Why Men Have Little Chance of Marrying into Wealth

Divorce settlements have a great impact on some of the richest people in the world. For women, divorce is an unusual means of getting into the rich list. For instance, Erica Baxter, a model married to James Packer, will get a fortune of $40 million when she divorces her husband. Britain’s list of 1000 richest people has a fair share of divorcees. However, in most of the divorce cases, only women benefit financially. When Bernie Ecclestone divorced Slavica Ecclestone, Slavica was awarded approximately $1.2 billion in divorce settlement. Another instance entails Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich whose divorced wife Irina Malandina walked away with a fortune of about $199 million.

A survey by found out that there are low chances of men marrying into wealth. A survey of approximately 15,000 members of the rich matchmaking site found out that most male millionaires were dating or married to non-millionaires. Rich men have no problem sharing their fortune with a non-millionaire wife or girlfriend.

Conversely, most female millionaires preferred dating or getting married to male millionaires. The survey clearly indicates that the likelihood of men marrying into wealth is very low. Rich women justify this behavior by indicating that marrying a non-millionaire will reduce the woman’s control on her wealth because they will make financial decisions together. In addition, rich women believe that non-millionaire men are a burden since they will depend on the woman for finances. In fact, a woman worth over $100 million indicated that she was not ready to give financial support to a non-millionaire man.

In light of these reasons, it is hard for men to marry into wealth. A high percentage of rich women would rather sign a pre-nuptial agreement to protect their wealth. On the other hand, only a fraction of rich men would sign a pre-nuptial agreement with their non-millionaire wives. This explains why many women leap into the rich list after divorce yet few, if any, men crack the rich list after divorcing their wives.

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Why Men Have Little Chance of Marrying into Wealth