Top 15 Celebrity Gold Diggers

When a lot of people think about becoming rich, they think of working hard, or starting their own business, or becoming a famous musician or athlete. Other people like to go another route to find their fortunes. They try to find someone rich and marry them, or if they can't marry them, at least use them for as long as they can.

Usually the gold digger is good looking, charming and often is quite younger than their wealthy and famous partner. Sometimes they stay with the rich partner forever,  but more often a divorce soon comes, and the gold digger leaves their wealthy partner in tears, and a whole lot poorer.

Some may think the wealthy person is taking advantage too, after all most of the gold diggers on this list are totally hot, but even if this is so, you know it still has to hurt when you find out that all she, or sometimes he, really wanted was your money.  The people on this list are the reason the rich and powerful go for a prenup nowadays.

Here is TheRichest's list of the Top 15 Celebrity Gold Diggers.

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14 Oksana Grigorieva - Mel Gibson

So we can't feel too badly for Mel Gibson; I mean obviously the guy is kind of a jerk, and a bigoted one at that, but still, Oksana tried to take Mel for a ride. Oksana is from Russia and is a singer and actress of sorts.  Things got ugly, and while married Mel supposedly punched her in the mouth. They had a kid together and in divorce negotiations Oksana was offered $15 million, but passed. She wound up getting just $750,000.  So the moral of the story is, if you are going to be a gold digger, than for god sake do a better job of it than Oksana.

13 Raffaello Follieri - Anne Hathaway

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Poor Anne Hathaway. She proves to us all that no matter how hot one may be, and no matter how successful, it doesn't mean that you still can't be fooled. Anne got engaged to Follieri, who she thought was a handsome charmer with a career in real estate. In actuality, Follieri was a handsome charmer with a career in ripping people off, and Anne was obviously next.  Follieri had embezzled more than $50 million and is now in prison. Which should teach all you wannabe gold diggers a lesson...don't be too greedy.

12 Dean McDermott - Tori Spelling

11 Courtney Stodden - Doug Hutchinson

Courtney was 16 when she married the 51-year-old millionaire Doug Hutchinson. It seems that her family is in the gold digger game as well, as they signed off on the marriage. See what being rich gets you? If a 51-year-old plumber tried that he would be in jail, or at the very least run out of town.  Courtney got on a few reality shows, including one with Hutchison called Couples Therapy, but her celebrity soon burned out and the couple split up, although for a while Doug was acting as her agent. Creepy much? Even creepier, word is that they are now back together.

10 V. Stiviano - Donald Sterling

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Now this one is rather textbook. Stiviano is 33, totally gorgeous and a model. Sterling is 81,  by most accounts an idiot, and incredibly rich as the former owner of the L.A Clippers. This one didn't have a happy ending for the gold digger though. Stiviano recently had to leave a $2.6 million house she was hanging out in and had to trade in her Ferrari for a Hyundai. The problem was Sterling was married the whole time the two were openly hanging out, and that just simply is not being a smart gold digger. Better luck next time!

9 Evelyn Lozada - Chad Johnson

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When Evelyn and Chad got married it seemed like they were a really cute couple; I mean how they looked so good together! Well but then apparently TV personality Evelyn found out that  NFL star Chad didn't have nearly as much money as she thought he did, mostly because the guy was spending money like crazy, so she left him after just a few weeks. Chad was understandably upset. I mean she supposedly loved him until she saw his bank account numbers? But really he should be happy, at least he dodged a bullet, and got rid of her when he had the chance.

8 Rachel Hunter - Rod Stewart

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Way back in the day Rod Stewart was one of the most famous rock stars in the world, and Rachel Hunter was one of the most famous models. Rich, older rock stars, and young hot models go together like peanut butter and jelly for a while, but they hardly ever last for long. Rachel and Rod were no different and soon got divorced. Rod was no fool and did a prenup but Rachel still walked away with $65 million. Well, she was 21 and Rod was 45 when they met, so at least he had a good time for a while.

7 Heather Mills - Paul McCartney

6 Crystal Harris - Hugh Hefner

Crystal is the third wife of Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner. Forgive me for being suspicious but being 60 years younger than Hef just might make her somewhat of a gold digger. Who knows though? Maybe she is madly in love. With his money.  Hefner's lawyers have made it clear she gets nothing in a divorce, so if Harris wants to stay wealthy she will just have to continue to be Hefner's slave - oh sorry I mean wife.  Hefner is one of the only people that can be married to a gold digger and you still know he is in charge of the situation.

5 Vanessa Bryant - Kobe Bryant

I mean maybe Vanessa really loves Kobe.  It is always possible. They have been together since she was 17 and he was 20 after all. But something about this just screams gold digger. Kobe is obviously a jerk; it seems like everyone in the NBA can't stand him, including his teammates, and he also was charged with rape and all of that, so why does she stay with him? Well maybe because he buys her a diamond ring that cost a few million dollars, or it could be  because being with him makes her filthy rich. Who knows? Love is hard to figure out, especially when you are with a gold digger.

4 Tracey Edmonds - Babyface, Eddie Murphy, & Deion Sanders

Some people aren't just run of the mill gold diggers. Some people aren't even really good gold diggers. Some people are the best at being gold diggers in the whole world. And who is one of the best? Tracey Edmonds, that's who.  Tracey has hung out with Deion Sanders,  and before that had been married to Eddie Murphy as well as Babyface. Through all of her hard work, her gold digging is estimated to be worth around $30 million. Good job Tracey, you are inspiration to gold diggers everywhere, and for this we salute you.

3 Elin Nordegren - Tiger Woods

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Elin is a former model who was lucky enough, or unlucky enough, depending on your perspective, to marry the most famous golfer and sex addict in the world, Tiger Woods.  After it became clear that Tiger had cheated on her thousands of times, they got divorced with Elin receiving $100 million. She used this to purchase a $12 million mansion in Florida, which she had demolished before building a new home on the property. Elin graduated college in 2014. We can guess that is one degree that is not going to be put to much use.

2 Kimora Lee Simmons - Russell Simmons

1 Kevin Federline - Britney Spears

Kevin Federline, known as K-Fed, is a world class gold digger indeed. Back in the day Britney Spears was possibly the biggest star in the world.  She also was seriously damaged, partying a lot. Federline was one of her backup dancers on tour; he was also working as a pizza delivery guy. He had a child on the way with another woman, but swooped in and mesmerized poor Britney.  She even paid for her own engagement ring. He knocked her up, got married to her, and shortly thereafter were divorced.  He continues to get around $250,000 a year from Britney which is certainly enough to live a grandiose lifestyle. If he ever needs more money he could just give gold digging lessons, he sure is good enough at it.

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