Under 1 Million: 14 Celebs You Won’t Believe Have Low Net Worths

One of the reasons people fight and clamor to get on reality television is the dream that it will lead to fame and fortune. For many of us, appearing on television and in movies is synonymous with financial well-being. How many of us dream of waking up in the morning and no longer having to worry about paying the bills or rent? Reality TV is just one short-cut that some people try to use in order to escape the financial realities associated with being “normal.”

But not everyone you see on TV is rolling in dough. For a variety of reasons, there are many beloved and talented actors who are not even worth 1 million dollars! While for some, it’s simply a matter of time, their careers are just starting up and even by the end of the year they will cross the threshold into being a bona fide millionaire. For others however, poor life choices, unfortunate tragedies, and bad investments have more or less destroyed their fortunes. While some are hanging on with a few hundred thousand in the bank, others are so deep in debt that it seems difficult to imagine they will ever recover. As some of these are favourite actors, we really hope the best for all involved. And maybe, take some heed from their mistakes and be careful with the way we spend and invest in money. One thing’s for sure, we’re always going to pay our taxes on time from now on!

14 Margot Kidder, Net Worth 300K


13 Sinbad, Net Worth -11 Million

12 Eric Balfour, Net Worth 500K

11 Debby Ryan, Net Worth 925K

10 Rory McCann, Net Worth 750K

9 Tom Guiry, Net Worth 100K

8 Emmanuel Lewis, Net Worth 500K

7 Hailee Steinfeld, Net Worth 500K

6 Lindsay Lohan, Net Worth 500K

5 Edward Furlong, Net Worth 100K

4 Randy Quaid, Net Worth -1 Million


3 Emily Ratajkowski, Net Worth 500K

2 Gary Busey, Net Worth 500K

1 Chris Tucker, Net Worth -11.5 million

At one point, it felt like Chris Tucker was the most famous person in the world. Building a very successful film career out of his comedy, Tucker starred alongside Jackie Chan in the Rush Hour films - which he earned over 50 million for all three. He had huge deals with New Line Cinema which guaranteed him at least 40 extra million dollars. And honestly, at the time Chris Tucker deserved it - he was the funniest guy in the world. So what happened? Well, depends on who you ask. Not unlike Wesley Snipes, Tucker ran into trouble with the IRS after not properly declaring income and in 2014 was forced to pay over 14 million in unpaid taxes. But long before then, Tucker had more or less fallen out of the spotlight after making just 3 movies in 16 years. Tucker went from being one of the highest-paid actors in the world to owing more money than most of us will ever get our hands on.

Sources:  People

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Under 1 Million: 14 Celebs You Won’t Believe Have Low Net Worths