Top 10 Richest Celebrity Baby Mamas In Hollywood

What’s the point in going to college and studying for a degree when you can simply become someone’s baby mama and make a career out of that? Baby mamas are literally taking over Hollywood with their so-called “businesses” that are financed through the child support money they receive from their famous baby daddies. These stars have shown that being a baby mama to a famous star can be quite exciting because even if the relationship doesn’t work out, she can still go on to launch businesses, starring in reality shows and host party events. In simple terms, being the mother of a child who has a famous father is usually the golden ticket to making money quick and easy. It’s not an opinion of mine, it’s an observation I have seen from these women below. These are the 10 celebrity baby mamas that knew they could create an empire out of it all. See how they managed to do it.

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10 Amber Rose

Amber Rose has built herself an empire through her baby daddy, Wiz Khalifa. The socialite had one of her biggest years in 2015; releasing her very own book, launching a sunglasses line, signed on to star in multiple films and she is still earning child support money. Amber is winning, that’s for sure. The famous-for-nothing celebrity plans to expand her brand in 2016 with another book and a potential clothing line. Either way, Amber will never be short of cash because she has paved her own way to make money for a lifetime.

9 Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna isn’t that different either. Amber, who happens to be best friends with her, probably gave her a few tips to brand yourself after becoming a baby mother, because both women are doing massive things in Hollywood. Chyna launched her very own eyelash store in Los Angeles last year, and it seems to be doing pretty well. Thanks to Instagram, she has also managed to do business on there too, getting sent free clothes from upcoming designers who want her to promote their work on a platform with millions of followers.

8 Tameka Raymond


Tameka Raymond is the baby mother to Usher’s two children. Usher, who infamously called Tameka the “best mistake” he’s ever made in his life, is probably hurting over the huge sums of child support he has to pay for their two children. But aside from that, Tameka started her career as a stylist, so there’s no doubt that she’s still banking a couple of thousands through her profession for clients in Atlanta. She briefly starred in a reality show that was cancelled after one season.

7 Liza Morales


Liza Morales is not only the lookalike to Khloe Kardashian, but also happens to be the baby mother to Lamar Odom’s two children. It was three, but one tragically died at birth. So it makes sense to see Lamar still have such a close bond with his ex-wife, who he pays whopping child support payments to every month. Morales had also tried her luck with reality television, but the show was pulled after their exes filed multiple lawsuits for attempting to ruin their reputation. Liza was not one of them.

6 Mimi Faust


Stevie J has an impressive credentials list, despite the fact that he acts like a jerk on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. And while he may not be boyfriend material, Mimi Faust isn’t complaining when it comes to the money she’s making off of him, all thanks to the daughter they share together. Aside from child support payments, though, Mimi had one of the best-selling adult tapes in the history of Vivid Entertainment’s long list of videos, which includes Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. She made around $100,000 for the tape and makes annual backend earnings that could be anything from $20,000 to $50,000.

5 Daphne Joy


Daphne Joy is the smoking hot baby mama to 50 Cent. The two have a son together, who just recently started modelling for some of the biggest fashion designers in New York, and he is not even six yet. Daphne has dedicated her own time in becoming a model, also. Judging by her huge social media following, it’s not going to be hard for her to continue living a luxurious life that is paid for with her own money. Although, I’m sure that the money 50 Cent pays her doesn’t hurt either.

4 Kim Porter


Kim Porter has had quite the relationship with on-again, off again beau, P. Diddy. The duo, who share three children, have always been on good terms — even when they decided to take another one of their breaks. But Kim is quite successful in her own right; successful at collecting child support payments for three children, that is. Diddy is worth over $500 million, so the money that Diddy must be handing over to her every month must be insane. Especially for three children. And the fact that they are still friends means that Diddy is most likely generous with his payments.

3 Toya Wright


Toya Wright is probably one of the best-known baby mamas out in showbiz. She ended up having a child with Lil Wayne when she was still a teenager, but she says she wouldn’t change that for the world, and we can see why. Toya has launched a business for herself, selling everything from clothes to her own weave line. Her daughter isn’t 18 just yet, so child support payments from a millionaire rapper are still coming in every month. Running her own business and still getting paid from an ex-boyfriend is letting Toya sleep well at night.

2 Tiffney Cambridge


Tiffney Cambridge is the famous baby mother to rapper, The Game. Cambridge, who met the superstar when they were both teenagers, had a fairly good run in their relationship, but things eventually turned left and they decided to part. They are still on good terms, just no longer a couple. And though they aren’t together anymore, Tiffney has made a lot of money throughout her time with Game. She starred in two VH1 reality shows, makes a whopping amount in child support and is still works as a full-time teacher. She’s making serious coins.

1 Lauren London


Lauren London is the stunning woman who gave birth to one of Lil Wayne’s children. And to say that Wayne has helped Lauren build a career for herself is an understatement. She’s starred in movies, appeared in multiple reality shows, is one of the most known socialites in Hollywood, and has dozens of famous friends out in LA. Lauren can literally dip and dab into any venture she wants to, she knows how to make her money. So any money that she gets from Wayne is looked upon as leftovers.

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