Vladimir Putin Giving Strangers Watches Worth $10,000

Russian President, Vladimir Putin has always made big, demonstrative gestures indicative of power.

These days, nothing has changed.

Known for riding a horse shirtless or visiting a whale farm while stripped to the waist, Putin is nothing short of the wow effect. Literally.

His watch collection alone is estimated to be worth a stunning sum of $700, 000. The star of them all is the shining number from A Lange & Sohne, valued at $500, 000. Second in line is Putin's $15, 000 Breguet Marine, closely followed by a number of Blancpains, estimated to be worth $12, 000 each.

Putin's watches are put to good use. Russian videos show Putin handing out watches to strangers, such as a very lucky pair (the son of a shepherd and a metal worker), recipients of a Blancpain Aqualung.

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Vladimir Putin Giving Strangers Watches Worth $10,000