The 10 Most Awful Female Hairstyles That Men Hate

Hate is such a strong word, but think about it. Just as you have a preference for a man's height, weight (dad bod, anyone?), and whether he has facial hair, he too likes certain features. The trends that women love and follow will baffle men a lot of the time. That doesn't mean that you should ignore them just for the sake of looking a little more guy-friendly. However, sometimes men may pass you up just because of the hairstyle you're sporting.

It's a little unfair, maybe a lot unfair, but again, it goes both ways. That dude with the scruff and the neckbeard may not be appealing to you now, but if you bumped into him two days later after he shaved, you might think he was totally hot. Beauty, as the old saying goes, is in the eye of the beholder. Of course, knowing that, as with anything in life, you should wear whatever you want and do whatever you please with your hair. If you have one of these hairstyles or haircuts, please don't run out to your hairdresser right away to beg for a new 'do.

Confidence is and always will be a person's best feature. It's sexy. A great personality can trump any trend. You should rock your hair no matter what color, length, shape, or style. Just for fun though, these styles totally baffle boyfriends and bachelors alike. You may feel completely inspired and find your next hairstyle just because these aren't in favor.

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10 Excessively Long


Yes, the ultimate dream is to have mermaid-like, flowing hair that moves like a waterfall. The reality though is that once your strands begin to grow down to your butt, they're not so waterfall-like anymore. In fact, they're messy, they're tangled, and they're extremely high-maintenance.

Your hair catches under your armpits whenever you lift your arms, it gets all wrapped up in your pillow when you sleep, and forget trying to swim. It feels like a giant sheet down your back. While there's a lot you can do with long locks, if you've been thinking of liberating yourself with a trim, definitely go for it. Just make sure to donate your hair while you're at it.

9 Untamed Curls


When men come across curls that haven't seen styling tools in a while, they tend to feel like they're living in the 1980s all over again, when big, poofy hair helmets lacquered with hairspray were in. Nobody wants to wake up with their head looking like a bird's nest.

Of course, that doesn't mean that curls aren't chic. Quite the contrary. This look can be very sexy if you keep it under control. Curls, for all of the effort they take to maintain, give off a cool, breezy, nonchalant vibe that girls with straight hair envy. If you don't have to reach for the hair curler each and every morning, rejoice.

8 Pixie Cut


Jennifer Lawrence. Audrey Hepburn. Michelle Williams. These celebrities rocked the pixie cut so hard that it made any woman want to grab the scissors and shear her locks. With a piece-y style, this 'do can look very tough and impossibly effortless.

Some men prefer women to have longer hair. They may think that the pixie cut isn't very feminine. It's actually pretty much femininity personified; pairing the hairstyle with a pretty floral frock is about as girly as it gets. Besides, it doesn't take a lot of time to style, and don't all men want their women to cut down the amount of time it takes to get ready to go out? So there.

7 Chunky Bangs


Bangs are an absolutely adorable hair statement to make, and there are so many ways to cut this front fringe. Maybe you go for wispy strands, perhaps you style them to one side, or you can opt for an angled cut or one that's straight across for a nice throwback look.

However, chunky, thick, long bangs that obscure your eyebrows aren't really that cute. Yes, they work for some people (like Taylor Swift!), but once they start getting in your eyes, it's probably time for a haircut. If you're constantly blowing your bangs out of your face on a date, he may just think it's a silly quirk or he might not want to go out again, but on second thought, you wouldn't want to be with someone like that anyway.

6 Afros


An afro is not an easy hairstyle to rock by any stretch of the imagination, and yet some men actually don't like them. Perhaps they think it's too untamed, but then again, guys always say that they want their women to be more natural - so go figure.

Of course, as with any hairstyle, there's a limit. You want to look polished and not unkempt. Some women may prefer a smaller, more closely cropped afro while others may want to go all out and let her hair grow as big as possible. The men that don't like it are probably just jealous that their hair isn't that awesome, guaranteed.

5 The Shag


Cutting your hair into a jagged, slanted shag is one way to instantly add punk credibility to any look. Seriously, just wear a leather jacket with that hairdo and everyone within a five-mile radius will probably stay away from your bad self, not just men.

This is definitely an edgy style, and one that some guys may be intimidated by. However, other punkers will likely sidle right up to you just begging for your number. As long as you wash your hair often with this 'do and don't let it become too greasy and unkempt, you're going to look totally fierce and badass. Try sweeping the bangs to the side on the days where you want to style a more feminine outfit.

4 Pageboy


Granted, the cropped bob with bangs that is the pageboy does look a little dated. However, some women love the vintage aesthetic. In fact, a lot of people do. How else can you explain why flapper dresses are back in or why Hollywood decided to remake The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio?

If you don't want to let go of 1920s style, then by all means go for this look. Try this 'do in blonde or even a coppery red to really make it pop. It's fiery and it's definitely not too common, so you'll certainly stand out. The men that don't get it probably didn't even read The Great Gatsby in school, and why would you want to date someone like that?

3 Dreadlocks


When summertime rolls around, so too does outdoor music festival season. Coachella, the Governor's Ball, Soundset; there's really no limit. These festivals are actually just like one giant party. You hang out in the grass wearing your sweetest lacy halter top and cut-off shorts and you vibe with your friends and maybe some hot dudes.

Dreadlocks are the perfect accessory for the summer festival scene. Some men may say that you look kind of grungy in them, but isn't that the point? It's not like you can exactly brush or wash your dreadlocks, so they just kind of are what they are until you decide to remove them. See how many women you notice wearing dreads this summer.

2 Bald


Any woman who is brave enough to be seen in the world without any hair shouldn't catch an ounce of flak from anybody. Perhaps there's a reason for the lack of locks, like an illness, or perhaps she's just tired of getting her long tresses stuck everywhere she goes (see that long hair above). Either way, it's not necessarily an easy decision to come to.

However, that doesn't mean that bald isn't beautiful. That old saying doesn't just have to apply to men. A bald woman has to have high self-esteem, plus without any hair in her face, her beautiful eyes, great cheekbones, and pretty skin can all be prominently on display. Don't hate.

1 Tight Buns


You've seen it in almost every single teenage drama or chick flick; there's the frumpy, nerdy high school girl who's going for the popular and perfectly attractive jock. He won't give her a second look though because she wears glasses and a big bun. Then, magically, near the end of the movie, circumstances call for her to ditch the glasses and let her hair down, literally. The jock falls in love, it's a happy ending for all, roll credits.

The major complaint with a bun is that it makes you look too much like a librarian. However, for the office, this hairstyle comes across as professional. Topknots are all the rage, so apparently where the bun is placed on your head matters. If you love the bun, don't stop, but maybe don't pull your hair up every day since it's not good for its strength and long-term health.

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