for this package and includes oysters, caviar and a decadent chocolate fondue ensuring that guests of this experience make the most out of their underwater adventure. Prices start at £87,000 ( approximately $129,000 USD) per person so you best have deep pockets to experience this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


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