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Wiz Khalifa Spending $120 Thousand a Year on Weed

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Wiz Khalifa Spending $120 Thousand a Year on Weed

Wiz Khalifa turns weed into money. He established himself as a rapper who is associated with marijuana and once admitted he spends more than $10, 000 a month just for to purchasing the marijuana.


He kills two birds with one stone for during his shows and tours, he sells 150-200 packs of Wiz Khalifa branded rolling papers for $10.  The paper is made of 100 % premium hemp. For package, it comes with 33 1 ¼ sized individual rolling papers. Disclaimer: Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers are for adult use only and not intended for illegal use.


Khalifa also has a limited edition “420 Kit” he sells during his shows which costs $42. It includes t-shirt, papers, herb grinder and baggie. During tours, he manages to sell an average of 700 shirts. His shirts are characterized with rebellious prints, reggae and hippie colors such as black, red, green and yellow.  His other merchandise includes snapback, hats, bracelets, yellow hoodie and a dimebag-sized zipper pocket for $60.


Khalifa has accumulated more than $11 million over the past year as a hip hop artist. Forbes estimates his earnings to reach $15 million combined with his shoes, tours and clothing sales.

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