Top 10 Most Shockingly Expensive Celebrity Divorces

Everyone needs to earn money. We all wish to live those lavish lives we see celebrities living on television. We all wish to live in those classy houses and drive those Bentleys being flashed on our screens. Who doesn't want to indulge in dinners that involve drinking ridiculously expensive Champagne? So here’s my billion dollar question: How can you earn bags of cash without working your butt off?

Well if you want a lavish lifestyle without using a lot of energy then there is a simple solution…get married. Yes, find yourself a rich man or woman, young or old (though old is better because chances are they will die and leave you as heir to the fortunes) and get them to put a ring on it then divorce them afterwards.

Make sure your chosen target has amassed enough wealth to sustain you for the rest of your life before you divorce them. Play your cards right and you will soon be a millionaire or a billionaire. It’s a foolproof strategy and you don’t have to work another single day of your life. If you think that I am being delusional, here are some celebrities who became millionaires from their divorces.


10 Lionel Richie and Diane Richie: $20 million


The singer got divorced in 2004 and it ended up costing him $20 million. This was a fairly good amount for his wife as she could have started her own business if she wanted or invested it wherever she thought was good enough.

Their divorce happened after seven years of marriage. Diane and her lawyers worked hard to ensure she got the most out of the divorce settlement to support her lavish lifestyle. Get this; she spends a $1,000 per month on laser hair removal and $600 on massages. If you were her wouldn’t you make sure you got the most out of that divorce too?

9 James Cameron and Linda Hamilton: $50 million


So Linda Hamilton claimed James Cameron had a very big ego and her marriage to him was a roller-coaster. She hated attending those award ceremonies with him (and there were many). In an interview she said that the success of his movie Titanic made their marriage worse. Clearly she wasn’t about to walk away from an agonizing marriage with pennies. Hamilton left with $50 million in Titanic money and Cameron went on to continue his illustrious film career with hits like Avatar.

8 Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison: $90 million

Melissa Mathison decided to end her eighteen year marriage to Harrison Ford, and get this, she even hired Tom Cruise’s divorce lawyer to help her settle the case. Cameron had bucket loads of valuable assets including a Connecticut estate worth around $6 million, an apartment in New York City worth an estimated $3.5 million, a collection of planes (around five, which begs the question, why did he need five?) and a collection of 19th century paintings among other items. So you can get why this lucky lady was able to make it out of her divorce super rich. The guy had enough money to feed a country.

7 Madonna and Guy Ritchie: $92 million


The singer divorced her producer husband and ended up with a $92 million settlement. Ritchie said that he just wanted a normal husband and wife relationship but Madonna was more into her career. Madonna on the other hand said there were many ways she wanted to express herself in her music that she felt her ex-husband was not that comfortable with. So once you get married and you feel the marriage does not allow you to express yourself, opt for a divorce and who knows, you might just bag yourself a few million dollars too.

6 Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving: $100 million


The couple may have divorced a long time ago, but theirs remains one of the most expensive divorce settlements in history. They had initially signed a prenuptial agreement but Irving had it nullified. I bet there is no greater feeling than walking into a court room and walking out a hundred million dollars richer. On the other hand, the opposite situation has to be one of the worst feelings ever. No worries though, Spielberg's career continues to flourish, so we're sure that $100 million was recuperated and then some.

5 Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey: $150 million


These two were married for 26 years and during that time they managed to make a lot of money together. Neil Diamond was worth a lot so we totally get how they settled at that obscene amount of money. The couple had two sons together and managed to finalize their divorce in 1995. By the end of the 70s Diamond was raking in around $14 million a year. It is sad though that they divorced after twenty six years of marriage and two children. On the bright side, they did last longer than the majority of celebrity couples. It's just a pity it had to end so sourly.

4 Michael Jordan and Juanita Jordan: $168 million


NBA star Michael Jordan and his wife of seventeen years divorced after they were unable to reconcile their differences. Juanita had filed for divorce once before but withdrew saying that they decided to try and work on their marriage.

They however went back to court after they could not come to a conclusion on their marriage. I do not blame the wife, people always try to hold on in hopes of salvaging something. They decided to stop using their energies to work on an already dead marriage and just gave each other the break they deserved. They ended up settling at $168 million, not bad. I can definitely see myself getting a hundred million massages with that kind of money.


3 Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore: $400 million


Robyn Moore made sure she got the most out of this divorce. Mel Gibson gave away half of his fortune to her. They had no prenuptial agreement and Moore also managed to get her hands on fifty percent of the pension benefits that the actor made during their thirty one year marriage. Moore filed for divorce after finding out that Gibson was having a child with his Russian mistress. They had also split before when he was arrested for reckless driving. Gibson has managed to amass a lot of wealth through his acting career, but that $400 million had to sting.

2 Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren: $750 million

Tiger Woods was called out for his numerous escapades with his many mistresses. His then wife, Elin Nordegren, got tired of his cheating behind her back so she made sure she got her hands on a tidy sum when they divorced. She managed to get almost three quarters of Tiger's wealth and no one really blames her for cleaning him out so badly.

Woods has struggled to turn his life around since the shocking revelation of his cheating scandal. He has slipped from the top of the PGA rankings and although his legendary status as one of golf's greats is already cast in stone, he is clearly no longer the player he was pre-divorce.

1 Rupert Murdoch and Anna Maria Torv: $1.7 billion


What would you do with $1.7 billion? Most people would retire on some exotic island, sipping away on expensive wines. Anna Maria Torv and Rupert Murdoch were married for thirty two years and had three children. After sorting through the terms of their prenuptial agreement, Anna Maria Torv ended up bagging herself a lot of money. This emphasizes the importance of a prenuptial agreement for both parties, it can potentially ensure you a lot of money in the event of a divorce. Imagine what she would have gotten had they not signed one!



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