Most Valuble Cosmetics Brands In The World

Women have always been judged by their looks since time immemorial. The most beautiful women ended up marrying the most powerful men in ancient society i.e. Kings. Fast forward today, looks still take the day for women. Women have therefore been forced by society over the past centuries to enhance their looks for them to stand out. The natural look no longer takes the day. A woman must take care of her body and looks for her to be labelled beautiful.

Women can enhance their looks today in many ways i.e. exercising, undergoing plastic surgery, wearing the best/most fashionable clothes, using cosmetics e.t.c. In this article our focus will be on cosmetics. It is important to note that women can’t live without cosmetics even if they choose to spend tonnes of cash on clothes, shoes, plastic surgery e.t.c. Makeup is one of the most important ingredient for enhancing a woman’s confidence as well as making her feel extra attractive. The face has to look exemplary otherwise everything won’t matter.

This explains why the cosmetic industry is a multibillion dollar industry today. Women are spending over $100 billion worldwide every year to buy cosmetics in an effort to enhance their looks. In a few decades, the spending could surpass the trillion dollar mark considering women are constantly being pressurised by society to look like their counterparts in the entertainment industry (TV and film/movie).

Although there are very many cosmetic brands in the market today, our focus in this article will be on the most exclusive brands i.e. the best brands, brands used by celebrities e.t.c. One of the best ways of ranking any brand in terms of exclusivity is using the brand value. We will use this criterion to rank the most exclusive cosmetic brands below. If you are interested in knowing which cosmetic brands are the best/most exclusive today, below is a list of the top 10 most exclusive cosmetic brands in the world today.

10 Christian Dior (Brand Value: $2.9 Billion)

Christian Dior is definitely among the top cosmetic brands in the world when you consider brand value alone. Founded as a fashion house in 1946 by Christian Dior, this French brand has evolved to become one of the most exclusive fashion/cosmetic brands in the world. Christian Dior sells over a billion dollars worth of cosmetics every year. When you consider the fact that popular Christian Dior products like Diorshow mascara are used by high end clientele i.e. celebrities like Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell and Denise Richards among others, it is easy to see why this cosmetic brand makes it to this list.

9 9.Bioré (Brand Value: $3.4 Billion)

Biore is another exclusive cosmetic brand in the market today. The cosmetic brand boasts of a brand value of $3.4 billion according to the latest estimates. Originally from Japan, this cosmetic brand is known for producing some of the best most exclusive deep cleansing, complexion clearing and make-up removing products. Some of the most popular Biore cosmetics include; steam activated cleanser, pore unclogging scrub, deep cleansing pore strips, Acne clearing scrub and blemish treating astringent. No wonder Biore attracts high net worth clients like; Emily Rossum, Emilia Clarke and Shay Mitchell.

8 Estee Lauder (Brand Value: $3.8 Billion)

Estee Launder Inc is undoubtedly one of the best manufacturers and marketers of prestige makeup, fragrance, skincare and hair care products. The company was founded by Estee Lauder alongside his siblings; Leonard and Ronald Lauder. The company’s headquarters is currently in New York City. Estee Lauder cosmetics are currently available in over 150 countries & territories worldwide. They are sold under brand names such as; Estee Lauder, Clinique, Aramis, Origins, Bobbi Brown, Aveda and La Mer. Estee

Lauder also has a global licensee for cosmetics and/or fragrances sold under brand names like coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Tom Ford and Michael Kors. Nothing more needs to be said about Estee Lauder and the brands exclusivity. When you consider some of the most loyal customers of the brand are celebrities like Elizabeth Hurley, Gwyneth Paltrow and Carolyn Murphy, you can understand why this brand makes it to this list.

7 Dove (Brand Value: $4.2 Billion)

Dove is another exclusive cosmetic brand in the market today when you consider things like brand value and clientele. Dove has a brand value of $4.2 billion as of 2013. The brand is owned by Unilever, one of the biggest consumer goods companies in the world. No wonder the brand manages to dominate the cosmetics industry with sales amounting to billions every year. Dove cosmetics are present in over 35 countries worldwide. Dove makes some of the best body washes, lotions/moisturizers, facial care and hair care products. No wonder celebrities like Edyta Jungowska and Ewa Kasprzyk love Dove cosmetics like; the Pro-Age Cream Oil Lotion and the Dove damage therapy moisture shampoo among other popular dove cosmetics.

6 Avon (Brand Value: $5.16 Billion)

Number 6 on this list is Avon with a brand value of $5.16 billion. Founded in 1886 by David H, McConnell, Avon boasts of generating revenues surpassing the $10 billion mark. Last year (2012), Avon posted annual sales amounting to $10.7 billion. These impressive sales can be attributed to the popularity of the brand’s high-end products among celebrities like Fergie, Keri Hilson, Salma Hayek, and Reese Witherspoon. Nothing more needs to be said. Avon makes exclusive products which are highly sought after. This is precisely why the brand deserves a spot in this list.

5 Lancome (Brand Value: $5.5 Billion)

Number 5 on this list is Lancome; a French luxury cosmetics brand with international presence. Founded in 1935 by Armand Petitjean, Lancome is currently among the most luxurious skin care, makeup and fragrance cosmetics houses in the world. Lancome is home to some of the most luxurious cosmetics i.e. Genifique eye (an activating eye concentrate) and Visionnaire (an advanced skin corrector). Although these products are pricey (cost $62 and $139 respectively), they are among the best most luxurious cosmetics in their category. This explains why these Lancome products among many others are bought by celebrities like Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz and Kate Winslet. When you couple that with Lancome’s $4 billion sales, you understand why the brand is in this list.

4 Nivea (Brand Value: $5.8 Billion)

Nivea is one of the most popular skin and body care brands in the world today. The brand is owned by Beiersdorf; a German company founded in 1882 by Carl Paul Beiersdorf. In the 1930’s, Beiersdorf started producing shaving creams, facial toners and tanning oils. Since then, Nivea has penetrated every market in the world in the process cementing its position in the cosmetics industry worldwide. Nivea has all kinds of cosmetics (high-end to low-end). When you consider the wide variety and range of Nivea’s products and its latest revenue figures amounting to $8.3 billion, it is easy to see why the brand makes it to top 5 in this list. When you couple that with the long list of celebrity clients i.e. Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian, nothing more needs to be said about Nivea.

3 Neutrogena (Brand Value: $6.9 Billion)

Neutrogena is an American cosmetics brand with a presence in over 70 countries worldwide. Neutrogena deserves a top three spot in this list because of the brands exclusive products contributing to the brands $6.9 billion brand value. Founded in 1930, Neutrogena has managed to dominate the luxury cosmetics industry for decades. Neutrogena makes some of the best moisturizers and anti-wrinkle creams in the world. No wonder the brand boasts of having a long list of celebrity clients like Diane Lane, Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Garner, Vanessa Hudgens and Katherine McPhee who recommend Neutrogena products as part of every woman’s daily beauty routine.

2 L'Oréal (Brand Value: $8.69 Billion)

L'Oréal Group is undoubtedly one of the biggest cosmetics & beauty companies in the world. The French-based cosmetics giant boasts of a brand value of $8.69 billion. L'Oréal makes it to the number two spot in this list because of its brand value and luxury cosmetics products line. L'Oréal is behind some of the most luxurious cosmetics in the world i.e. cosmetics sold under Maybelline NY, Softsheen.Carson and Garnier brands. This explains why L'Oréal cosmetics generate the most revenues in this list ($28.8 billion). L'Oréal’s high end clientele i.e. celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce also solidify the brands position as one of the most exclusive cosmetics brands in the world.

1 Olay (Brand Value: $11.7 Villion)

Number one on this list of most exclusive cosmetics brands in the world today is Olay with a brand value of $11.7 billion. Based on brand value alone, Olay deserves the number one spot in this list. The brand however dominated in many other areas i.e. revenues considering the brand contributes a huge chunk of Procter & Gamble’s multibillion dollar annual revenue ($79 billion according to the latest estimates). Olay also has an impressive client list composed of celebrities like Kelly Rowland and Carrie Underwood who love Olay’s high-end cosmetics i.e. Olay Regenerist Micro sculpting Cream. Nothing more needs to be said. Olay deserves the number one spot in this list.

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