Trump to Purchase $90 Million Island?

Donald Trump is one of the richest men in the world with a net worth of around $3.2 billion. While Donald enjoys purchasing and selling real estate, he's now thinking about setting his sights on something much larger. Trump recently talked to The Associated Press about how he's thinking about purchasing New York's Plum Island. This is located off of the coast of Long Island and is 843 acres. On it is a lab that focuses on studying infectious animal diseases, but it's no longer open since congress voted to close it in 2009.

The price of the island has not been set, but experts believe it's worth around $80 to $90 million. Trump could stand to make much more than this off of homes and businesses built on the island, if he were to purchase it. According to recent studies done by the government, 500 private homes can be built right now. Trump's decision is not set right now, so there's no need to prepare for Trump Island just yet!

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Trump to Purchase $90 Million Island?