Top 10 Shocking Celebrity/Athlete Feuds

Celebrity Athlete Feuds

Feuds are common between colleagues in different places of work, between competing companies, between siblings in homes, and in many other settings where people have to interact on a regular or semi-regular basis. Therefore, the element of 'crossing paths' is usually important in fueling a feud, and the expectation here would be that with people who rarely encounter each other, there's not much chance of generating a feud, right?

In addition, it is almost impossible for people in any form of a relationship to live without misunderstanding each other at some point, and the level of maturity between the parties is usually what determines how long a misunderstanding can continue. The reasons for having a misunderstanding between people can range from very serious and legitimate, to very stupid and senseless claims that are not even worth the effort of holding a grudge. Therefore, another expectation we could have here is that mature people who do not have the opportunity to interact so often do not have the need or the desire to get into a feud or stay in one, especially if it falls in the category of stupid and senseless.

However, against all odds, it is very common to come across athletes and celebrities getting into some of the stupidest and most senseless of feuds. At times, it is a wonder why these two groups of very rich and famous people even cross paths, and why they feel the need to handle their meaningless feuds in the public's eye. Since the feuds that these celebrities and athletes get themselves into are at times very entertaining, here are 10 that are worth writing about:

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10 Chris Brown vs. CM Punk

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When it comes to music and dance, Chris Brown is a master of the stage and an exceptional entertainer. Few musicians will get to the level that Chris Brown is at, and his talent, creativity, and great voice have a lot to do with it. Phillip Jack Brooks, aka CM Punk, on the other hand, is an expert martial artist and a former professional wrestling superstar, who has one of the longest serving histories as a WWE champion. These two are professionals in their fields, but they were engaged in a silly feud on different online platforms. Chris Brown alleged that CM Punk took steroids, which is clearly not the case. CM Punk responded by calling Chris Brown a cowardly little boy, in relation to Chris hitting Rihanna. If this feud were to turn physical, no form of dancing or singing would be enough to save Chris from CM Punk's serious kicks and punches.

9 Lil Wayne vs. Chris Bosh/Miami Heat

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8 Lance Armstrong vs. Conan O'Brien

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Before Lance Armstrong was charged with using illicit performance enhancing substances, he was one of the greatest cyclists the world had ever seen. Lance won the Tour de France seven times in succession, from 1999 to 2005, a feat that no one in the world has managed to accomplish to this day. Conan O'Brien, on the other hand, is a writer, comedian, voice actor and TV host, who claimed that the time he interviewed Lance Armstrong was the longest day of his life. Lance did not hesitate to respond and describe the interview as a bit freaky because of the 'legs shaving' questions O'Brien asked. The silly feud did not go much farther from there, since O'Brien claimed that he was drunk and just needed tips on how to get smoother legs.

7 Mike Tyson vs. LL Cool J

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6 Brandon Jennings vs. The Game

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports Images / en.wikipedia.org

5 Joanna Krupa vs. Terrell Owens

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4 Lil Wayne vs. Dez Bryant

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The famous rapper Lil Wayne is not a stranger to feuds and scuffles, and his reasons for violently crossing paths with athletes are as numerous as the stars. Dez Bryant, on the other hand, is a professional NFL wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. Apparently, the reason for the scuffle is that Bryant owed approximately $50,000 to a company linked to Lil Wayne, and the amount was past its due date with over a year. Blasting Bryant over private financial matters was hardly the best way to handle the situation, although now we know that rappers take paying bills very seriously.

3 Kobe and Vanessa Bryant vs. Drake

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2 Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. 50 Cent

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1 Nick Young and Iggy Azalea vs. Snoop Dogg

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Nick Young is professional Basketball player in the NBA, and he plays the positions of small forward or shooting guard for the L.A. Lakers. Snoop Dogg on the other hand is a rapper, actor, and songwriter with an extremely successful music career. Snoop Dogg started this scuffle by posting a meme of what was supposed to be Iggy Azalea without makeup. Iggy did not take this well and she fired back at Snoop. Nick Young also stepped in to defend his girlfriend and referred to Snoop as a SnoopLion going through midlife crisis. Snoop later apologized and hopefully the feud will end there.

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