Top 15 Wealthiest Celebrity Children

As much as we’re fascinated with celebrities themselves, their children seem to draw us in an entirely different way. We can’t seem to keep ourselves from alternating between cooing at their cuteness and scoffing at their strange names. But one of the most alluring aspects of celebrity baby culture is the obscene fortunes they’re born into. With the combined net worth of their parents, and perhaps even a bit of “work” themselves, these celebrity children were born with silver spoons in their mouths and are the wealthiest in Hollywood. Some of these children haven’t even had their first birthday, while others are nearing double digits, some are an only child, while others have to split the inheritance six ways, and some are sweet and well-behaved, while others are notorious brats, but one thing’s for sure: every single one is filthy rich.

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15 Harper and Gideon Burtka-Harris

They might not be the wealthiest family on this list, but we simply had to include Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka’s children because their family is adorably picturesque. Neil Patrick Harris’ net worth comes to a total of $16 million while his partner David’s is $2 million, so their two adopted children, Harper and Gideon, are sitting on a cool $18 million. The money must come in handy when choosing Halloween costumes – the family dresses up in crazy cute themed costumes every year.

14 Honor and Haven Warren

13 Axl Jack Duhamel

12 Rose Dauriac-Johansson

11 Levi, Vida and Livingston Alves-McConaughey


Although Matthew McConaughey was long known for his romantic comedies, he’s recently branched out and really shown off his acting chops. In fact, his recent films have sparked the term “McConaissance,” revealing just how legendary his acting is. Matthew and wife, Camila have three children: Levi, age six, Vida, age four, and Livingston, age two. Between Matthew and wife Camila, the couple’s three children are pretty wealthy heirs: the couple has a combined net worth of $79 million. The only downside is splitting the cash three ways.

10 Nahla and Maceo Berry


9 Max Liron Bratman and Summer Rain Rutler

8 North West

Although plenty of people have scoffed at North West’s unusual name, there’s no denying that she’s a cute little girl with a sizable inheritance. With Kim’s net worth at $64 million and Kanye’s at $120 million, North is set to inherit $184 million. In addition to her super famous parents, little North began her modeling career at 13 months old. Clad in Chanel, North is pictured artistically gazing off to the side. It looks like North is taking a leaf out of her parents’ book and learning to ignore the haters at a young age.

7 Apple and Moses Martin


What’s better than having one famous parent? Having two famous parents. Although the couple recently split, Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow have two children: Apple, age ten and Moses, age eight. Chris’ net worth is $140 million, while Gwyneth’s is $60 million, totaling a combined net worth of $200 million. This total makes Apple and Moses two of the richest kids in Hollywood. Their names might be unusual, but these two kids are certainly set for life.

6 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Children

With Angelina Jolie’s net worth at $145 million and her husband Brad Pitt’s at $240 million, the Jolie-Pitt clan is heir to a combined total of $385 million. While the total wealth amassed by the Jolie-Pitts is more than some of the families higher on this list, the Jolie-Pitts are relegated to a lower spot on this list because the fortune has to be split between six children. Angelina and Brad’s three eldest children are adopted from Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia, while their three youngest are biological.

5 Jayden and Sean Federline

4 Maximilian and Emme Muniz

3 Suri Cruise

With father Tom Cruise’s net worth at $380 million and mother Katie Holmes' net worth at $25 million, Suri Cruise is one of the wealthiest kids in the world. Tom and Katie recently divorced in 2012, six years after Suri was born in 2006. Suri isn’t just wealthy, however; she’s also notorious for her wicked style. There are countless fashion blogs dedicated to her endless cute outfits, despite the fact that she’s only eight years old, so she’s probably destined to work in fashion.

2 Prince George of Cambridge


Prince George, son of Will and Kate, is the child of a whole different kind of celebrity. Will and Kate’s romance took the world by storm when they married in 2011, and Will’s current net worth is a reported $40 million, while Kate’s is $1 million. Although their combined net worth might not seem high enough to have earned the third spot on this list, we think it’s important to note the perks that are a little subtler. After all, George is a Prince, and will most likely be King one day. That’s definitely not something that any other celebrity kid can boast of.

1 Blue Ivy Carter

Born on January 7th, 2012, Blue Ivy is the only child on this list whose inheritance is in the billions rather than the millions. With Beyonce’s current net worth at $536 million and Jay Z’s at $550 million, it’s likely that this power couple’s mutual empire is only to grow. With such driven and successful parents, it’s unlikely that Blue Ivy will grow up to be a spoiled celebrity brat, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely adorable.

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