The 10 Hottest South Beach Clubs

With the summer heat fast approaching, all of us lucky ones are out there planning our next vacation trips. One hot spot that we should all consider is South Beach Florida. Not only is South Beach a jump and a skip away from Miami Beach (which is another incredible vacation stay), but South Beach is known for its incredible weather, its relaxing beaches, and of course, their clubs.

South Beach has some pretty amazing clubs, and they all have luxury VIP access to help upgrade your vacation status. Why not splurge a little more to gain ultimate happiness and, of course, the ultimate party scene? By checking out this list of the 10 hottest South Beach clubs, you'll know exactly where to venture to.


10 Set Lounge

This futuristic and vintage Hollywood glam lounge is for the people that are ready to spend that extra cash to get that extra fun. Set Lounge has a futuristic glass fireplace and vacuum compressed elevators; talk about eccentric. With the hanging chandeliers, their LED backdrops, and its quality bottle service, get ready to put on your heels and grab your wallet.

9 Mynt Lounge


The Mynt Lounge on the South Beach strip has a serious tight door policy, but for good reason. Some of the hottest celebrities have walked through those doors and partied on their dance floor, including Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, and Jamie Foxx. If you want to get on the list at this luxury club, make sure you’re looking your best, and get to the doors early. Their motto throughout the night follows a strict rule that the guests are the stars, and should be treated like so. It should help that they spent almost $1.2 million on their latest renovation.

8 Dream Nightclub

The name fits their motto here: to escape reality in a dream. Before you even step into this luxury club, you're walking past velvet ropes and suited doormen. If you're looking to get into this nightclub, then make sure to get there early; they have a reputation of turning people away at the door. They have beautiful white leather couches, and a huge tabletop with a full bar; don't forget to order a champagne bottle stuffed with sparklers!

7 Club Play


Club Play is the best place for the people that like to get down and dance to hip-hop. If you're lucky, you might run into some of the coolest hip-hop artists like Nicki Minaj or Drake. Don't forget about their private VIP booth, with buckets of Champagne or Vodka, which is entirely your choice. Their urban setting environment is set for the coolest parties, as well as entertaining their guests with all of the luxury amenities you could want, like their black modern furniture and clean sleek designs.

6 Mokai Lounge

Now, the Mokai lounge is for the people on South Beach that love a good time, in a relaxed environment. The sophisticated designs of brick walls, dim lights, and their red leather furniture really pack a great punch to spice up you and your friends' night. For bottles starting at $80 a pop, it’s easy to see why celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Lenny Kravitz like to party the night away here.

5 Mansion


Mansion is also owned and operated by their other hot spot club, Set, which was mentioned earlier. If you liked the idea of Set, then Mansion is your next best bet. With two floors, you'll have a full view of the multi-million dollar light show that they begin every night, as well as their amazing surround sound quality, so you'll never have a bad spot in the club. They've had parties hosted by Jay Z and David Guetta, just to name a few; so this will definitely be the next hot spot to visit the next time you venture down to South Beach.

4 Bamboo

Bamboo is a completely unique club of its own that is a definite must-see when you travel down to Florida. This incredible club used to be the Paris Theatre, a deco cinema that showed skin flicks in the 1970's. After the remodel for Bamboo, they've kept some of the amazing art pieces from the theatre; like its jaw-dropping chandelier and over 27,000 square feet of amazing dance floor space. Filled with showgirls and acrobatics, you'll definitely be entertained, and you'll definitely have the time of your life.


3 Mova


This upscale club is all about opening their doors to all people, and feeling comfortable being your true self in your own skin. Come dressed up and ready to spend your money because this club makes sure that you're in for the night of your life. Sip on their handcrafted cocktails, and dance the night away with some of your best friends, and become a part of the Mova family yourself. Mova offers you incredible VIP service, and sexy, sleek designs to keep you staying and wanting more.

2 Skyline

The name of this bar fits perfectly with their theme; the Skyline Lounge offers you amazing VIP service, all in the setting of an airline! Enjoy their specialty cocktails, served by sexy flight attendants, overhead compartments for your personal items, and super comfortable first class airline seating. With the unique qualities in this lounges, you'll have to put it on your bucket list. After all, South Beach doesn't mess around and neither does the Skyline Lounge.

1 Skybar


Not to be confused with Skyline, this new and improved cocktail lounge is in the heart of South Beach, attached to the Shore Club South Beach hotel. For more of a relaxed and intimate setting, the Skybar is the perfect place to go for you and your date. This Moroccan themed lounge is nestled in a beautiful setting, with jungle gardens, and two swimming pools to dip in after your one too many cocktails.

South Beach is known for its hottest club and hottest people, so why not venture out to each of these clubs listed, and become a regular? Get up close and personal to the most famous celebrities, and who knows—maybe you'll get invited to their VIP rooms for the night. With South Beach, anything can happen; so pack your best party clothes, and don't forget your wallet.

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