Youngest To $50 Million: 15 Stars With Huge Net Worths Already

Imagine being a multi-millionaire before your 20th birthday. How would your life be different? Would you be a spoiled brat, or use the money to invest in your education and philanthropy? Through talent, ingenuity and good looks, this list takes a look at people who amassed huge amounts of money while they were still very young.

Whether they’re a sports prodigy, software genius or famous actor - most of the people on this list share a good work ethic and a passion for what they do. They are, more often than not, iconoclasts who set themselves apart from their peers one way or another. Behind that skill set, though, is often a smart business sense. Even with the right gigs and the right opportunities, making a bad choice or a bad investment can literally cost you millions. This might be a credit as much to the people closest to these young stars as it is the young millionaires themselves.

This list balances people from different backgrounds and industries who managed to accumulate over $50 million at a young age. This usually means they earned that much before or around the age of 25. It also should be no surprise that many people on this list have only continued to earn more and more money as they grow older - who knows down the line how many more people on this list will become billionaires.

15 Emma Watson

14 Kristen Stewart

13 Miley Cyrus

12 Justin Bieber

11 Roger Federer

10 Jennifer Lawrence

9 Drake

8 The Olsen Twins

7 Mia Wasikowska

6 Daniel Radcliffe

5 Cristiano Ronaldo

4 Taylor Swift

3 Lebron James

2 Elon Musk

1 Mark Zuckerberg

This list was more or less made for Mark Zuckerberg, the boy genius behind Facebook. Mark is just 31 years old and looks about a decade younger than that - already he is worth a respectable $35.7 billion, putting him in very unique company. Zuckerberg wasn’t even 30 years old when David Fincher’s The Social Network starring Jesse Eisenberg was released, depicting the trials and tribulations of his success. Imagine you haven’t even hit mid-life yet, and someone made a Citizen Kane like a movie about your life? That, my friends, is the next level of rich and famous.

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Youngest To $50 Million: 15 Stars With Huge Net Worths Already