Top 10 Rappers With The Most Expensive Bling

Is there a better way to show off how deep your pockets are other than making over the top purchases? As you think about that, rap music has become very popular and many talented rappers have left a m

Is there a better way to show off how deep your pockets are other than making over the top purchases? As you think about that, rap music has become very popular and many talented rappers have left a mark in the industry.

Rappers don’t just rely on their ability to bust a rhyme to make money but they also cash in on endorsement deals and investment opportunities. With all that money in the bank, no wonder they can afford to buy luxurious cars, yachts and beach houses.

Many famous rappers have dished out thousands and even millions of dollars to have the most unique pieces of jewelry made of them. It comes as no surprise that some of them have been victims of robberies.

Yung Berg can tell you from experience that his chain has been jacked half a dozen times. 2 Chains is another rapper who got robbed and shot at in Oakland. Back in the day when 50 Cent and Ja Rule had their beef, 50 claims one of Ja Rule’s crew members snatched his chain. We could go on and on listing rappers who have had their chains stolen but I’d rather dedicate that to another post. Right now let’s focus on rappers who have the most iced out chains.

10 Waka Flocka Flame’s Fozzie Bear Chain ($120, 000)


His real name is Juaquin James Malphurs. It’s not exactly a catchy name for a rapper but he is known for his two biggest singles “No Hands” and “Hard in da Paint”, which he released in 2009. They both made it to the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

9 Jay Z $200,000 Chain


When it comes to chains, Jay Z prefers to keep it cool and classy. He first rocked this 11 pound solid gold chain at the So So Def 20th Anniversary.

8 Kanye West’s Horus Chain ($300,000)


When you hear the name Kanye West, a lot comes to mind. If it isn’t interrupting artists giving their acceptance speeches at the Grammy’s, it’s his wife’s alleged beef with Beyonce. One thing that we love to hate about him is his successful music career.

7 2 Chainz $350,000 Chain

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 16: 2 Chainz promotes "Based On A T.R.U Story" at J&R Music and Computer World on August 16, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by John Lamparski/WireImage)

2 Chainz, or if you like Tauheed Epps, has been active in rap music since 1991. He wasn’t really that well known outside his home state of Georgia until 2012. That’s when he released his number one album Based on a T.R.U Story which topped both the rap and overall music charts.

6 T-Pain Big Ass Chain ($410,000)


T-Pain’s real name is Faheem Rashad Najm just in case you are wondering, and guess what…he is just 29 years old. His auto-tune songs became major hits ten years ago so if you do the math, he was just 19 years old at the time of his initial success.

5 Soulja Boy ($500,000) Chain


Soulja Boy released his first single, “Crank Dat”, when he was just 17 years old back in 2007. It became a major hit and since then, he has invested his talents in other areas as well such as designing clothes and shoes and becoming an actor.

He is currently a reality star in Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood. If you are a fan of the show (it’s fine if you are not J) you should remember that Soulja Boy received major backlash on social media for the way he acted towards his ex-girlfriend when she had a miscarriage.

4 Lil Jon Crunk Ain’t Dead $500,000 Chain


Lil Jon’s real name is Jonathan Smith. He is a rapper, producer, a well-known DJ and he screams “yeaah” before every appearance. From his look you can tell that he loves jewelry. He has everything from gold and platinum teeth to gold watches and expensive rings.

3 Mike Jones Ice Age Chain ($1,000,000)


Mike Jones is a famous rapper, actor and entrepreneur. He has his own record label known as Ice Age Entertainment. You probably know him for his catch phrase “Mike Jones, Who! Mike Jones Who…” His grandmother, by the way, is the one who encouraged him to pursue rap, to use his real name and to write songs for strippers.

2 Pharrell Williams $1,000,000 Chain


1 Rick Ross $1.5 Million Chain

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William Leonard Roberts II, better known as Rick Ross, takes the number one spot as the rapper with the most expensive chain. He derived his stage name from a former drug dealer known as “Freeway” Rick Ross. No, they don’t have any kind of relationship and they have never sold drugs together. Ross has his own studio, Maybach Music Group, which he opened up in 2009.

Ross decided to have a chain with a miniature gold version of himself made. He has been known to rock some serious chains but he definitely made a statement with this piece when he first wore it in public.


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Top 10 Rappers With The Most Expensive Bling