Where The Royals And Millionaires Are Partying This New Years Eve

Many people are wondering where the millionaires and billionaires are going to be spending New Year's Eve this year. In addition the public can't wait to hear who will be attending their parties and what surprises are in store. Like all the previous years, the money makers of the world are pulling out all the stops to ensure the most extravagant and memorable shows within their highly exclusive locations.

It might come as a surprise but most affluent individuals prefer to keep their plans private and confidential, if not they intend to keep the events very exclusive. Those who do like the limelight are out in full force, whether they are lashing out money on expensive shows to entertain their guests or simply making appearances. One thing is sure; when they do organize a party you are sure that a long list of celebrity attendances will be among the guests. Here is a look at some of the most rich and famous individuals in the world and their plans this New Years Eve.

Richard Branson

Roman Abramovich

Prince William

Donald Trump

Paris Hilton

Ryan Seacrest


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Where The Royals And Millionaires Are Partying This New Years Eve